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Volume 1, Issue 15 

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The food truck and concerts have moved behind fields 2 and 3 and concerts have moved behind the Village Park gymnasium at field 2. 

Baptist Health began offering free line dancing workout classes at the Community Center on Tuesday’s at 5:00pm.

On Saturday and Sunday, July 23rd and 24th, there will be a girls' flag football tournament held at Greenview Shores Park.

There will be free Tai Chi and Matter of Balance classes offered for seniors aged 55 and up.  Tai Chi will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning on June 28th and ending on December 15th.  Matter of Balance classes will be offered every Monday beginning on July 25th and ending on September 12th. 

Opening Day for the Lakeside Market will be October 7th and 48 vendors have submitted their applications for next season.

The last day of summer camp is August 5th.  Currently we have over 3,772 participants enrolled in summer camps and academies.  

The Florida Festivals and Events Association will be awarding Wellington Parks and Recration with a Sunsational Award on August 24th.  The Sunsational Awards program recognizes members' excellence in communications, marketing and programming. 

Yoga at the Amphitheater has been temporarily relocated to the greenspace next to the Community Center.  

Youth Programs: 
Boys & Girls Club - Summer Academic Camp:  The Academic Camp continued into the third week of the program from July 11th through July 14th.  This camp, located at the Wellington Community Center, will end on July 28th. This week, Community Services staff was responsible for the transportation of the students within the program and assisting the teachers with their classrooms. The program has 30 students participating in this Academic Summer Camp. 
Boys & Girls Club – Tennis Camp:  This program continued on July 12th and July 14th at the Boys and Girls Club.  This is a 6-week Tennis Camp for the students at the B&G Club and occurs twice weekly through July 28th.  Community Service staff along with an instructor from the Wellington Tennis Center educates students on the basic fundamentals of tennis and engages them with coordinated drills and active games.  There were 48 Boys and Girls Club students participating during the week of July 11th.  Next week, staff will select four (4) All Stars to participate in future Tennis Programs and the Wellington Tennis Center. There are two weeks remaining for this camp.
SWAG Update:  SWAG Interns continued their summer internships during the week of July 11th.  Staff has been compiling videos of each students internship to demonstrate their responsibilities, lessons learned and how future SWAG students can benefit from the program.  There are two weeks remaining in the program this year.  
Field Trip for Boys and Girls Club Academic Camp:  On Friday, July 15th, staff and the Boys and Girls Club coordinated a field trip for the B & G Club Summer Academic Camp participants.  These students visited the Wellington Environmental Preserve (Section 24) and experienced an active morning in nature.
Summer-Fun Camp:  The week of July 11th through July 14th, staff created an all-day summer camp from 8am to 4pm for students participating in New Horizon’s Summer Academic Recovery Program in an effort to keep these students active through the remainder of the summer. Students participated in arts and crafts, fun activities, and were provided breakfast and lunch. This camp will be concluding at the end of July.
Crossover Program at B & G Club:  On Saturday, July 16th, staff hosted the weekly Crossover program at the Boys and Girls Club.  Participants were provided with an open environment for all ages to be physically active and engage in basketball activities.
Event Dates:
July 30th - Back To School Backpack Event
Back To School Backpack Event:
The Annual Back to School Backpack event will be held on Saturday, July 30th from 9am-12pm at the Wellington Community Center. With the help of the Wellington Community Foundation and Back to Basics, the backpacks and uniforms for 600 students have been purchased. The supply drive will begin on June 6th and will run until July 28th. An Eventbrite app invite will go out to students identified through their schools. Students who live in Wellington, but go to school elsewhere, will have an opportunity to receive a backpack by calling the Community Service Department. Signage will be placed in neighborhoods identified as needing assistance. The Christopher Aguirre Foundation has graciously supplied the entertainment for the event including bounce houses, obstacles, face painters, balloon artists and more. Additional sponsors include Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital and the Crowned Pearls. The Wellington Rotary Club and Starbucks will assist in volunteering the day of the event.  The Aquatics Complex will also be open and free to the public from 9:00am to 12:00pm.  

