Council of Deliberation

Congratulations to one of our very own, Shane Csiki. This past Saturday at the Council of Deliberation Shane received his medal for completing a very intense program. Shane is the first member in NH to complete the Hauts Grades Academy! This is a program that does a very deep dive into the ritual of the Scottish Rite.

If you’d like to find out more about this program or many others that are offered by the Scottish Rite, you can go to their web page here. There is a LOT of information on this website. As a non member you can inquire about Masonry and learn how to become a Mason. As a member of Scottish Rite you can sign in to the website and see which degrees you have completed, when degrees are happening all over the Northern Jurisdiction, or even watch some degrees online.

After you are logged in, here are some other things you can do while on the website:

  • Send a card to a Brother that is sick

  • Read the Northern Light magazine

  • Learn about some of their charities

    • Grand Almoners fund

    • The White Flower Society

    • The Cornerstone Society

  • See what’s going on at their museum so you can plan a trip to visit

  • Go to the Leadership Resource Center where you can find lots of useful information if you are a new officer

June Feast of the Valley

We have updated information about June’s Feast of the Valley. As stated in the beginning, the Feast of the Valley will always be on the third Friday of the month. However, it will move from venue to venue. We will move around the Valley and try to entice others to come out and have fun with us! I have invited a bunch of friends from Vermont to join us this month. Don’t hesitate to invite any and all friends to this fun time! Please check out the flyer below for all changes. Also don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

If you missed the first monthly Feast of the Valley, you can check out some of the pictures below.

Pictures from the Feast!


If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet you can do so below. You don’t need to be a member of Scottish Rite. Wives, friends, and prospective members are encouraged to sign up and find out about what is happening in the Valley!

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