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Barony of Adiantum

Bi-Cranial Bear Newsletter

October, 2015

Upcoming Events:

For more upcoming events, go to:
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Site Info: Northwood Christian Church
2425 Harvest Lane
Springfield, OR 97477
Fees:  Adults - $10, NMS applies; 18 and under free.

Site Open: 10am-7pm

Greetings unto the populace! You are invited to attend the Barony of Adiantum’s fall revel, Amergin’s Return. The Championships for Heavy, Bardic, and Thrown Weapons will be held, in addition to classes and a potluck lunch. Many classes will be geared towards newcomers. 

Here is a link for the class schedule:

There will be a Rapier prize tourney. We will hold Thrown Weapons and Heavy Championships (with formats to be determined by the number of competitors) 

Come vie for the position of Adiantum's Bardic Champion! To enter, please prepare two pieces to perform to show us what type of Bardic Art(s) you are best at. Categories include but are not limited to: song, poem, epic, story, original work with SCA-subject matter/filk, instrument, monologue, poem, story, dancing/performance, and more!) Any form of performance that is entertaining is considered a Bardic Art! Be prepared to explain orally the inspiration for your pieces and what information you know about them. Written documentation is NOT required, but come prepared to discuss your piece (any information on time period, culture, or other info you would like to share with the judges). Requirements: You do need to be a paid member of the SCA, but you do not need to be living in the Barony, but you should at least live in the Summits and be prepared to attend our local events as the Bardic Champion. Please let me know at if you are entering so we know who's planning on entering. Duties as champion: The Bardic Champion is called upon to foster bardic arts in the group (that can be encouraging bardic circles at events, hosting a singing night, helping with entertainment during court...the possibilities are fun and endless) as they are able. And the last duty of the Bardic Champion is to organize the championship next year to help find their successor!
- In Service,
HL Iurii Levchenich
Bardic Champion of Adiantum
Please let me know if you have any questions!
Yours in Service,
Lord Marcello Fornarius, Event Steward
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