Event Dates
August 2022 - No Events Scheduled

Event Dates
September 11th - September 11th Remembrance Ceremony
September 18th - Peace Pole Ceremony

September 11th Ceremony:

The annual 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony will be held on Sunday, September 11th beginning at 8:30am. This event will honor those who lost their lives and loved ones in the 9/11 attacks. PBSO and PBCFR will be onsite as well as the PBCFR ladder truck with the large flag. Rabbi Rosenkranz will give the invocation and the Boy Scouts have been invited to assist with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Alexander Matos, from the Mike Soper School of Music, will sing the National Anthem.

Peace Pole Ceremony:
The annual Rotary Peace Pole Ceremony will occur on Sunday, September 18th from 3:00pm to 4:00pm at the Rotary Peace Park. In addition to the dignitaries speaking, this event features contest winners of the poem, essay, and drawing contest’s posed to the elementary, middle and high schools in Wellington.
Public Safety
In addition to the “No Trespassing” signs installed by Palm Beach County on their property behind and adjacent to Fire Rescue Station 20 (near the Landings Middle School), defensive vegetation install was completed.

Staff has been working with Fire Rescue and PBSO to address complaints of pedestrian cut through traffic between the fire station and the neighboring property at 927 Squire Drive. 
Vehicle Incidents
On 7/14/22, a vehicle was stolen from Lakefield South.  No video surveillance was found.
Three (3) vehicle burglaries occurred in the Village during 7/11 through 7/17.  One (1) incident occurred in Lakefield South in which a gold charm ($2500 value) was stolen. Two (2) incidents occurred at the Quaye.    
Golf Cart Related Incidents
Two (2) golf related incidents took place in the Village during the reporting period. One (1) incident occurred at the PDQ where a traffic stop was conducted on a golf cart occupied by two juveniles.  Case was cleared with a verbal warning.  A second incident occurred near Meadow Wood Drive where a golf cart rolled over and a juvenile sustained minor leg injuries
Community Policing
The speed trailer has been deployed on Montauk Drive in response to a resident complaint received at the last Council meeting.  
Street Team
The team participated in a countywide operation involving the enforcement of laws for local car club gatherings.  During the operation two (2) cases were cleared by arrest.  One (1) case involved a traffic homicide wherein the suspect fled and units were able to stop the vehicle and take all occupants into custody and the case was cleared by arrest.  The second case involved team members conducting a traffic stop on a suspicious vehicle.  Probable cause was established during the investigation and a large bag of marijuana and cocaine was discovered.  
The team was busy on 7/12/22 and 7/13/22 coordinating with District 8 Street Crimes unit for their on-going Wellington Green Mall Operation.  Team members covertly went into retail stores recently targeted by shoplifting.  No significant incidents were reported.
Additional covert surveillance was conducted in the area of the Wanderers Club in reference to juveniles committing burglaries and grand theft of motor vehicles.  During the operation agents noticed a male walking with a flashlight behind residences.  Agents made contact with the subject and recovered a felony weight of marijuana and THC oil.  Arrest was made and subject booked in county jail.

Road Patrol
On 7/17/22 3:45pm, Road patrol in coordination with Public Works quickly responded and assisted with blocking road on Pierson Road, from 120th to South Shore Blvd, temporarily due to afternoon storm generated debris and FPL power line down with no risk to the public. 
Operation “Summer Jam”
Last week, agents made 18 arrests (up from 16 last reporting period) conducted 110 surveillance hours (up from 75 last reporting period) and made 97 traffic stops (up from 60 traffic stops made last reporting period).
COVID 19 Testing & Trends
The Curative testing site averaged 143 tests /day (down from 162 tests/day last reporting period) with an average weekly positivity rate of 25% (down from 28% last reporting period).  The Curative South Shore conducted 83 tests las week.  The drive-thru site at the Wellington Green Park conducted 95 tests for the week with a 37% positivity average (down from 41.8% last reporting period). 
Palm Beach County remains at the high transmission level.

