Winter 2015

A Message From Our Head of School

The fire crackled as we seated ourselves upon reindeer hides, our Sami guide busy preparing the afternoon meal. It was a powerful moment for me: I found myself a guest in an indigenous home, sharing a Thanksgiving meal prepared completely through our guide's labors. From the reindeer hides to their meat in the stew, tradition and generosity collided in the 21st century much like it has on countless occasions throughout history. In a media world filled with fear and hate, it is essential to remember that most people are willing to open their hearts and hearths to strangers in the spirit of community.

In my travels, the deepest learning usually occurs around the sharing of a meal. When one person, clan, or family invites another into their home to partake in a prepared meal. The breaking of bread break downs barriers, and if you keep an open mind, you will find politics, customs, music, art, philosophy, and the art of parenting whispered before the dessert is served.

I leave Sweden with the honor of having shared food with a variety of amazing people. From my neighbor, Maritta, in Älta to the friendly Sami who were so welcoming in the Arctic Circle; from a traditional crayfish party with the amazing staff at YBC to the quiet lunches with Oskar, their principal. Ingesting the Swedes' food, I have indulged upon their experience, leaving the table drunk with culture and custom.

I hope you enjoy this look back on our term, as it was certainly one of my favorites. Our time in Sweden and the United Kingdom once again proved that THINK Global School is an amazing avenue for those who wish to intimately explore the many facets of a culture. All you need to do is pull up a chair.

-Jamie Steckart

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See Our Media from the Arctic Circle

Each term at THINK Global School includes at least one extended weXplore adventure. It's a chance for our students to venture outside of their host city -and sometimes their comfort zone- to truly experience the local culture. Our Sweden term was no different, and after embarking on an eighteen-hour train ride, our students found themselves in one of the most secluded and beautiful places on earth: the Arctic Circle. Enjoy a candid look at their time in this winter wonderland through photos, Instagrams, and videos taken by our students and staff. Warning: Elliot’s video contains a song that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head (we warned you!)


"The First Term" -A Short Film by Jenna R.

Tenth grader Jenna R. is new at TGS this year and towards the end of the term she found herself faced with a predicament: how could she best share everything she’d experienced with her family back home in New Zealand? Combining comedic charm with her newMedia Lab training, Jenna created this tongue-in-cheek video showcasing why her time traveling was time well spent. As Jenna would say, “Struck gold!"


Exploring Music in the UK

This year we kicked things off a little differently by embarking on a month-long weXplore of the UK. And while our students all had differing opinions on which football club is tops, there is one thing they all agreed on: their love for The Beatles.

Music teacher Sam Nelson harnessed this mutual admiration for the Fab Four into a week of music-based learning, which included a performance at Liverpool's legendary Cavern Club and a chance to lay down tracks in a London studio. You can find the songs at the link below. What do you think, are there rock stars in our midst?


My Travel Romance: An Essay on Love by 11th Grader Sally A.

Does your heart go pitter patter when you think of travel? Does boarding a plane for a foreign country bring on the butterflies? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, congrats: you’re a hopeless travel romantic, just like our own Sally! Now that you’ve been properly diagnosed, head on over to the Huffington Post to learn why travel has been Sally’s crush for as long as she can remember.


Customs, Not Costumes: Why I Choose to Embrace Local Clothing

Traveling the world affords our staff and the students the opportunity to try on some *pretty* cool clothing, and global studies teacher Nick Martino has no problem sporting a kilt in Scotland or a shuka in Tanzania to gain a better understanding of the local culture. There’s a thin line between customs and costumes, however, so read on to learn about Nick’s personal experiences in foreign lands and why he is always careful to show the utmost respect when donning traditional attire.


Where To Next Year?

We’re only one term into the 2015-16 school year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get excited about what the future holds. Next year we’re headed to three incredible countries that we've never visited before: Canada, Morocco, and Peru. If you'd like to learn more about how we decided on these three countries, click the link below for some interesting facts on each.


Calling All Potential Students and Staff Members: Join Us Next Year!

If you’re a hard-working student with a taste for adventure, we encourage you to apply for the 2016-17 school year. Click the button below to learn more about admissions at THINK Global School, and to begin your application.

Additionally, we’re looking for new faculty and staff members to join our traveling team for the new school year. To learn more about our open positions, click the employment button below. Good luck — we look forward to welcoming you!

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