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Dinner with friends

I am pleased to announce, that after a lot of tallying of information, we have come to a winning day of the week for our version of District 5’s Dine Around. It seems that by far, the most people were leaning toward either Friday or Sunday. We had one Friday evening that only had two people that said they can not make it. Hopefully they will be able to make it sometimes. Our gatherings will be held on the third Friday of each month. Our first one will be May 21st. I am still working on location and time but most likely shooting for 6:30 arrival. If you can’t be there at 6:30 don’t worry, just come when you can make it. We usually hang around for 2 - 3 hours chatting and having a good time. We do NOT expect to just get in, eat, and get out. If someone needs to leave early they are more than welcome. We are there to have FUN not put restrictions on anything. Attire is completely casual so come as you are. Coat and ties are not expected but if you wear one to work and are arriving that way and you are comfortable, feel free to wear whatever you like.

In trying to come up with a name for our function I was thinking way outside the box. I finally found a festival that was held the middle of May every year during the Middle Kingdom period of Egypt. It was called “heb nefer en inet.” It celebrated life and death as a procession crossed the Nile river from East to West. I think that this sounds very Masonic. It also has a fitting name since translated to English it is called Feast of the Valley.

Benjamin Franklin Award

Did you know that there is an award that the Valley can give out to any of the Blue Lodges in our Jurisdiction on their anniversary dates? If your lodge is planning their anniversary in a 25 year increment, i.e. 75 years, 100 years, 125 years, etc., please reach out to Ed Lewis here. We can arrange to be at your ceremony and present your Lodge with the Benjamin Franklin Award of Distinction. Regretfully, this can not be done for anniversaries after they have passed. So, please reach out early so we have time to get the award procured.

If you are wondering what is happening in the Valley you can check out the Valley Google Calendar by clicking the button below.

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Installation of Officers 2021

Installation of Officers will be held May 7th at the Concord Temple, located at 53 Iron Works Rd in Concord. The meeting will start at 6:15. It will be an open installation so family members are welcome to attend. Dress for 33° and outgoing heads of bodies will be a tuxedo. Incoming officers and any other Brethren will wear a suit and tie. There will be a short closed business meeting at the beginning of the evening. The ladies will be participating in an event hosted by my wife in one of the other rooms. I would love to have you ALL come!! Please click the button below to RSVP. There are a few other questions in there as well that may help me decide what the Valley is looking for in the future.

Questionnaire & RSVP
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