Palm Beach County COVID data from 7/10 through 7/17:
Positivity Rate:                                  22% (up 1.77% from last reporting period)
Total Deaths:                                     33
Death Rate:                                       2.2 (27% increase from last reporting period)              
% of Beds with Covid Patients:      7.1% (up .2% last reporting period)
% of Beds with ICU COVID:             5.6% (down 1.8% from last reporting period)
Emergency Management
Village vehicles used for storm debris cleanup completed their annual FEMA certification to be eligible for reimbursable use during a declared emergency.  The certification was completed by Thompson Consulting in coordination with SWA.

Staff reached out to the PBC School District Transportation Department to follow up on a resident comment received at the last Council meeting regarding bus stop safety at Montauk Drive and Sunset Pointe Drive.  The District will assess and evaluate the bus stop and we will receive an update prior to the start of school.
Community Resource
The mobile pantry located at the Wellington Community Center provided food for 33 families (12 new) and 62 individuals.
Lotis Building Permit Submittals
The following building permit applications have been submitted. Plans are being preliminarily reviewed for building code compliance awaiting site plan and addressing approvals.  
BP22-0578         Lotis 331 Space ground plus 2 elevated level parking garage
BP22-1512         Temporary construction fence 6' C/L w/ windscreen
BP22-1552         Bldg 3 - 2 Story Mixed Use Retail
BP22-1553         Bldg 4 - 1 Story Mixed Use Retail w/dumpster
BP22-1554         Bldg 6 - 2 Story Mixed Use Retail
BP22-1556         Bldg 7 - 1 Story Mixed Use Retail w/dumpster
BP22-1720         Coopers Hawk-one story freestanding restaurant w/ mech equip platform & exterior patio
BP22-2042         Multifamily Building # 13 Type II 36 Units, 4-story building
BP22-2044         Multifamily Building # 14 Type II 36 Units, 4-story building
BP22-2045         Multifamily Building # 15 Type II 36 Units, 4-story building
BP22-2046         Multifamily Building # 17 Type I 6 Town Home, 2 story
BP22-2047         Multifamily Building # 18 Type I 6 Town Home, 2 story
BP22-2048         Multifamily Building # 19 Type I 6 Town Home, 2 story
BP22-2070         Building 11 Multifamily 2 story 16 units
BP22-2071         Building 12 Type III Multifamily 4 story 44 units
BP22-2073         Building 16 Type I 2 story 5 TH Units
BP22-2074         2-story clubhouse Building # 20
Amesbury Neighborhood: Based on resident complaints, a neighborhood sweep was conducted in the Amesbury neighborhood.   As of 7/15/2022, the following code compliance activity has taken place:

Amesbury Cir:        52 cases started, 18 closed
Portland Ave:         20 cases started, 4 closed
Leeds Ct:                 3 cases started, 0 closed
Hedges:  Code inspectors are also focusing on hedges, particularly on major thoroughfares, as presented in the recent administrative transmittal. Code is also coordinating with Public Works to identify properties where abatements need to be done. The abatements will primarily focus on thoroughfares which are major routes to Wellington’s schools.
Planning & Zoning
Development Proposals: Discussions with Mark Bellissimo and his team continue in preparation for the submittal of applications impacting portions of the Wellington Countryplace Planned Unit Development, and Equestrian Village, and White Birch properties.
Strategic Planning
CDBG: One loan signing was completed and five grant projects were bid and are being analyzed.
Planning, Zoning & Building
  • Department disconnects of delinquent accounts are proceeding for those above $250 in arrears, 42 customers were disconnected for non-payment last week. 
  • Bi-weekly Overtime expenditure for reporting period 7/14/22 was $15,921 (prior two week period was $9,499).  This is significantly higher than the FY to date average ($8,837).  Largest overtime expenditures are seen at our Plant facilities due to staff vacancies as well as Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection. 
  • Current meter No Reads caused by battery failure have started coming down slikghtly from the peak due to ongoing Field Services efforts in conjunction with Contractor Pedal Valve.  No Reads currently stand at 2,551.  The downward trend is expected to accelerate over the coming weeks as the Department works to get the manual meter reading problem under control.   
  • WTP demands remain in line with where they were this time last year
    • 5.74 MGD Avg Day Demand (vs 5.7 MGD July ’21)
    • 6.11 MGD Peak Day Demand (vs 6.0 MGD July ’21)
  • WRF treated flows are in line with where they were this time last year
    • 3.20 MGD Avg Daily Flow (vs 3.4 MGD July ’21)
    • 3.33 MGD Peak Daily Flow (vs 4.18 MGD July ’21)
  • There are no current regulatory exceedances or non-compliance issues.  A water main break occurred on 7/14 in the vicinity of Exotica Lane affecting 29 residences.  Boil water notices were issued and as of Saturday morning (7/16) all bacteriological samples passed and the Department of Health approved rescinding the Boil Water Notice.  
  • The Utility continues working to upgrade the Virtual SCADA systems at our facilities.  We are currently focused on completing the upgrade at the Plant facilities.  Both facilities are expected to be completed by end of July.
  • The Department approved a work authorization to expand solar power to selected TROPOS wireless router sites ($20,157 Hillers Electrical).  This will improve reliability of Department wireless communications in the event of network power outages.  
  • Utility Permits Applied For: 0 (YTD 18)
  • Utility Permits Issued: 0 (YTD 8)
  • Inspections Performed: 14 (YTD 665)
  • Reviews Performed: 17 (YTD 396)
  • Fees Collected: $74,050.00 (YTD $6,487,180.42)
  • The following projects are in active state of construction. Major weekly milestones are as follows:
    • Florida Design Contractors - HPP8 and Post Treatment Improvement Project - Contractor is working on spare parts turnover and punch list items.  Training on the new degas system is scheduled.  Project is substantially complete.
    • Hinterland - Lift Station Phase II Rehab - Village will issue for substantial completion for July 14, 2022.  Pump performance at LS 10 confirmed last week.  Contractor is continuing work on punch list items and record drawings.   
    • Wharton Smith - WTP R & R Project - The contractor is continuing work final loop checks for the lime plant shutdown.  The contractor will rewire softener 3 drive from old PLC to new PLC.  Concrete pour in new HSP room scheduled for this week.    
    • WRF Generator Improvements and PLC Replacement Project - I/O verifications at Seepex cake pump planned for upcoming work.
    • WRF Dryer Catwalk Project - The contractor finished a protective cover last week over the dryer mechanical chain.  Installation of the catwalk in the dryer building begins this week.
    • Phase II Endpoint Replacement Plan (FY22) is proceeding to plan with field endpoint replacements using the newly approved automated process.  Last week, 670 endpoints were replaced (compared to 530 the week prior), as we are seeing steady and improving progress on the project.  Contractor has a goal to replace up to 1,000 endpoints each week.  

Construction Projects

Town Center Phase 2:  Phase 1 of the project continues.  Substantial completion of Phase 1 of the project is now scheduled for August 26, 2022.  The Amphitheater and Scott's Place closed to the public as of July 4, 2022 .  Phase 2 substantial remains scheduled for April 5, 2023.   A storm on Sunday, July 17th caused multiple trees to fall over, including one near and onto the Scott's Place restroom, resulting in damage to the structure.  The damage has been documented in report form and will be retained in the event a damage claim needs to be filed against Kaufman Lynn.  

