May 7, 2021


Boost for Global VaccinationsBloomberg Philanthropies Funds Vaccine Outreach Efforts Across 18 Cities Around the World (

Bloomberg Philanthropies announced $50,000 grants to 18 cities in low- and middle-income countries to support their vaccine rollouts over the next six months to help the equitable distribution of vaccines.

Aided by grant funding from Bloomberg Philanthropies, Buenos Aires will dispatch formerly homeless outreach workers to encourage vaccination among isolated, elderly and hesitant residents; transgender people will do the same with their communities in hard-hit Rio de Janeiro.

“This initiative will help countries save more lives – and help the whole world overcome this devastating pandemic," said Mike Bloomberg, W.H.O. Global Ambassador for Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs) and Injuries.

The 18 cities include: Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire; Accra, Ghana; Bengaluru, India; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Cali, Colombia; Cape Town, South Africa; Guadalajara, Mexico; Fortaleza, Brazil; Harare, Zimbabwe; Kampala, Uganda; Kigali, Rwanda; Lima, Peru; Medellín, Colombia; Mexico City, Mexico; Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso; Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Quito, Ecuador; and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

All of the selected cities are members of the Partnership for Healthy Cities, an initiative supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) and Vital Strategies.

Outside the U.S., the vaccine outreach story looks very different. As a devastating surge of new Covid cases strains fragile medical systems in India and South America, vaccines remain scarce or unavailable in many communities. 

In Mexico City, for example, the city has filled vaccine sites with a range of entertainment options, including live music, yoga classes and appearances by a troupe of Lucha Libre wrestlers, to boost turnout and ease anxieties.

Read moreCan Incentives Sway the Vaccine-Hesitant? (Bloomberg)


UK Elections.

Big VictoryTories Ride Brexit Wave and Vaccine Rollout to 'Historic' Win (Bloomberg)

UK Conservatives, Prime Minister Boris Johnson's party, had a strong win in the key parliamentary district of Hartlepool, riding a wave of local support from Brexit and the successful Covid-19 vaccine rollout.

The result in Hartlepool, which had voted Labour since the seat’s creation in 1974, is a boost for Johnson and shows support for his party in the face of recent allegations over its integrity and competence.

The race for Mayor of London is not expected to be called until Saturday, follow along
here for updates. 

Election Day DistractionCrisis Averted After British and French Patrol Boats Called to Jersey Over Post-Brexit Fight Over Fish (Bloomberg)

Election Day Distraction Part II: All the Best Dogs at Polling Stations on UK's Election Day (The Big Issue)

Dogs at polling stations has become something of a voting day tradition in the UK and is pretty simple: People go to cast their vote, they bring their pups along with them and then they snap a picture outside the polling station and post it to Twitter.


The Return to 'Normal.'

Op-Ed of the DayAs a CEO, I Worry About the Erosion of Office Culture With More Remote Work (Washington Post - Cathy Merrill)

While remote working is certainly industry- and job-dependent, and the future employment scene will probably be some type of hybrid, the CEOs I have spoken with fear erosion of collaboration, creativity and culture. 

Those who work from home probably won’t have FOMO, they will just have MO. The casual meetings that take place during the workday. The “Do you have three minutes to discuss X?” These encounters will happen. Information will be shared. Decisions will be made. 

Maybe if you are at home you’ll be Zoomed in, but probably not. As one CEO put it, “There is no such thing as a three-minute Zoom.” Being out of that informal loop is likely to make you a less valuable employee.

So although there might be some pains and anxiety going back into the office, the biggest benefit for workers may be simple job security.

Back to the Office: Companies Weigh Requiring Vaccines - or Incentives to Get the Jab (New York Times)

Reopening NYC: City Plans to Offer Johnson & Johnson Vaccines to Tourists (NY1 News)

Get the latest here on the Return to 'Normal.'


What I'm Reading.

Getting America Back on Track: President Biden Pushes Infrastructure Plan as Republicans Dig in On Tax Breaks for Wealthy, Corporations (Associated Press)

Biden said, speaking in front of a 70-year-old bridge in Lake Charles, LA that is 20 years past its designed lifespan, that "times have been tough here and the damage from the hurricanes has been devastating. I believe you need the help and I’m going to try to make sure you get it."

