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Volume 1, Issue 13 

The food truck and concerts have moved to fields 6 and 7 and the football parking lot at Village Park.

On Saturday, July 16th, the Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County is offering a free Pop Up Play Time event in the Village Park gymnasium from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. This event is part of a series of events that brings a playful environment to the children through collaboration with local parks to support children and their families in learning and understanding more about the 5 developmental domains in which children aged 0-13 are developing and strengthening.

On Saturday and Sunday, July 23rd and 24th there will be a girls flag football tournament held at Greenview Shores Park.

Free Tai Chi and Matter of Balance classes will be offered to seniors aged 55 and up. Tai Chi will be offered on Tuesday's and Thursday's beginning on June 28th and ending on December 15th.  Matter of Balance will be offered every Monday beginning on July 25th and ending on September 12th. 

Opening Day for the Lakeside Market will be October 7th and 48 vendors have submitted their applications for next season. 

Youth Programs:
Mental Wellness Program: On Monday June 27th through June 30th, the mental wellness program occurred at the Boys and Girls Club. This reoccurring program takes place at the Boys and Girls Club and our instructor also attends our Summer Camp Programs. This program partnership provides students with the opportunity to open-up in a safe environment to discuss daily stresses, personal hardships, and reoccurring issues to enhance their mental well-being. Once per week through the month of June, the instructor will also attend our Academic Recovery Summer Camp at New Horizons to speak to the Summer Camp students. This Mental Wellness Program is going to be extended till the end of September.
Boys & Girls Club - Summer Academic Camp: On Monday June 27th, this program Academic Camp began. This camp is located at the Wellington Community Center through July 28th. This week, Community Service staff was responsible for the transportation of the students within the program. The program has 30 students participate in this Academic Summer Camp.  On June 30th, the Planning Department visited the program and met the teachers and students associated with the camp.
New Horizons - Summer Academic Recovery Program: On June 27th through June 30th, the Summer Camp concluded the final week of the program. There are 33 of our local Wellington students that are participating within this program. The program focuses on STEM academics from 8am - 12pm and the Community Service staff replaces the instructors from 12pm - 4pm to engage the students with Summer Camp activities. On June 30th, the Planning Department visited the program and met the Principal, teachers, and students involved with the Summer Camp. The teachers and students gave their feedback of the program and what we can possibly provide in the future.
Boys & Girls Club – Tennis Camp: This program continued on June 28th and June 30th at the Boys and Girls Club. We are providing a 6-week Tennis Camp for the students at the B&G Club that will occur twice a week through July 28th. Community Service staff and a Tennis Instructor from the Wellington Tennis Center will educate students on the basic fundamentals of tennis and engage the kids with coordinated drills and active games.  There were 50 Boys and Girls Club students that participated within the tennis program this week.
SWAG Meeting: On Monday June 27th, the SWAG Interns, Crown Pearls of Wellington, and Community Service Staff had a meeting at the Wellington Community Center or participated via Zoom call. This is a weekly meeting that offers an opportunity of an open discussion of personal work experiences amongst the students. Furthermore, this meeting includes a guest speaker to provide informative insight and professional advice for the student’s future careers.
Event Dates:
July 1st - 7th - Wellington Celebrates Tanabata
July 2nd- American Legion Blood Drive in front of WCC - 12 Donors (Rain Event)
July 4th - Wellington’s Family 4th of July Celebration - 8000 Attendees
July 30th - Back To School Backpack Event