Aero Club Landscaping:  The contractor has acknowledged an NTP and construction start date of April 28th, with a substantial completion date of July 26th.  To date, the contractor has not proceeded with their obligation to begin construction, and it appears that they will not be able to comply with the July 26th deadline for construction completion.  Previously, the Big Blue Trace portion of this irrigation/landscaping project was cancelled.  The engineering department met with the Contractor, Garden Angel, on July 12th to discuss the project moving forward and the possibility of utilizing their performance bond due to non-performance on the project.  The contractor agreed to provide an updated schedule for a start date of July 19th.     

Golf Cart Expansion (widening) Projects:   These were presented and approved at the June 14th Council meeting.  Upcoming projects include:  
  • South Shore Blvd. (Big Blue to Margate)
  • Forest Hill Blvd. (Birkdale to Stribling)
  • Pierson Road (Village Park to Stribling)
Aero Club Drive / Binks Forest / Greenview Shores Intersection Mill and Resurfacing Project  Paving and permanent striping are complete.  We are currently coordinating with Palm Beach County to get a firm date on replacing the traffic light sensors (wire loops),  Should they be unavailable to install the facilities prior to the beginning of the school year (August 10th) then we will contract with PBSO to provide temporary traffic control at the intersection during pickup and drop off times.  

Greenview Shores Park Safety Netting:  A PO was issued to the contractor, Ball Fabrics, for installation of a safety net between the softball field and the tennis courts.  The start date for this project has not been established, however, the contractor is eager to move forward once the building permit is approved. 

Design Projects:

Big Blue Trace Landscaping and Traffic Calming (South Shore Blvd. to Paddock):  The Engineering department is currently preparing traffic calming plans for Big Blue trace, between South Shore Boulevard and Paddock Drive in coordination with the Landscape improvements projects for the same corridor.

Pickle Ball Court Conversion at Village Park:  Engineering staff has developed a plan to convert the existing uncovered hockey rink at Village Park to six (6) pickle ball courts.  The design of this project is completed and ready for procurement, if approved.

Village Park Maintenance Building Outdoor Storage Expansion:  The Engineering department is currently working with the Parks Maintenance Department and Utilities Department to finalize a design for expanding the Parks and Recreation Maintenance outdoor storage area.  We are currently in the preliminary stage of design. 

Greenbriar Park Restrooms:  Engineering staff is currently completing a design for a new restroom building at Greenbriar Park.  This project will also include permanent sanitary sewer facilities, which the current facility does not have. 

50th Street Assessment Project:  Engineering is currently managing the design and assessment reporting for the paving of 50th Street from Ousley Farms Road to South Road.  Currently, Mock Roos has prepared 50% design plans, the final Plan of Improvements, and are currently preparing the final Engineers report.

Wellington Trace Traffic Calming (Between Paddock Drive and Greenview Shores Blvd.):  The Engineering Department has completed multiple design concepts for traffic calming on this corridor.  This item will be presented as part of the 2023 budget approval process.   

Below is a summary of the departments permitting activity for the week of 07/05/2022 – 07/08/2022:
  • Engineering permits applied for: 4
  • Engineering permits issued: 6
  • Inspections performed: 33
  • Reviews performed: 84
  • Fees Collected: $15,169.15

