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January 12, 2020


'Day One' Was Just the Beginning.

Thousands of Americans attended 150 events across the country on Saturday to mark Day One of Mike's nationwide campaign to defeat Donald Trump. 

It was an important day for our campaign:  Our team joined together to show that we can defeat Donald Trump in November.

At office openings, volunteer trainings, house parties and block walks, thousands participated because they believe Mike can #GetItDone.

They gathered from Dallas ... 
... to Harlem ...
... to Arkansas ...
... to Wisconsin ...
... to Missouri ...
... to North Carolina ...
... to Colorado ...
... and with Mike and Judge Judy on a bus tour in Texas!

We're Open in Harlem!

In Harlem, Hundreds of Bloomberg Supporters Cheer Mike's Ability to "Get It Done" (CNBC)

Over 500 supporters cheered on Mike Bloomberg at his campaign's Harlem office opening on Saturday.  The event demonstrated that Bloomberg, even while away in Texas, could still draw crowds in the city in which he served three terms as mayor.  

Alicia Kaplan, an artist who said she had never earned more than $30,000 in a year, said that Bloomberg’s wealth made him unlikely to be “swayed by interests giving him money.”  Kaplan suggested that Bloomberg’s decision not to live the “high life” and instead to pursue public office earned her support.

“It just seems like he’s more for the people,” Kaplan said. “Not rich people or poor people -- the people.”  Read the full story here.

Doing What It Takes.

Mike Bloomberg Open to Spending $1 Billion to Defeat Trump (New York Times)

Bloomberg did not rule out spending a billion dollars of his own money on the 2020 presidential race, even if he does not win the Democratic nomination.

Bloomberg’s plans would effectively create a shadow campaign operation for the general election, complete with hundreds of organizers in key battleground states and a robust digital operation, ready to be inherited by the party nominee — regardless of who that nominee may be.

“It depends whether the candidate needs help; if they’re doing very well, they need less. If they’re not, they’ll need more,” he said in an interview after a lunch stop at a barbecue restaurant during a campaign swing through Texas.  Read the full story here.

By Super Tuesday, Mike Will "Look Like Brad Pitt" 

It's Bernie's Moment. But It's Bloomberg's Race (Washington Post)

Democrats across the country will soon find themselves with a newfound appreciation for the virtues of one Mike Bloomberg, former Republican mayor of New York and billionaire founder of a financial data services empire. He might not have been exactly what they had in mind, but by Super Tuesday he’ll look like Brad Pitt. 
Trump’s greatest vulnerability is the anxiety he creates. He makes people nervous. He makes his own people nervous. Bloomberg doesn’t make anyone nervous. He’s reassuring. And reassurance is what swing voters want. They’ve had their fill of angst.
Read the full story here.

Best of Late Night.

"I saw that Pier 1 is close to filing for bankruptcy. This may not mean much to you, but I promise, your aunt is devastated."
-- Jimmy Fallon

“I heard that a spin-off of 'The Masked Singer' is in the works.  This time it's with masked dancers. Yeah, it's a show where people dance but you have no idea who they are. It’s also called: 'Dancing with the Stars.'”
-- Jimmy Fallon

On Meghan Markle and Prince Harry planning to split their time between Britain and North America.   

“Everyone wants to know where they’ll live.  I think they’ll move to LA, because Meghan is an actor.  And she’s going to want to work again.  And then Harry can just join the cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” 
-- Trevor Noah

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