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July 28, 2015 — Weekly News

Nations agree to five-year reviews of climate change commitments

The Paris climate talks continue to gather momentum. At the recent ministerial gathering of 46 nations in Paris, countries agreed that there will be a five-year review of any climate change commitments that emerge this year. Chief French climate negotiator, Laurence Tubiana, called the discussion a "breakthrough" that “was not obvious to get."

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Three important steps philanthropies are taking to curb climate change

By Antha Williams, Bloomberg Philanthropies

With Congress at a stalemate and national politics growing increasingly polarized, the role of philanthropy in combating climate change is more critical than ever.

Nimble where politics is clunky, responsive where government is deadlocked, and targeted where Congress is logrolling, philanthropies are catalyzing lasting, positive change on climate, perhaps the most pressing social, environmental, and economic policy challenge of our time.


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The economic risks of climate change in the United States
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Mike Bloomberg statement on Kenya's INDC 
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Rapid response mechanism helps to lower teen pregnancy in Bolivia
A new pilot project in Bolivia, launched through the Rapid Response Mechanism established by Bloomberg Philanthropies and FP2020, addresses a critical opportunity to provide resources and education around teen pregnancy and contraception use. Read More
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City Innovators Share What Idea Generation Means to Them
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Santa Monica: the city that wants to design itself happier
Mayor's Challenge winner Santa Monica brings to life its impressive vision to track and act on wellbeing data. Read More
Why cities need more technology to improve low-income citizens' lives
Apps aren't just for the privileged. Governments should look to tech to empower its disadvantaged residents. Read More

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