U.S.-China Relations: Joe Biden Likely to Proceed with Trump's Ban of U.S. Investments in Certain Chinese Companies (Bloomberg)

Covid in the U.S.: Coronavirus Cases Hit Seven Month Low (Axios)

WFH Tax AlertNew York Tax Officials Crack Down on 'Convenience Rule' for Those Working Remotely (Wall Street Journal)

Today in Science: Congress Should Care About the Laws of Physics -- and Support the Quest for Answers (Bloomberg Opinion - Mike Bloomberg)

Colombians Hit the StreetsProtests Against Poverty and Inequality Could Presage Unrest Across Latin America (New York Times)

Brazil Probe: Ex-Health Minister Tells of Jair Bolsonaro's Blind Faith in Chloroquine (Associated Press)

UgandaIndian Variant Detected, Health Ministry Urges Caution and Vaccinations for Those Eligible (Bloomberg)

Today in Voter Suppression: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Sweeping Bill Placing More Restrictions on Mail Voting and Ballot Drop Boxes (CBS News)

The governor's office barred other media outlets from attending the signing, with a spokesperson for the governor calling it a "Fox exclusive" as the event aired live on "Fox & Friends," a show frequently watched by former President Donald Trump.


Weekend Section.

But first, a Happy Mother's Day (thank you Kathleen Sheekey!) to moms in the U.S., Canada, Europe, India, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and everywhere else celebrating this Sunday!

Travel AlertU.S. Domestic Air Travel Should Return to 'Normal Levels' by July (Bloomberg)

Space Tourism Arrives: Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin Sets First Human Spaceflight for July 20 (Bloomberg)

Reopening NewsCentral Park’s Landmark Tavern on the Green Now Open (PIX 11)

Central Park’s iconic Tavern on the Green reopened to a sold out crowd after a pandemic closure — another sign that the mighty economic engine that is the restaurant and bar industry in New York City is slowly coming back to life.

NYC Dining Guide: City’s First Post-Pandemic Michelin Rankings Revealed (Bloomberg)

New York’s three-star landscape, including Le Bernardin, Masa, Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, Per Se, and Eleven Madison Park, goes its fourth year without changing.

Seven restaurants were awarded stars for the first time in this year's guide. The newcomers to the list were Kochi, Don Angie, Francie, Jua, Rezdora, Tsukimi and Vestry; and were all awarded one of three stars each.

Best Bars in AsiaHong Kong's Coa Bar Tops '50 Best' List Followed by Hotspots in Singapore and Tokyo (Bloomberg)

Streaming Suggestion of the Week: ‘Allen v. Farrow,’ Looks for the Last Word on a Notoriously Unresolved Story (Washington Post)

The four-part series on HBO Max includes an exhaustive reexamination of documents, tapes and interviews with corroborating witnesses on the accusation of sexual abuse against Woody Allen involving his then 7-year-old daughter with Mia Farrow. (If you are a Woody fan, seriously, it's over. Maia Johnson time to give up.). Watch it here.

Best of Late Night.

On Facebook’s oversight board upholding the social network’s ban on Donald Trump in a decision announced on Wednesday, one day after he launched his own blog called “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump”: 

"Trump has been banned from Facebook since Jan. 7. His punishment for trying to overthrow the government is the same you give a teenager for coming home late after curfew: 'No social media for you!'"
-- Jimmy Kimmel

"It has been five months since Trump was indefinitely suspended from Facebook for the minor infraction of trying to overthrow the government. I mean, who hasn’t done that?"
-- Trevor Noah

"That’s a tough break for Trump. Now he’s scrambling to figure out how he’ll keep in touch with his friends from high school."
-- Jimmy Fallon

"Trump’s jotting down some thoughts when they come to him, so let’s be honest about what this whole thing should really be called: 'From the Bathroom of Donald J. Trump.'"
-- James Corden 

"On the bright side, he still has a good excuse for forgetting his kids' birthdays."
-- Jimmy Fallon

"So, if you want to see crazy conspiracy theories, you’ll have to settle for any other person on Facebook."
-- Jimmy Fallon

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