Tanabata Celebration:
Tanabata, also known as the “Star Festival”, is a Japanese festival celebrating the folklore of the meeting of deities who become lovers who are separated and allowed to meet only once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. Traditionally, leading up to the 7th day, a bamboo tree is decorated with colorful strips of paper called Tanzaku that wishes are written on and attached to the tree. On the 7th day, the wishes are taken down.  Beginning on Friday, July 1st, the lobbies of the Community Center, Village Hall and Village Park will feature a bamboo tree and Tanzaku (colorful sheets of paper) at the front desks for residents to post a wish.  A brief description of the meaning of the Tanabata will be displayed alongside the tree.  There will also be a drum show throughout the day on Thursday, July 7th along with food trucks in the evening at Town Center.  Fushu Daiko (Japan Arts, Inc.) educates and enriches the South Florida community by presenting the traditional Japanese performing arts in a modern and innovative form through drums and live performances.  They will perform three (3) twenty minute sets beginning at 6:00pm, 7:00pm and 8:00pm.  
Back To School Backpack Event:
The Annual Back to School Backpack event will be held on Saturday, July 30th from 9am-12pm at the Wellington Community Center. With the help of the Wellington Community Foundation and Back to Basics, the backpacks and uniforms for 600 students have been purchased. The supply drive will begin on June 6th and will run until July 28th. An Eventbrite app invite will go out to students identified through their schools. Students who live in Wellington, but go to school elsewhere, will have an opportunity to receive a backpack by calling the Community Service Department. Signage will be placed in neighborhoods identified as needing assistance. The Christopher Aguirre Foundation has graciously supplied the entertainment for the event including bounce houses, obstacles, face painters, balloon artists and more. Additional sponsors include Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital and the Crowned Pearls. The Wellington Rotary Club and Starbucks will assist in volunteering the day of the event.  The Aquatics Complex will also be open and free to the public from 9:00am to 12:00pm.  
Public Safety
The Street Team while conducting a proactive patrol observed a blue sedan illegally parked in front of a fire hydrants in a local shopping center.  Team members made contact with the driver.  While running the individuals information agents learned the driver has two outstanding warrants.  The driver was placed under arrest and transported to the Palm Beach County jail without incident.
A collaborative effort from Community Policing and Road Patrol resulted in the apprehension of a felony retail theft suspect targeting multiple areas in the Wellington Green Mall. During the operation, team members utilized civilian clothing and were deployed in multiple areas within the Mall.  Team members kept in communications and covertly went into retail stores that have been targeted in recent shoplifting investigations.
The JAM unit was able to successfully clear a case by arrest and apprehend a wanted suspect that had outstanding criminal charges and violation of probation.  Team members located the suspect at his place of employment and he was transported to Juvenile Detention Center without incident. 
One business burglary was reported.  On 6/29/22, 9:25pm, the Dunkin’ Donuts on Wellington Trace reported an unknown suspect entered the business, using a key to unlock the front door, accessed the business safe using a digital code and removed a money bag containing $775.  Video surveillance was obtained, however the scene was not able to be processed due to time delay.    
There were 2 reports of residential burglary.  One case the suspect used a key to enter premise and is believed to be the victim’s brother.  The second case involved a neighbor suffering from dementia, entered neighboring property through an unlocked front door and brandished a firearm.  The victim removed the suspect from the premise and did not wish to prosecute.  The neighbor voluntarily turned over his firearm.
Two reports of vandalism occurred in the Village during 6/27 through 7/3.  One incident resulting in a vehicle driving over $350 worth of plants. Another involved an unknown suspect interfering victim’s property and damaging victim’s water pump.  
Traffic Crashes & Traffic Stops
Golf Cart Related Incidents
One golf related incident reported in Versailles.  Property manager reported she saw a golf cart belonging to the club at a location inside the development.  Deputy confirmed it was not the same vehicle.
Operation “Summer Jam”
Last week, agents made 14 arrests, conducted 75 surveillance hours and made 38 traffic stops.
Risk Management
Staff met with the Gehring Group to discuss and coordinate implementation of participant insurance to all individuals registered in village run programs delivered by Community Services, Parks and Recreation.  Sport Providers are required to carry their own participant insurance.  Coverage will go into effect October 1, 2022. 
Building Division
International Accreditation Service (IAS) for Building Department:  The Building Department initiated the IAS accreditation process in December 2021. Achieving IAS accreditation will demonstrate that the department has met the national standard and is competent to provide public safety services for Wellington. The accreditation will also help proactively establish, and assess goals for public safety, customer service, budgeting, professional development, and enhance the public and professional image of the department.
The Pre-Assessment Document Review was recently completed and accepted. The evaluation/assessment of the department operations is set by the Lead Assessor for August 23rd to 26th, 2022.  The assessment will include interviews with:
  • Internal Stakeholders: Elected Official, Representative of the Planning Department, Fire Marshal, Representative of the Public Works Department, Village Engineer, Department Director, Building Official
  • External Stakeholder: Architect and Engineer that completed the plan review process for a new residential or commercial building within the preceding 12 months and Contractor that completed a new residential or commercial building that received final inspection approval within the preceding 12 months
  • Technical Interviews with: Permit Technician, Plans Examiner, and Inspector.
The final report will be presented to Wellington the last day of the assessment on August 26.Pending a positive outcome of the assessment, the recommendation for accreditation will be submitted to IAS Board for review and vote of approval.
Code Enforcement Division
Palm Beach Polo Notices Update:  As previously reported, PB Polo Inc. was cited for excavation work behind PB Polo Clubhouse.  Permit application submitted on 2/1/22.  The application lacked back up material required for review.  The case was presented to the Special Magistrate on 2/17/22.   The Special Magistrate provided until 4/21/22 to obtain the building permit.   PB Polo informed staff the project would not move forward and the permits plans were resubmitted to reflect the re-closing of the pool.  An extension was provided by the Special Magistrate to 6/9/22.  The permit revision was approved and the case dismissed.  
Sulky Way Home Update: As previously reported, Code Compliance became involved in an abatement action on a home on Sulky Way.  The homeowner is deceased and at this time there are no next of kin.  Wellington has secured the pool enclosure, one window, and cut the grass and other vegetation. A further abatement action was undertaken to remove large bee hives from the home and secure a second broken window.  Staff was contacted by Cyprexx Services, a property preservation company contracted by the mortgage holder. The Code Officer provided copies of the code violations.  Cyprexx Services has removed sections and replaced others of the deteriorated fence.  The pool was also covered.  The debris around the property was removed, landscaping trimmed, and the driveway was cleaned.  The Code Officer is working closely with Cyprexx to correct the remaining issues.

