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Back in design school we were taught that great design always requires a terrific amount of work and planning. The teacher gave us this somewhat coarse mnemonic device: "Proper preparation prevents piss poor performance."

Not exactly our style to use that kind of language, so we’re refreshing the 6 Ps for great staging. Here they are: Plan, prioritize, prep, purge, paint and then project. We agree the sentence isn’t as catchy, but it is useful. Shall we unpack it?


The 6 Ps of perfect staging

Sit down and really make a PLAN

Nothing good happens without good planning, and getting a house ready to sell requires a gargantuan amount. Sometimes the simple act of writing it all down can help you take a hold of it. When we work on a staging job, we sit down and plan what you actually have to do in terms of clearing out, repairs, updates and then staging. If you’re doing it on your own, make that same plan. Having a good road map at the start is never a mistake.

Multitasking is a myth, so PRIORITIZE

Most of us are trying to get our homes on the market whilst juggling work, family and all the daily madness. Rather than live in a constant state of frustration, prioritize! Separate the “would be nice” items from the “MUST DO.” 
With staging a home, do first what counts most. Any repairs to kitchens and bathrooms are a priority, and if you have doable updates, do them. These will help get highest price for your home. Realtors know what’s going to come up in inspection—make sure these items are taken care of, or watch that sale price get chipped away.

Be like a Boy Scout and PREP

Anyone who has hired a contractor or handyman knows their schedules are tight and unpredictable. Don’t waste their time (and delay your work being accomplished) by not being ready. When they do turn up, have your property prepped. That means the rooms to be painted or are in need or repair are cleared. If you're painting, the paint should be in the house when the painters arrive. If your dog or cat isn’t handyman-friendly, make arrangements. Decide beforehand what door the repairmen are to go in and out of, and what bathroom they can use.
This all seems like common sense, sure, but it’s important. Also, schedule the work according to a logical order. For instance, paint first and then lay new carpet or refinish floors.

You can’t take it with you so PURGE

This might be the hardest part. Clear out most of your stuff. Face it—we all have a little hoarder inside of us. Look around your home, your inner hoarder is stacked on shelves, tucked in corners, hanging in mudrooms, wedged between your printer and your desk. It’s time to get rid of all that dead weight in your house. You need put your stuff on a diet.
Everyone knows diets aren’t sustainable, and the good news is that neither is this purged lifestyle. You only need to live this way until your appraisal comes through. Buyers are used to seeing HGTV homes that no one can actually live in for any length of time. But anyone can live in an austere TV-ready environment for the selling period—especially if it means a higher offer on the house. Trust that when we come in to stage your place, we’re going to tell you to pack it all up, so you might as well go ahead and do it. Who knows ... you might discover you don't need all that stuff after all.

The power of a coat of PAINT

We have said it before and we’ll say it again, color is personal. When you’re painting your home to sell it, be neutral. We want buyers talking about moldings, entertainment flow, and how nice the natural light is, not that shade of mustard you painted your living room.

PROJECT yourself into the next home

If you manage the first five steps, all that’s left is the staging. This word conveys an important aspect of your new reality: This is now a stage, no longer your real home. The minute that you decide to sell your property it’s no longer your home. It’s a valuable investment you’re selling to another family.
To that end you want to project the look that your target buyer is looking for so that they can imagine it as THEIR home. We stage to capture the attention of buyers so that they can fall in love with their new home and envision themselves in these new surroundings. We create a staged home that has the potential to be whatever individual buyers are looking for. That might be a couple with a young family, retirees downsizing but wanting to stay in the area, or a family moving into a bigger home. Whatever the home was to you—and it might have been many things over the years—now your role is to stand backstage while others project themselves into an imagined life in your home. It sounds weird, but after all the work you did preparing this place to sell, you’ll be as invested in getting an offer as we are.

Staged Right Results

By changing paint colors and utilizing updated furniture for the staging, 567 South Orange Avenue sold for realtors Fran Lichtman and Randy Rabney with a full price offer in under a week.
After receiving 4 offers with the first open house, realtor Josh Jacobs of Keller Williams sold 12 Sutton Place in Verona for almost $50,000 over the asking price. "The same day 12 Sutton was listed, a house across the street came on the market in the same price range. That house was not staged. 12 Sutton closed in 30 days, the other house is still on the market."
After receiving multiple offers, realtor Christine Lassiter sold  2 Manor Hill Road in Summit for over the asking price. "Staged Right made such an impact on this total renovation project. After being under construction for many months, the house came alive once you and Tom finished it off."
Realtor Maria Heningburg sold 82 Parker Avenue in Maplewood for full price, and was under contract in 11 days after the house went on the market.
After only one week on the market, realtor Peggy Minkah received an offer for 21 Kimball Street in Chatham. "Staged Right Homes did a fantastic job with the staging, it helped prospective buyers to visualize themselves living in the home and envision their furniture placement."

We hope you found our 6 Ps of Staging a PLEASURE to read! Thanks for reading and please like us on  Facebook!

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Wendy & Tom

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