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We know choosing StagedRight Homes is a commitment. The cost is not inconsequential, so we thought in this issue, we'd get specific about the unseen value of our staging.
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Unpacking the Value of Great Staging

From the first moment when you decide to put your home on the market to finally signing that last document, selling a house is hard and stressful work. Hiring staging pros like StagedRight Homes liberates sellers and realtors from much of that labor, but of course, there is a price. What does a seller get when they go with StagedRight? It's more than just beautiful throw pillows, after all...

1. Is it a Must or a Mask it?

Everyone gears up for a thousand little fix-it projects before the first open house--and maybe some big renovations too. But before you strip that wallpaper or renovate the third floor bathroom, meet with us. Part of our service is to prioritize and strategize what's needed to ready a home for sale. We consider the budget, the house's strengths, and the impact of each repair. The to-do list we create is not just a wholesale list of EVERY thing--it's a curated and strategic plan, designed for maximum impact, and highest bang-for-the-buck.  For example:

• We are cagey veterans at the house inspection game, and our 'must repair' list is based on what we know will come up with a red flag. In other words, we stage for closing, not just for offers. 

• You don't always need to repaint every room. If the blue dining room looks good, we'll commit those funds to re-staining the deck instead.

• The walls might look shabby in the third floor bedroom, but we will stage it as an au pair's suite and make it look smashingly cozy.

We've seen countless homes sold and bought with visible warts. We know what can be camouflaged, and how to distract potential buyers. We also know what is truly a must do repair. 

2. No Budging on Budget

We've staged everything from small 1-bedroom apartments to 8-bed/8-bath estates. If we applied one solution every time, we wouldn't still be in business. For each home we stage, we talk with the owners to establish a feasible budget, and that's the number we work within. Each house we stage gets its own action plan, and it all starts with the budget. We maximize the efficiency of every dollar we spend. We earmark the money judiciously. We don't paint rooms that don't need it, for instance.

Every home we stage gets its own analysis and plan. (We are fortunate to have a giant warehouse of options, of course, to ensure we can approach our work this way.)

3. High Service Staging

Our staging services include the handyman coordination. The seller and the realtor don't need to take time off work to be home for repairs. That's what we do; that's our work. We coordinate with our handyman, painters, and other repair people, and we meet them at the house to supervise the work. 

Selling your home is stressful and a full-service staging firm like StagedRight frees our realtors up to focus on their clients, instead of the work the house needs pre-sale.

Selling Your Home is a Business Venture

For most of us, our home is a biggest asset. Selling it is a major business event, so we recommend sellers think like business people. Think about the bottom line. 

• If you could invest $12,000 to make an extra $50,000 on the sale, why wouldn't you? We consult with sellers to make those kind of investments. That's the value StagedRight Homes brings.

• We know that in a market like this, every house will eventually sell. That's why we do the extra work to ensure that a house staged by us sells quicker, and at a higher price.

• Our goal is multiple offers at the highest possible price. Everything we do (and don't do!) is in service to this one goal. 

The smart money starts with an investment in our services. The throw pillows? Those are just the icing on the cake. 

StagedRight Results

Here's a result that perfectly demonstrates the behind-the-scenes aspect of our staging services. Realtor Andrew Elkins of Keller Williams said the owner of 118 Brunswick St., in Jersey City, was willing to set the price at what he paid for it in 2005, $250,000.

Instead, Elkins and the seller brought in StagedRight Homes, and we advised that they paint the wainscoting in light neutral colors, and clear out all of the furniture including large armoires. We staged it as a little jewel, put it on the market for $329,000, and Elkins received an offer for $339,000 two days later. 
It was low season in the market, but realtor Lafi Sayim received a full-price offer within a week on this apartment at 233 Griffith Street in Jersey City. 
Unstaged, 2 Brooklawn Road in Glen Ridge, sat for three months and did not sell. After staging, realtor Jodi Campbell said it went under contract within a couple of weeks. “ I will never make the mistake of trying to sell an unstaged vacant property again," she said.
All it took was realtor Jodi Campbell's broker open house to get two offers on 19 Briar Court in South Orange.

We'd love to meet with you about creating a plan to stage the next home you want to sell. Keep in touch, thanks for reading and please like us on  Facebook!

To arrange a consultation, please contact us:  
Call Wendy McEwan at (973) 727-1857 
Call Tom Partello at (917) 213-9103 

Thanks for reading!
Best wishes,
Wendy & Tom

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