Private Utilities

Utility upgrades are ongoing in the following neighborhoods:
  • Binks Forest Of The Landings
  • Buena Vida
  • Church Site No 7 Of Wellington
  • Commerce Park East
  • Eastwood No 2 Of Wellington
  • Eastwood No 3 Of Wellington
  • Emerald Forest Pl 2
  • Equestrian Club
  • Greenview Shores No 1 Of wellington
  • Greenview Shores Of Wellington No 2
  • Hanover East Of Wellington
  • Lakefield Of The Landings At Wellington Pl 3A
  • Paddock Park No 1 Of Wellington
  • Palm Beach Point East
  • Palm Beach Polo & Country Club
  • Pines Of Wellington Tract C
  • Pinewood East No 2 Of Wellington
  • Pinewood Manor Of Wellington
  • Pinewood Of Wellington
  • Rustic Ranches Phase II Unrecorded
  • Rustic Ranches Unrecorded
  • Saddle Trail Park Of Wellington
  • School Site Of The Landings Of Wellington
  • South Shore No 1 Of Wellington
  • South Shore No 2A Of Wellington
  • South Shore No 3 Of wellington
  • South Shore No 4 Of Wellington
  • Sugar Pond Manor Of Wellington
  • Vinnings At Wellington
  • Wellington Aero Club Of The Landings At Wellington
  • Wellington Downs
  • Wellington Green
  • Wellington Place Of Wellington
  • Wellington Tr 42-B
  • Wellington Tr 44
  • Wellingtons Edge
Environmental Services, Neighborhood Parks & Equestrian Trails
  • Continued to spray for Mosquitos on schedule and responding to resident complaints.
  • Completed removal of all benches, tables, trellis and trash cans from Scott’s Place playground.
  • Completed the grading and prep work for Margate Park.
  • Removal of dead tree at Dog Park.
  • Placed landscape rocks on easement to prevent vehicle access on Ranchwood Court/Ousley Farms Rd.
  • Completed set-up and break down of 4th of July Event.
  • Completed stage set up at V.P. for amphitheater events.
 Landscape Maintenance & Nuisance Abatement
  • Picked up palm debris Village Wide.
  • Installed nine Spindle Palms in our holding area/Tree Nursery that were removed from Town Center.
  • Continued mulching small miscellaneous landscape beds at entry walls to communities.
  • Removed a dead Bay tree that was killed by disease behind Village Hall.
  • Replaced six  Alexander palms on Wellington trace that were killed in vehicular accidents.
  • Removed two Washingtonia Palms struck by lightning on Aero Club Drive.
  • Modified the irrigation in Margate Park due to lift station and playground renovation.
  • Upgraded the irrigation pump behind the library to pump into Birkdale Wetland.
  • Made a repair to irrigation damaged during sidewalk work.
  • Preventative Maintenance work Village wide.
 Building Maintenance
  • Removed fixtures, poles and landscape lighting from in front of Scott’s Place.
  • Replaced five lamps in Hockey concession woman’s room at Village Park.
  • Replaced eight lamps and rewired fixtures on Wellington’s portable stage.
  • Replaced bad camera on the rear of Wellington Community Center for IT.
  • Relocated access door on entry wall at Big Blue and South Shore.
  • Built two more umbrellas to install at Greenview Shores Park.
  • Lowered and raise flags in memory of the Prime Minister of Japan.
  • Repaired a toilet flange in the men’s room at Tiger Shark Cove Park.
  • Contractor continued with painting the exterior of the Wellington Community Center. 
  • Replaced a bad fan motor at the Water Treatment Plant.
  • Replaced a bad compressor for an a/c unit at the Lake Worth Professional Center.
  • Pressure cleaned boat docks and promenade behind Wellington Community Center. 
  • Pressure cleaned sidewalks around PBSO.
 Roads & Roadside Refuse
  • Crews added new ramps with hot mix asphalt to the newly installed concrete sidewalk on Huntington and began backfilling dirt on the new sidewalk.
  • Crews provided Traffic Control for the Utility Department’s water main break on Wellington Trace close to Via Toscana’s entrance/exit.
  • Crews added shell rock to an area on White Pine at Fawnwood where there was a water main break. The base rock had settled so additional rock was added and graded until contractor Wynn & Sons could make the necessary repairs.  
 Surface Water Management & Preserve Maintenance
  • Continued regular cleaning of finger canals. 
  • Clean pump station.
  • Boom mower mowing.
  • Murray Logan working on C24 then C2.
  • Swale at Columbine and Azure for Utilities.