13964 Aster Ave:  As previously reported, Code Compliance has been involved in multiple issues involving a home on Aster Avenue.  Issues include non-household items stored around the garage and side yard, inoperable vehicles, a trailer stored on the property, and property maintenance violations. Daily fines are accruing. The foreclosure action recently concluded but staff was contacted by a potential buyer involved in a short sale.  The buyer has spoken with staff concerning the current violations and a future fine reduction request when the violations are corrected.   

Planning & Zoning Division
Administrative Items:
  1. Administrative Withdrawal – Valerie’s Place Type 2 CLF (12450 Guilford Way). This application was submitted in August 2020 and went to PZAB in September 2021. At that time, the agent put the project on hold to make modifications to the parking area and to get support from the neighbors. One extension was requested and granted. The application was withdrawn due to lack of action.
  2. Administrative Variance – reduce front setback of residence; 2981 Blue Cypress Lane
  3. Subdivision Plan – Lotis I
  4. Site Plan Amendment – Lotis I amend building configuration and landscaping
Pending Applications:
  • Flying Cow Road – 230 acres, 28 Lots averaging 5 acres, private air strip – future land use map amendment, rezoning, master plan, site plan
  • PB Polo (south of Forest Hill Blvd) – Tennis Center site: 9.42 acres, 14 single family units; former golf course: 22.98 acres, 27 single family units – future land use map amendment, master plan amendment
  • 977 Cindy Drive – convert private recreation lot to single family – master plan amendment
  • Storage west of Cheddar’s – convert medical office building to self-storage facility – LDR text amendment, master plan amendment
Strategic Planning

SR 7 Corridor Study: A meeting with Spinoso Reality Group was held at the Wellington Green mall office. An exchange of ideas regarding reinvestment in the property was discussed including ongoing tenant leasing efforts. Additional information may be available in 60 – 90 days.
Town Center Phase 3: Urban Design Studio has provided a proposal for the conceptual design of Town Center Phase 3. This proposal will be brought to Council in August for approval.
Grant programs:
In total, there are 20 home rehab projects in process between the Hometown Repair and the CDBG housing rehabilitation programs. As summarized below the current fund balance of the combined programs currently is $119,270. Since the programs reopened, 21 residents have or will be receiving assistance to improve their homes.  

Hometown Repair Program:
Hometown Repair Program funds available as of 10/1/2021:                                  $461,000.00
9 Hometown repairs in process equaling                                                                ($274,533.00) 
5 Hometown Repair Program projects - Pending                                                    ($142,686.29)
Title Search Reports and Consultant Services                                                        ($    6,910.00)
Hometown Repair Program funds currently available -                                     $   36,870.71 

CDBG Housing Rehabilitation program:     
There are 5 pending CDBG housing rehabilitation projects in the bidding process.
CDBG housing rehabilitation program funds available 05/04/2022-                           $332,059.21
Less current 2 CDBG housing rehabilitation program encumbrances                       ($103,080.40) 
Less the pending 5 CDBG housing rehabilitation program projects-                         ($146,578.80)
CDBG housing rehabilitation program funds currently available-                       $  82,400.01  

CDBG housing rehabilitation remains open. The 2022/2023 CDBG funds are expected January, totaling $287,000.00 of which $183,000 will be eligible for home rehab.
Planning, Zoning & Building

