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July 2020
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Bookings are going very well for this, so book soon!
14.00-18.00 BST (GMT+1) for two consecutive Saturdays - 4th and 11th of July. American sisters and brothers - a new way to celebrate your nation's birthday!

It consists of live discussion, videos, pre-prepared rituals and ones you will plan yourself. You can book for just Part 1 on the 4th, or for both. 
Cost is pay-as-you-feel, with a suggested donation of £23 per session. 

Part 1 will focus on, among other topics: 
Enchantment: mantras and sigils
Divination: guidance for designing your working
Gnosis: exalted states for doing magic
Ritual design, using the 8 Colours of Magic.

Part 2 will complete the 8 Colours and give you an opportunity to collectively plan all 4 rituals. Topics will also include:
Evocation: How to design and launch Servitors 
Invocation: Beyond Deities - Invoking Characters and Concepts

Booking for Part 1 here

and for Part 2 here

Archive of recent newsletters and signup here.

Below are the first threads of a web of magical actions inspired by Vinay Gupta's article 'A simple plan for repairing our society'

The first part of the article is a new and powerful analysis of why the world is stuck, why the billionaire class never break ranks and act like proper human beings. In a nutshell, they've got so much dirt on each other:

'The rich, for the most part, are dirty and cruel. If they stop being rich and powerful, the backlash of all the people they’ve tooled over on the way up the ladder will catch up with them. Like sharks, they must keep moving.'

He then suggests an approach which opens up a clear space where 'right' and 'left' can talk on the same terms: the rights of children.

'The adults may be responsible for their poverty, from a neoliberal perspective, but the children cannot be responsible for their poverty. 

'Let’s think about putting the rights of children at the heart of the redesign of industrial capitalism which is currently being triggered by the riots in America, the pandemic, and the global financial collapse.

'It’s a simple thing: ratify the rights of the child, as beings that have no responsibilities for their living conditions. Create and ratify a duty of care, not just here and now, but also to protect planet for their future sustenance.

'Let every child be fed. Let any attempt to interfere in the wellbeing of a child be treated as an act of war against the future of the species.

'This is not hard to arrange conceptually: if there’s one thing that we human beings are wired for, it’s protecting our children. If we put this responsibility directly into our political thinking as a primary priority, backed by constitutional-type force, I think amazing things will happen to our world. I believe it’s a feasible cultural and legalistic structure: a Bill of Rights for children.'

To this end, we've started a magical ball rolling. The sigil above is the basic form; it 
comprises the astrological Sol glyph and the runes Berkano for nurturing and Raidho for right action and repetition of action. Its name is SOLBY. Its intention is: 'Everyone knows children have a right to a future on this planet'. There are already many versions of it, such as this one:

Make your own. Take it and run with it. Change it however you like. This is for everyone.

Wild Justice mailouts recently reported another step towards victory in the battle to save wildlife from destruction by gamekeepers - mountain hares are now protected in Scotland. Obviously, there's a long way to go to get anyone actually arrested and charged for these insane killings - the rich are very powerful - but the tide is turning and these scum are losing. 

Please use the above sigil - it's for banning driven grouse shooting, which is the cornerstone of these abuses. 


Above - examples of what happens when your government is too brutal or stupid to care. Or both. 

Meanwhile in the UK, we now have stealth-eugenics: 'Unlawful do not resuscitate orders imposed on people with learning disabilities.'
This takes the policy of encouraging disabled people to kill themselves by stopping their benefits a step further. I mean, when I was a youth we were as bad as Rick in 'The Young Ones' for calling everything we didn’t like ‘fascist’. It’s no longer an exaggeration. Only those with their eyes squeezed tight shut can fail to see that we've already stumbled into fascism. Arm yourselves with magic my friends!!!



On my blog, last newsletter's Covid Events piece, here

The classic be-here-now breathwork exercise 20 Breaths is now on YouTube here.

IOT British Isles blog has a piece by Soror Brigantia - The Bee, the Bluebells and the Buddha - on how even Zen meditation slogans are recuperated as capitalist exhortations to keep working. 