 Aquatics and Sport Facilities
  • Maintained Pool pumps. 
  • Daily Pool and Tennis inspections.
  • Daily Athletic field maintenance on all fields:  Village Park, Olympia Park, Wellington Green Park, Community Park, Tiger Shark Cove, Dog Park Field, and Greenbriar Park at Wellington High School.  
  • Maintain turf at Amphitheater and Patriot Memorial.   
  • Summer field maintenance: Aerify and Verticut.
  • Installed two filters for the spray ground, cutting pipe, gluing, and filling up with new glass media and putting back on line.
  • Removed broken parking stop from the pool’s parking area and replaced with new ones. 
  • Repaired sink at Wellington High School.
  • Repaired playground equipment at Village Park.
  • Tested the robot and the new paint.
  • Cleaned up the meeting room at WHS due to someone spraying the fire extinguisher all over the room.
 Custodial Services
  • Daily maintenance of all Village Buildings.
  • Twice a daily sanitizing of Village Hall Gym.
  • Weekly Facility disinfection cleaning.
  • Daily disinfectant cleaning of all facilities (doorknobs, frames, handles, etc.
  • Maintain restrooms and set up and break down of all events, concerts, and meetings.
Delinquent Utility Accounts: There were 28 disconnects scheduled for the week ending July 8, 2022. 
  • RFQ 202214 - Architectural and Engineering Services for the Construction of an Aquatics Facility – Six (6) submittals were received on June 23rd.  The evaluation committee held a meeting on July 13th and shortlisted three (3) firms; Song & Associates, Synalovski Romanik Saye, LLC and Ohlson Lavoie Corporation to participate in a thirty-five minute session consisting of a twenty minute presentation followed by a fifteen minute question and answer session.  The sessions are scheduled to take place on July 27th beginning at 8:30am in the Village Hall Council Chamber. 
  • LOI 202215 - Special Magistrate Services.  Letters of Interest are due July 20th.
A cone of silence is in effect for the RFQ listed above.  All questions or concerns regarding any such solicitations should be directed to the Purchasing Department.
The Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Challenge began July 5, and runs through August 15, 2022.  Updates will be provided periodically.
Customer Service
Week of 07/11/2022 – 07/15/2022
Total incoming calls handled by General Customer Service: 421
Total incoming calls handled by Utilities Customer Service: 528
Total walk in customers served by frontline per QFlow during business hours: 229
Total walk in Utility customers served by frontline per QFlow during business hours: 114
 MONDAY 7/11/2022      
TUESDAY 7/12/2022   41 3
WEDNESDAY 7/13/2022      
THURSDAY 7/14/2022 74   4
FRIDAY 7/15/2022      
  Total : 74 41  
Communications Department Projects Week of July 11th      
The Communications Department is working on filming and editing multiple Public Service Announcements, including, New Hedge Regulations, Parks & Rec Appreciation Month, Know the Flow PSA, PBSO New Therapy Dog, Surface Water Storm Preparations, Code Enforcement Appreciation Week, Town Center Phase II Update, Covid 19, Golf Cart Ordinance.  

Social Media promotion focuses on the Boil Water Notice LIFTED for Exotica Lane, Elder Court, Cornflower Court, Azure Avenue, CROS Ministries Mobile Food Pantry promotion, I Love Horses Day recognition, Boil Water Notice for homes on Exotica Lane, Elder Court, Cornflower Court, Azure Avenue, Back to School Supply Drive on-going promotion, PBCSD School Grades released, Hurricane Season Preparations: flood insurance reminder, TRIM presentation at Council meeting promotion, Council meeting presentations and proclamations, Council meeting agenda promotion, FY 2022 – 23 Budget Challenge on-going reminders, Amphitheater Programming moving to Village Park and Events on-going promotion, Parks & Rec events promotion, Celebrating Disability Pride Month, PBSO Job Fair Promotion, Parks and Recreation Month PSA with Village Manager, Weekly event and activities highlights.
Media Releases this week included the announcement of a Boil Water Notice for Exotica Lane, Elder Court, Cornflower Court, Azure Avenue, as well as the notice that the notice was rescinded with Health Department approval.
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