  • June monthly water and wastewater consumption fee revenue was down 18% and 11% respectively compared to May 2022’s better than average number and by 19% and 8% respectively compared to prior year values.
  • Department Operating Expenses as of end June are now essentially in line with budget reflecting a slight $32k over-spend presently (vs $490k at end of May). The largest contributors to over-expenditure were the WRF, Meter Services and Plant Maintenance due to endpoint failures and unplanned emergencies
  • Department disconnects of delinquent accounts are proceeding for those above $250 in arrears ($500 previously).  40 customers were disconnected for non-payment last week. 
  • Current meter No Reads caused by battery failure stand at 2,737 which remains at an all-time high for Department.  The Department has re-commenced endpoint replacements with Pedal Valve and therefore this number is expected to come down in the coming week.
  • WTP demands remain below where they were this time last year
    • 5.86 MGD Avg Day Demand (vs 6.4 MGD June ’21)
    • 6.51 MGD Peak Day Demand (vs 7.6 MGD June ’21)
  • WRF treated flows are in line with where they were this time last year
    • 3.24 MGD Avg Daily Flow (vs 3.4 MGD June ’21)
    • 3.41 MGD Peak Daily Flow (vs 3.58 MGD June ’21)
  • There are no current regulatory exceedances or non-compliance issues. Recent submissions in last week include:
    • WTP Quarterly Disinfection Byproduct report (PBCHD)
    • WTP Quarterly Chlorine Compliance report (PBCHD)
    • Distribution and Wells Bacteriological Compliance report (PBCHD)
  • The Utility continues working to upgrade the Virtual SCADA systems at our facilities.  We are currently focused on completing the upgrade at the WRF.  Both facilities are expected to be completed by end of July.

  • No new design studies or reports this week
  • Utility Permits Applied For: 1 (YTD 18)
  • Utility Permits Issued: 0 (YTD 8)
  • Inspections Performed: 18 (YTD 646)
  • Reviews Performed: 8 (YTD 373)
  • Fees Collected: $1050.00 (YTD $6,339,940.42)
  • The following projects are in active state of construction. Major weekly milestones are as follows:
    • Florida Design Contractors - HPP8 and Post Treatment Improvement Project - Contractor is working on project closeout and punch list items.  Project is substantially complete.
    • Hinterland - Lift Station Phase II Rehab - LS10 start-up has been successfully completed.  All stations on this project are online with new pumps.  Contractor is working on punch list items.
    • Wharton Smith - WTP R & R Project - The contractor is working on demolition in the High Service Building.  Contractor will work to refeed power to PP2 and install new MCC3B this week.
    • WTF Generator Improvements and PLC Replacement Project - Contractor is working on overhead conduit installation in the generator electrical building
    • WTF Dryer Catwalk Project - Catwalk structure being delivered to site this week for assembly.  Installation in dryer building planned for next week.
    • Phase II Endpoint Replacement Plan (FY22) - Proceeding to plan with field endpoint replacements using the newly approved automated process.  Lasst week, 395 endpoints were replaced (Cycle 3), a relatively low number as new teams arrived in Wellington and get acclimated.  Typically, contractor expects to replace up to 1,000 endpoints each week.

Construction Projects

Aero Club Drive Widening:  This project is complete.  

Town Center Phase 2:  Phase 1 of the project continues.  Substantial completion of Phase 1 of the project is now scheduled for August 26, 2022.  The Amphitheater and Scott's Place closed to the public as of July 4, 2022 .  Phase 2 substantial remains scheduled for April 5, 2023.  

Aero Club Landscaping:   No activity to report this period.

Aero Club / Big Blue Landscaping:  An NTP was executed on 04/29.  The Big Blue Trace portion of this project was cancelled.  The engineering department is working on alternatives to the initial project design that will integrate traffic calming facilities along with the proposed landscaping.  The Aero Club project will be revisited this period as well for contract performance with the contractor (Garden Angel).

Bent Creek Road:  This project is complete.        

Golf Cart Expansion (widening) Projects: These were presented and approved at the June 14th Council meeting.  Upcoming projects include:  
  • South Shore Blvd. (Big Blue to Margate)
  • Forest Hill Blvd. (Birkdale to Stribling)
  • Pierson Road (Village Park to Stribling)
Aero Club Drive / Binks Forest / Greenview Shores Intersection Mill and Resurfacing Project  Paving is complete.  The permanent striping is scheduled for the week of July 18th.  We are currently coordinating with Palm Beach County to get a firm date on replacing the traffic light sensors (wire loops),  Should they be unavailable to install the facilities prior to the beginning of the school year (August 10th) then we will contract with PBSO to provide temporary traffic control at the intersection during pickup and drop off times.  

