Spring 2016

A Message From Our Head of School

Educators rarely talk about the concept of cognitive dissonance, which occurs when a student is confronted with new ideas that run counter to their preconceived notions. In the student's attempt to relieve this discomfort, they try to make sense of the world by reconciling what they thought they knew with what new information has taught them.

We each came to the city of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, with our own preconceived notions, and we left profoundly changed by the people we met, the landscapes we explored, and the ideas discussed. We went through a reconciliation within our minds and left changed.

Reconciliation is hard but important work for a country in the process of reimagining itself. We were blessed by the Bosnian community that let us into their homes, temples, mosques, churches, and schools. We dove in deep, and that plunge revealed a sense of change for a better future. Our students saw a side of Bosnia that never makes it on to the mainstream media: the subtle changes moving the country forward; the friendships we witnessed between Orthodox, Catholics, and Muslims.

For many, these steps seem too slow, too insignificant. For me, the relationships being built one person at a time give a sense of hope. It’s where the real change happens, where the community is built again. It was an honor and privilege for the TGS community to witness. Thank you, Sarajevo. We drank from the Sebilj and look forward to our return.

-Jamie Steckart

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See our students' photography

Bosnia's unlike any place our school has visited before, and many of our students took advantage of this by snapping photos all across the country. Whether capturing somber shots in Srebrenica or mirthful moments in Mostar, their camera game was always on point. You can find some of their best shots on our Bosnia Travels page.


Read Ana S.'s love letter to Sarajevo

If a common theme emerged from our students' writing during their time in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it's that whatever preconceived notions they held before the term began were quickly dispelled upon arrival. One student in particular, 11th grader Ana S., felt the need to right her predetermined wrongs by penning a love letter to our host city of Sarajevo. While love letters are usually an intimate exchange between two individuals, we feel Ana's exercise in creativity deserves to be shared with the world.


Read "Bosnia's War of Kindness" by Breanna Reynolds

Novelist Chimamanda Adichie warns that if we hear only a single story about another person or country, we risk a critical misunderstanding. Few countries encapsulate this truth quite like Bosnia, which is still defined in most minds by the war that ravaged it in the early nineties. Language and literature teacher Breanna Reynolds sets out to rewrite this narrative in her essay "A War of Kindness," which shines the spotlight on the one thing the war couldn't break: the Sarajevans' spirit.


Six reasons to visit Sarajevo by Natascha D.

According to Trip Advisor, there are 132 things to do in Sarajevo and over 300 places to eat. For the average traveler, even knocking off a fraction of this list would be a monumental achievement. Luckily, 11th grader Natascha D. has compiled the six things everyone should experience during a visit to Sarajevo.

Wondering which art galleries to check out? Natascha's got you covered. Need to know who has the best coffee and cake? Natascha's got your back. Head over to our interactive story map and let the planning process begin.


Get experimental with Sabrina and Nicolas

Art is meant to disturb the comfortable; to evoke emotion and resonate within the viewer. This objective was clearly in the minds of students Sabrina and Nicolas when they began filming their experimental short film "Mostar: Unstuck in Time" during a weXplore in the titular city. The film defies easy classification, but its haunting visuals are simple for anyone to appreciate. Check it out now on Sabrina's Vimeo page.


View all of the exhibits from the 2016 IB Art Exhibition

Over the last two years, Chung Man Chan's Grade 12 students have poured their hearts into their artwork, crafting elaborate pieces in a wide variety of disciplines and forms. On March 2nd, at Sarajevo's Bošnjački Institut, they had an opportunity to showcase the fruits of their labor during the 2016 IB Visual Arts Exhibition.

You can learn more about the logistic challenges faced by our traveling art students on our blog, and we invite you to see Rony, John, Cameron, and Tiana's exhibits for yourself by downloading the interactive IB Visual Arts Exhibition iBooklet, available below (non-Apple user? View a non-interactive PDF).


Mi tiempo en Bosnia y Herzegovina

This term, Spanish teacher Sam Nelson encouraged his students to document their time in Bosnia by writing reflections en Español. Spaniard Pablo H. was enthusiastic about the project and turned in a thoughtful, photo-filled account of his time in our heart-shaped host country. Por supuesto!


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