Jane Street Garden progress, upcoming projects and a big thank you! 
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There are many different ways to get involved at the garden depending on your time availability and interests.  Read more below to find a way that best suits you! 


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News at the gardens


Dear Jane Street Garden supporters!

Firstly, a huge thank you to all you garden supporters for your commitment and hard-work at the gardens.  It has been amazing to see everything come together.  Piece by piece together we are creating a thriving ecosystem and developing a welcoming and warm communal space to share skills and knowledge.  

Heres a quick snapshot of some things happening down at the gardens:

Rezoning and planting out perimeters of gardens - Over the past weeks we have held communal discussions about plans for planting out and rezoning the perimeter areas of the garden. We have also widened these growing areas for increased growing space. These zones open up the perfect opportunity for a greater diversification of workshops and skill and knowledge sharing in the future.  Here are some of the zones that are in discussion:
  • Butterfly attracting corner
  • Edible flowers
  • Perennial herbs
  • Water efficient herbs
  • Green manure and mulch plants
  • Beneficial insect attracting and pest repellent area,
  • Fruit trees,
  • Native bush tucker 
  • Medicinal herbs 
  • Sensory garden.  
If one of these areas are of particular interest to you and you would like to get involved in the planing phase of creating these gardens then we would love to hear from you!

Refurbishment of Social Area
Thanks so much to Steve for your donation of a picnic table and chairs.  What a great addition to our weekly BBQ!

Recycling community waste and creating community connections

Jane Street Gardens will now be collecting spent coffee beans from Expresso Garage on a regular basis to use to compost and create rich soil for our plants.  A big thank you to Expresso Garage for working with us to reduce the amount of waste heading to landfill. Also a big thank you to Scott Mackinnon for helping to set up this connection and Cam Kosmala for offering to collect and drop off the materials to the garden. 

We are also seeking to create more of these connections with local businesses around West End. So if you have compostable materials that you want to save from heading to landfill then please get into contact with us! Some examples include fruit/vegetable scraps, juice pulp, leaves, grass clippings, spent coffee beans etc.

Soil improvement and Planting out Communal Growing Beds
 It has been a lot of hard work but the time is nearing to start reaping the benefits of organic locally grown produce! Michael you have been a great help with improving the soil of the beds.  Here is what we have been layering to create rich healthy soil:
  • forest mulch
  • green vegetation
  • couple of handfuls of comfry, marigold and yarrow
  • brown leaves
  • cow and pigeon manure 
  • recycled cardboard
  • molasses mixed in with water
  • decomposed granite and basalt crusher dust
  • topped off with a layer of top soil and compost
We have started planting out these beds with a number of crops including lettuce, asian greens, kale, asparagus and tomatoes.  

Want to learn more about what to grow during Spring and tips on growing healthy plants? Come join us for our Tuesday working bee each week. 

Ground Around Town
A special mention of Scott Mackinnon from Ground Around Town and the great work he is doing in turning by-products from coffee and food production from local West End cafes into rich compost.  Currently Scott is collecting from the following cafes - Plenty, CJ's Pasta, West End Park Cafe, Sol Breads Cafe and Kombi Koffein. By-products are transferred by bicycle and car to nearby compost production sites, with one of these sites being Jane Street Community Gardens.  The by-products are then turned into rich compost over four to six weeks, ready for sale to the public and garden members at a discounted rate.

It is amazing to speak to someone who is so passionate about a project that is reducing waste heading to landfill, educating about environmental sustainability, creating community networks and assisting the community to grow their own organic vegetables by producing rich and affordable compost.  For more information or to purchase compost please contact Scott at:

Seeking Sponsors and Partners

We need your help! We are seeking annual monetary contributions for the next three years to cover the running costs and developments at the garden. No matter how small, every contribution counts! Why partner with us?
  • 10, 000 people pass by the gardens every morning during the Saturday West End markets
  • Established for over 10 years
  • Weekly engagement with schools, youth groups and community members
  • Not-for-profit organisation run and coordinated by a dedicated group of community members
  • Website, social media and regular newsletter
  • 500+ followers on Facebook
  • Advertising spots available on garden sign

For more information please check out our flyer or visit our website

Upcoming events
We have a number of workshops that we are in the process of arranging for the coming months so please keep an eye out on our Jane Street Garden Calendar  for more details.  Here are our regular working bees:  
  • Regular garden working bees every Tuesday from 9.30am onwards followed by a BBQ around 12.00pm.
  • Weekend working bees during September: Sunday 13th and Saturday 26th at 2pm
Lastly, we would like to say a big thank you for all your support and hard work at the gardens.Thank you for creating a beautiful and inspiring space to come together and work toward a vision of sustainability.
  • Cam for sourcing out another bathtub, commitment to picking up materials for the garden and your continual support and enthusiasm
  • Jacque for helping to organise mulch deliveries and irrigation advice  
  • Steve for your donation of table and chairs for our social area
  • Aaron for your efforts in the organising team
  • Nathan for your continual hardworking efforts in the garden
  • Daryl for your building advice and support
  • Bruce Ham in offering to provide gardening workshops
  • Ron from Treescape for your continual efforts in providing us with forest mulch delivery
  • And all of our hard working gardeners at our working bees!

Warm regards

Melissa Smrecnik
Garden Coordinator 
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