Greenview Shores Park Safety Netting:  A PO was issued to the contractor, Ball Fabrics, for the installation of a safety net between the softball field and the tennis courts.  The start date for this project has not been established. 

Design Projects:

Big Blue Trace Landscaping and Traffic Calming (South Shore Blvd. to Paddock):  The Engineering department is currently preparing traffic calming plans for Big Blue trace, between South Shore Boulevard and Paddock Drive in coordination with the Landscape improvements projects for the same corridor.

Pickle Ball Court Conversion at Village Park:  Engineering staff has developed a plan to convert the existing uncovered hockey rink at Village Park to six (6) pickle ball courts.  The design of this project is completed and ready for procurement, if approved.

Village Park Maintenance Building Outdoor Storage Expansion:  The Engineering department is currently working with the Parks Maintenance Department and Utilities Department to finalize a design for expanding the Parks and Recreation Maintenance outdoor storage area.  We are currently in the preliminary stage of design. 

Greenbriar Park Restrooms:  Engineering staff is currently completing a design for a new restroom building at Greenbriar Park.  This project will also include permanent sanitary sewer facilities, which the current facility does not have. 

50th Street Assessment Project:  Engineering is currently managing the design and assessment reporting for the paving of 50th Street from Ousley Farms Road to South Road.  Currently, Mock Roos has prepared 50% design plans, the final Plan of Improvements, and are currently preparing the final Engineers report.

Wellington Trace Traffic Calming (Between Paddock Drive and Greenview Shores Blvd.):  A design and cost estimate has been completed for this project.  Engineering will be preparing an AT for this item.    


Below is a summary of the departments permitting activity for the week of 05/16/2022 – 05/20/2022:
  • Engineering permits applied for: 5
  • Engineering permits issued: 2
  • Inspections performed: 14
  • Reviews performed: 39
  • Fees Collected: $3,273.85

