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August 2020
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I shall be presenting at Treadwells online events a pair of workshops on Introduction to Rune-MagicPlaces are limited, book soon!

I'm also running an online Connected Breathwork Group, for those who have some experience of the technique. It's just an hour and a quarter, enough time to do a 1-hour session, with feedback and further support via a dedicated Discord forum.
There's only 1 session of this sequence of 4 left - this Friday, 2pm. If you're interested, please email me at There will be another series before long, held at a different time of day, so it's worth getting in touch about those. 


Bearded vultures / lammergeier have been seen in the Peak District, not far from where I live.  These magnificent bone-eaters take the bones left by other predators and drop them from a great height to make them more edible. 

Enjoy the birds, care for them; the more attention we pay to birds, the sooner the irresponsible retards who kill them for their sick businesses will be brought to justice.  

This whole raptor-killing business seems to be coming to a head - tens of thousands of people are against driven grouse shooting because this posh chicken-farming is the kingpin holding a whole range of environmental destruction in place. Please use this sigil - it's for banning driven grouse shooting. 

You can also write to your MP to ask them to support the protection of wild birds, here
This goes out on the 13th August - a day after the '(in)glorious 12th', when the slaughtering season for the posh chickens begins. May it be their unlucky 13th...


On my blog, last newsletter's Covid thoughts piece. 

Soror Brigantia's series The IOT and Me continues with me, here.

Since I joined the IOT in 1980 there's been a lot of changes. Most recently, we've been opening up our archives, talking more about the personal side of our magic. Sure, discretion is important - many working people have to be in the closet as to their magic (although I'm sure their co-workers in Boredom Ltd suspect a good deal more than they think...) Julian ponders on these tendencies in the Blog of Baphomet.  

The IOTBIS blog has a thoughtful piece by Soror Enheduanna, A Novice's View. 
Soror Enheduanna is a current Novice of the British Isles Section, having moved from Brazil.'


A new blog/podcast about weird things from folk artist Sharron Kraus

The Thoth-Hermes podcast does a Pete Carroll interview; it's rather well done. Pete makes some good points about the ineffectiveness of other people’s magic, but he does rather seem to be stuck in the sort of consumerist version of magic that Chaos Magic has long since grown out of. He kind of skirts round Crowley, talking about Mathers, to whom he seems to have a very split attitude - his work is bullshit, but he’s the first Chaos Magician. Interesting for the history. 


The legendary Daisy Eris Campbell is running a 5 week course online, on writing a show. This is going to be very good - Daisy is a true theatre professional, bred in the bone.
The first course sold out straightaway; I think she's doing another run. Book here. Or follow her on Twitter at @daisyeris to keep up with developments.

Deactivation Day is a nice Discordian project - shut down your Facebook account for a whole day - August 20th - or longer. Actually resign, deactivate it.

'Facebook and Instagram have become the dominant way many of us find out about news, keep in touch with each other, share new jobs, marriages, births and deaths. We spend a lot of time there – there are very good things about Facebook that most of us enjoy.
But increasingly they are banning content and accounts for small and strange reasons. They block images, such as certain body parts stating that they are overtly sexual, certain words that are not especially offensive ... 
'Both Facebook and Insta support sexist controls over women’s bodies – banning images of women’s, but not men’s, nipples and limiting artistic expression. At the same time, doing very little to limit support for racist policies and organisations.'

'There's more info at as well as instructions for deactivating your accounts - its pretty easy. Deactivate rather than just sign-out or don't look at them, Facebook (and it's advertisers) won't notice unless we temporarily disappear.'

That should put the willies up them. 

And while you're at it, why not get an ad blocker? As everyone knows, ads are shite. And it will annoy Facebook.

And while we're on the subject of withdrawing our support from large irresponsible companies: Judy informs me of another way than Amazon to buy books - actual online independent bookshops

Those thoroughly decent Discordian funeral directors Cauty, Drummond and Callender are making a: 
All families who have had a member die in 2020 from Coronavirus are to be offered MuMufication for their relative for a price of zero pounds.

For more information contact

More info about Mumification here

Anwen of Airy Fairy now has a newsletter!  AF events and other Discordian and witchy delights  Email her at to sign up. 


The one gigantic piece of psychedelic news this past month is the release from gaol of William Leonard Pickard, serving until the other week two life sentences without parole. One thing to thank our magic for (and the Covid pandemic - they let him out partly because of infection risk).

Leonard is something of a hero on the psychedelic scene, and a world-class writer too, on the strength of his incredible novel The Rose of Paracelsus. Listen to readings from it here; if you haven't yet, you've a treat in store 

How about a bit of deep counterculture psychedelic history? Merry Prankster Ken Babbs, displaying that near-immortal look that some psychedelic adepts seem to get, talks about Back in the Day.  

Baba Kilindi Iyi, whose death I mentioned in the last Newsletter, has had a memorial event online, with some excellent talks. When I first met Kilindi at the first Breaking Convention in 2011 I only heard his ‘take higher doses’ message. That was only part of what he had to say; I only just came to see the incredible community he came from - psychedelic social activists. Amazing tales of intense mushroom experiences, people getting lost, people getting rescued. Then the level of social activism, martial arts, mentorship. He was a leader in his community, helping people grow to maturity so that these powerful people can serve the folk. 

Yes, psychedelics help us grow up. 

Kilindi had some pithy sayings. Here's one:
Grow up,
Show up,
Step up.
This encapsulate the process of undoing the knots of pain and conditioning that keep you infantilised in bourgeois culture, finding your community and working to make a better world. 

If you've certain mental conditions you may find it rewarding to
join a clinical psychedelic trial

And a wide range of themes around mental health - but also around spiritual awakening - will be addressed in this online conference -  Psychedelics, Madness and Awakening.

CONSPIRACY for the non-deranged

I lost 3 subscribers immediately after sending out my last newsletter  I ask why; it must surely have been my rejection of some anti-vaxxer tropes in this part of the newsletter.

Recently I've actually started to understand opposition to vaccines, as a result of reading Danny Nemu's Science Revealed, in which some interesting numbers on vaccination are crunched. I'm not turning anti-vaxxer, because the herd immunity acquired from vaccination is amazingly successful with some sicknesses, but considering the arguments against the extension of vaccination from known successes to speculative programmes that it's not certain will do much good except to drug company shareholders. 

Danny has more to say about these issues hereriffing on the ecological role of viruses and other bastards who knock us from our Hom sap pedestal. By the next newsletter I'll have thought these issues through sufficiently to finish my review of this book, so watch this space.

Ong's Hat: How a rather elegant game designed to blur the lines between fantasy and 'reality' (and maybe even lead people into magical experiences and extraordinary powers - that is certainly how my friend who got into it saw it) can be viewed as the ancestor of some of the vicious drooling idiocy (think 'Qanon') that is currently circulating.

I recently got Netflix and so finished watching Wild Wild Country, the history of Rajneeshpuram, the instant city built by the Bhagwan cult in the 1980s. I thrilled, I fantasized, I loved the way that idealism built a sizeable town on a dysfunctional ranch in Oregon. I wasn't so enamoured of the actions set in motion by the psychopath Sheila who ran the show, attempting murder of anyone who got in the way of her interpretation of Bhagwan's wishes. Lionel Snell considers this amazing story in terms of egregores, magical group minds. 

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