The British Isles section of the IOT now has an Instagram account, just started, with images from our archives and elsewhere.
I decided this meant it was time I got one too. I'm here

We also now have a YouTube channel! So far offerings include the first three in a series - 'The Illuminates of Thanateros and Me', 5-10 minute interviews by Soror Brigantia, with The Kite, Julian Vayne and Monika.

And a beautiful sung petition to Santa Muerte abo
ut the coronavirus pandemic. 

Julian is still getting people to talk about their magical things. This episode will take you to the interview with cannabis and magick historian Chris Bennett, and the other episodes are easy to find from there.   

Runa-Eormensyl blog has two new poetic posts - David Jones's powerful Daedalus Seed:

'Your amulet and bracelet grace
a museum display,
a talisman long spent,
now rhinegold tainted.'

- and Erik Westcoat's The Odian Path, a meditation for Midsummer on the runes of 'the path of wisdom:

'The seed of a Word
I sought to raise:
the grain is planted
by galdoring Iŋwaz,
broken and grown
by Berkano and Ansuz;
a bounty of Words
I won in the harvest.'

(photo above by Šárka Sedláková)

On the Blog of Baphomet, magicians getting tense.

John Higgs celebrates the midsummer dawn in Milton Keynes, and tells us how a town many of us dismiss as boring was designed by stoners who were into earth mysteries. 

The F23 podcast now has 8 episodes up. The latest include Dreamfisher Kate Alderton. Check out the listings here

October Gallery in London are running a (very brief - only till the 11th July) William Burroughs paintings exhibition. This looks to be excellent.

John Higgs' Newsletter is well worth signing up to here.  He writes things like:

'Personally, I'm going to install 5G masts inside statues. This should keep both the 'protect statues' and the 'burn 5G towers' mobs distracted, if nothing else.’

CONSPIRACY for the non-deranged

Last issue in my occasional 'Conspiracy' section I gave a link to a film - 'Bill Gates Plan to Vaccinate the World'. Its biggest claim was that vaccination programmes set up by the Gates Foundation caused the paralysis of nearly half a million children in India. 

This is thoroughly falsified in this article, sent by a reader who was more diligent in his fact checking than I (thanks Dirk!). 

My prejudices against large orgs owned by billionaires played into my credulity, as did the source - Gordon White, whose judgment I used to respect. Erik Davis wrote about this very phenomenon in a recent newsletter: 

'Lately, I have been particularly struck by the sharp rise in QAnon-inflected conspiracy thinking within circles I abut—yogis, psychedelic people, Burners, spiritual-but-non-religious dissidents, etc. ... Many of these New Agish Q converts seem shockingly unaware that their memes about Bill Gates vaccines, Hollywood pedos, and deep state machinations are part of a sprawling DIY LARP whose vast self-referential network of “research” materials, paranoid myths, chunks of truth, and apocalyptic presentiments (the imminent “Great Awakening”, etc.) all swirl around a nougatty core of Trumpism.

I was suckered, folks. Don't be like me.
Infected by The The. This was a signal album of the 1980s. If like me you grew up in the 1960s, you probably think 80s pop music was crap. This is not. The album emerged from the horror of Thatcher’s destruction of what was good in this country. It reeks of fury, especially the track 'Twilight of a Champion'  which moves from some compassion for the rich man who, like our entire culture, has lost his home - 'How can I return to a place that don't exist?' - and so become a heartless exploiter - 'I'm not wicked just weak/ Blinded by deceit'. But by the last verse the song sounds like a death-curse that got into the charts. 

And the album is called Infected - ‘Infect me with your love’ - wow, pretty topical eh.


An interesting interview with philosopher Yuk Hui who brings a non-Westciv approach to the future of tech: The Singularity vs Daoist Robots

And for those who get that we may be living in a simulation (assuming that it's possible to simulate consciousness - big assumption there) but find it a bit hand-wavy about whether the putative simulators are also a simulation, that ontological buck-passing, try this. We don't need any Agent Smith cyborgs for this one - the idea is that the universe is simulating itself. Exciting stuff eh!

And yep, that box above is a brand of apples named after the putative end of the universe. 

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