Private Utilities

Utility upgrades are ongoing in the following neighborhoods:
  • Binks Forest Of The Landings
  • Buena Vida
  • Church Site No 7 Of Wellington
  • Commerce Park East
  • Eastwood No 2 Of Wellington
  • Eastwood No 3 Of Wellington
  • Emerald Forest Pl 2
  • Equestrian Club
  • Greenview Shores No 1 Of wellington
  • Greenview Shores Of Wellington No 2
  • Hanover East Of Wellington
  • Lakefield Of The Landings At Wellington Pl 3A
  • Paddock Park No 1 Of Wellington
  • Palm Beach Point East
  • Palm Beach Polo & Country Club
  • Pines Of Wellington Tract C
  • Pinewood East No 2 Of Wellington
  • Pinewood Manor Of Wellington
  • Pinewood Of Wellington
  • Rustic Ranches Phase II Unrecorded
  • Rustic Ranches Unrecorded
  • Saddle Trail Park Of Wellington
  • School Site Of The Landings Of Wellington
  • South Shore No 1 Of Wellington
  • South Shore No 2A Of Wellington
  • South Shore No 3 Of wellington
  • South Shore No 4 Of Wellington
  • Sugar Pond Manor Of Wellington
  • Vinnings At Wellington
  • Wellington Aero Club Of The Landings At Wellington
  • Wellington Downs
  • Wellington Green
  • Wellington Place Of Wellington
  • Wellington Tr 42-B
  • Wellington Tr 44
  • Wellingtons Edge
Environmental Services, Neighborhood Parks & Equestrian Trails
  • Continue to service residents and completed all.
  • Continued to spray for Mosquitos on schedule.
  • Hauled Loads of asphalt milling on the Blue Trail. Prepping Trail for upcoming Season.
  • Hauled loads of asphalt millings and spread as a base on Greenbriar Trail.
  • Hauled loads of clay and dirt mixture and spread it on top of asphalt millings on Greenbrier Trail.
Landscape Maintenance & Nuisance Abatement
  • Cleaned up palm debris Village wide.
  • Cleaned out a section of landscape near Village Hall for IT project.
  • Continued trimming miscellaneous palms Village wide.
  • Finished Village wide fertilizer application to landscape plants.
  • Started Village wide palm fertilization.
  • Preventive Maintenance of irrigation work Village wide.
Building Maintenance
  • Replaced lamps, capacitors and ballast’s for the court lights at Tennis.
  • Replaced two parking lot lights for Lacrosse at VP.
  • Replaced fuses for parking area for baseball at VP.
  • Adjusted door for men’s room at football concession at VP.
  • Replaced a contactor for the a/c unit for PBSO detectives building.
  • Continued assembling and installing umbrellas for Greenbriar Park.
  • Contractor continued with pressure cleaning and painting the exterior of WCC.
  • Pressure washed promenade and boat docks behind WCC.
  • Creative Concepts Group started to install new stone on entry wall at South Shore and Big Blue.
Roads & Roadside Refuse
  • Crews are re-setting water meter boxes in Hidden Pines at 352 and 287 Wood Dale Dr. These were installed by the Utility’s Department due to broken water lines. Crews had to remove the new Utility boxes and set them on brick.  Crews will install a first lift of Hot Mix Asphalt and compact it.  We will let Traffic have at it for compaction and we will put a final lift on it in a week.
  • Crews placed shell rock on Indian Mound at 130th Ave.
  • Crews filled sidewalks in the Montauk area.
 Surface Water Management & Preserve Maintenance
  • Continued regular cleaning of finger canals. 
  • Dredging canal C-24 from C-2 west to Palm Beach Point.
Aquatics and Sport Facilities
  • Maintained Pool pumps. 
  • Daily Pool and Tennis inspections.
  • Daily Athletic field maintenance on all fields:  Village Park, Olympia Park, Wellington Green Park, Community Park, Tiger Shark Cove, Dog Park Field, and Greenbriar Park at Wellington High School.  
  • Maintain turf at Amphitheater, and Patriot Memorial.   
  • Summer field maintenance: Aerify and Verticut.
  • Removed broken hand rail and patched holes in concrete at the pool.
  • Repaired front west path gate at tennis by adjusting hinges and adding chain link supports.
  • Installed wind screen at the Kennedy Compound.
  • Repair of the Field Painting Robot.
  • Prepped Village Park for 4th of July Event.
 Custodial Services
  • Daily maintenance of all Village Buildings.
  • Twice a daily sanitizing of Village Hall Gym.
  • Weekly Facility disinfection cleaning.
  • Daily disinfectant cleaning of all facilities (doorknobs, frames, handles, etc.
  • Maintain restrooms and set up and break down of all events, concerts, and meetings.
Delinquent Utility Accounts: There were 41 disconnects scheduled for the week ending July1, 2022. 
  • RFQ 202214 - Architectural and Engineering Services for the Construction of an Aquatics Facility – Six submittals were received on June 23rd.  The evaluation/short-list committee review is scheduled on July 13th at 9:00 am.
  • LOI 202215 - Special Magistrate Services.  Letters of Interest are due July 20th.
A cone of silence is in effect for the RFQ listed above.  All questions or concerns regarding any such solicitations should be directed to the Purchasing Department.
Customer Service
Week of 06/27/2022 – 07/01/2022
Total incoming calls handled by General Customer Service: 350
Total incoming calls handled by Utilities Customer Service: 586   
Total walk in customers served by frontline per QFlow during business hours: 245
Total walk in Utility customers served by frontline per QFlow during business hours: 140
The Communications Department is working on filming and editing multiple Public Service Announcements, including, Tanabata Celebration PSA, PBSO New Therapy Dog, Surface Water Storm Preparations, Code Enforcement Appreciation Week, Town Center Phase II Update, Covid 19, Golf Cart Ordinance.  

Social Media promotion focuses on July 4th safety reminders from PBCFR, Happy Social Media Day, Redteenth Cultural Festival celebration highlights PSA, Office Closure Notice for July 4th holiday, CROS Ministries Mobile Food Pantry promotion, Hurricane Preparedness: tree trimming best practices, Amphitheater Programming and Events on-going promotion, Tanabata Celebration on-going promotion, COVID testing site closures and modifications for July 4th, PBSO Traffic Safety Awards PSA, July 4th Celebration on-going promotion and updates, Back to School Supply Drive on-going promotion, Weekly events highlights and information, PBC Clerk & Comptroller Offers Remote Office Hours at Village Hall, CIP Project starting: milling and resurfacing Aeroclub Drive and other locations, Parks & Rec events promotion
Media Releases this week included the announcement that Wellington Will Move Amphitheater Events to Village Park During Town Center Construction, Town Center Construction & Facilities Update, 4th of July Celebration Updates, Wellington Celebrates Tanabata Japanese Star Festival, Wellington Receives Annual Inspection Report for Water Reclamation Facility.
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