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January 13, 2020


Must-Read of the Day: 

Mike Bloomberg Blasts Role of Early States in Democratic Nominating Process (CNN)
Mike took on the Democratic nominating process for placing an outsized emphasis on Iowa and New Hampshire, saying the states lack diversity and such a focus risks ignoring battleground contests, in a CNN Op-ed today.

"While it's great that candidates reach out to voters in these states at every pancake breakfast and town hall around, what about African-American, Latino, Asian American, Pacific Islanders, and other voters in places like Detroit, Montgomery, Phoenix, and Houston?" 
Mike wrote that his party is "in danger of repeating 2016 because, as Democrats focus on Iowa and New Hampshire," Trump is busy campaigning aggressively in battleground states. 
"Tomorrow night, while Democrats are on stage in Des Moines, Trump will be speaking to thousands of supporters in Wisconsin -- a state Democrats need to rebuild the Blue Wall." 

Mike added that the right to vote is under attack across America by Republican leaders who are trying to make it harder to register and cast a ballot.

"Last week, I was in Georgia with Stacey Abrams, who narrowly lost her Georgia gubernatorial campaign after her opponent, then the state's secretary of state, engaged in voter suppression tactics including purging voters from the rolls," Mike wrote. "I've been glad to support the nonprofit group she started, Fair Fight, to ensure that everyone with the right to vote can easily vote."

He added that as President, he will make sure the DNC works with state party leaders to re-order the primary calendar to better reflect our diverse electorate. 

"I have enormous respect for the voters of Iowa and New Hampshire. We need a system that both better reflects our country and puts us in a better position to defeat a candidate like Donald Trump." Read Mike's entire CNN column here.

As I told Kate Bolduan on CNN this morning: 

"Imagine the difference we would see today if, for a year, 18 Democratic presidential candidates were knocking on doors in those battleground states — Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, and North Carolina. We would be poised to win those states in November."

"Right now, if the elections were held in Wisconsin today, any Democrat would lose to Donald Trump, according to the polls. That's something that Mike's campaign is very focused on changing."

"In places like Wisconsin and Michigan and other battleground states, it is important to reach out to voters and say that President Trump lied to them."

"A lot of folks don't understand how much the President acted against their interests — and the interest of all Americans." 


Mike Attacks Trump's Health Care Lies.

Mike Bloomberg today criticized the Trump administration's continued efforts to undercut protections for pre-existing conditions for millions of Americans. Responding to a tweet by the president today, Mike tweeted:

WATCH: Here are some of the ads that have been airing nationwide and clearly got under the president's skin today:

A Machine Built To Beat Trump.

Bloomberg Wants to be President, But He Has a Fallback Plan: Defeat Donald Trump and Remake the Democratic Party (Washington Post)

Mike is running aggressively to win the Democratic nomination.

But he is simultaneously building out a general election machine to defeat President Trump, with a new structure — data, field organizing, advertising and policy — that aims to elect Democrats up and down the ballot.
It's a fact that has caught the attention of Trump, who spent years tracking Bloomberg's political career closely in New York.

President Trump has been closely monitoring Bloomberg's campaign, impressed by his spending and fearful of his potential rise, according to Trump confidants with whom the president has discussed Bloomberg.

“I am looking forward to making a multi-month-long case to voters that will end on Election Day with his defeat,” says Howard Wolfson, a top adviser overseeing the paid media efforts. Read the full story here.

Instagram of the Day.

'Day One' was a hit! Watch (and share) this video for highlights from the 150 events across the country.

What I'm Reading.

Iran Tensions: Second Day of Protests Turn Up Heat on Iranian Leaders After Plane Downing Leaves 176 Dead (BBC News)

Here He Goes Again: Trump Tells Kim Jong-Un He Wants to Resume Talks (Axios)

Security Breach: Former Marine Posed as Security Member for Trump’s Marine One Last Week at Palm Beach Airport (New York Times)

Climate Today: New Decade Starts With Dramatic Regulatory Rollbacks in the U.S. as Investors Go Big on Climate (Axios)

Impeachment Latest: Pennsylvania Swing Voters Unhappy with Mitch McConnell Impeachment Comments (Axios)

Two from the Trail

She Likes MikeJudge Judy Has Issued Her Decision (New York Times)

Wheel LifeAboard the Bloomberg Bus (Associated Press)

The Nominees Are: 'Joker' Tops Oscar Nominations With 11 (Associated Press) 

Following "Joker," "The Irishman," "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" and "1917" all received 10 nods apiece. The 92nd Academy Awards will be held Feb. 9 in Los Angeles. Check out the full list of nominees here.

Best of Late Night.

"This summer, the world's first 'Harry Potter' flagship store is coming to New York, which makes Harry Potter the second Harry to ditch the U.K. for North America."
— Jimmy Fallon

"The NFL playoffs are in full swing, and there are so many big match-ups this weekend. You have the Vikings versus the 49ers. You have the Seahawks versus the Packers. And you have Prince Harry versus the royal family."
— Jimmy Fallon

"Taco Bell is now offering some of its managers $100,000 salaries. You can tell they're making a lot of money because on their lunch break, they go eat Chipotle."
— Jimmy Fallon

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