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January 14, 2020

Read of the DayMike Bloomberg’s Campaign Snowballs to 1,000 Staffers - Will Continue to Grow (Politico)

The unprecedented scale and scope of the campaign gives Mike Bloomberg a massive footprint in states that hold their primaries on March 3 or later.

Bloomberg is also working to provide a Democratic counterbalance to President Donald Trump in parts of the country vital to his party in November.

Bloomberg advisers said they are especially focused on Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, which are further out on the primary calendar and where Trump has been able to roam mostly on his own given the Democratic field’s focus on early primary states.

In all, Bloomberg’s early ground operations now include eight states with 40 or more aides and 18 states with at least 20 staffers.

“We’re building a structure that intends to talk to Democrats everywhere in the country because we think that’s good for Mike Bloomberg, but as importantly or more importantly, it’s a way to engage people that are currently only being talked to by Donald Trump and ignored by the rest of the field," Dan Kanninen, Bloomberg’s states director, told Politico.

Read the full story here.


As Seen on CNN.

As I told Erin Burnett on CNN last night, "Trump wants to be everything that Mike is. He wants to be a real leader. He wants to be someone that has actually delivered on healthcare. He wants to be someone that's actually created a real business. He wants to be a real billionaire."
"Mike has led the city in ways that brought people together and Trump tears people apart. Bloomberg is the antithesis of everything that Trump tries to pretend that he is." 
Watch part of the interview here.

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Mike on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tonight — Live!

After tonight's Democratic debate, Mike will appear on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, which will broadcast live at 11:35PM EST on CBS.

Endorsement of the Day.

Staten Island Congressman Max Rose Endorses Mike

Democratic Rep. Max Rose endorsed Mike for president Monday.

Rose, who also represents a slice of south Brooklyn and flipped a red seat to blue in 2018, cited Bloomberg’s efforts to reinvigorate the city’s economy when he took office in 2002 after the 9/11 terror attacks. 

What I'm Reading.

Impeachment Latest: Nancy Pelosi Says House to Vote Wednesday to Send Impeachment Articles to Senate (Washington Post)

Ahead of 'Phase One' Trade Pact: U.S. Reverses China 'Currency Manipulator' Label (BBC News)

Thanks to 'Donald Debt'U.S. Budget Deficit Running 11.8% Higher This Year  (Associated Press)

Debate PrepElizabeth Warren Says Bernie Sanders Said He Didn't Think a Woman Could Win Presidency. He Denied It. (USA Today)

They're BackRussians Hacked Ukrainian Gas Company at Center of Impeachment (New York Times)

Misinformation WatchFacebook, Twitter, Google Finalized Rules Governing Political Speech (Axios)

Climate of HopeU.S. World's Largest Asset Manager Says It's Time to Tackle Climate Change — Starting with Coal (Axios)

Sports TodayHow L.S.U. Beat Clemson to Win the College Football National Title (New York Times)

Giving BackSerena Williams Wins First Title in 3 Years — and Donates Prize Money to Australia Wildfire Relief (CBS News)

Your HealthWant to Live Longer? Art Museums May Be the Key, New Study Suggests (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

New Today: Bloomberg 2020 Insider podcast.

An intimate, on-the-ground view of Mike’s presidential campaign and his effort to take back the White House from Donald Trump, the podcast is hosted by campaign senior advisor Tim O’Brien.

In Episode 1, Tim hits the campaign trail with Mike in Wisconsin and offers an overview of the key issues facing voters today.

Tim lays out Trump's trail of broken promises:
  • Trump promised Wisconsin voters that he'd provide better healthcare options for them. And he hasn't. 
  • He said that he'd fund reclamation of the Great Lakes, and he hasn't. 
  • He promised that he'd revive manufacturing, and he hasn't. 
  • He promised that he'd take care of the state's farmers, and he hasn't. 
  • He promised that he'd also bring new educational and economic opportunities to black Wisconsinites, and, of course, he hasn't.
  • Trump's played the promise game elsewhere too. 

On the flipside: When Mike Bloomberg speaks about core goals, like job creation, he doesn't make false promises. 
  • He's helped to create hundreds of thousands of jobs as a successful businessman and mayor.
  • And when he becomes president, he is going to do the same thing for the country as well.

Listen to the podcast here, on Spotify here or share the Tweet below. 

Best of Late Night.

"New Yorkers this weekend celebrated the annual 'No Pants Subway Ride.' It's an annual event that happens...almost everyday!"
-- Seth Meyers

On Donald Trump sending a tweet to Iranian protesters in Farsi:

"Americans said: ‘Wait, how are Trump's tweets in Farsi more coherent than those in English?’”
-- Jimmy Fallon

"The Oscar nominations came out. 'Joker' was nominated for Best Picture. Yeah. It's about a creepy misfit in white make-up. Or as critics are calling it, 'The Conan O'Brien Story'."
-- Conan O'Brien

On 'Frozen 2' missing out on an Oscar nomination for Best Animation:

"The producer was like, 'If one more person texts me saying "Let it go," I'm going to SNAP! I'm going to flip out!'"
-- Jimmy Fallon

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