13 March a.d.2023
Shotwell World Headquarters

Ladies and Gentlemen:
We are sure that we are not the only ones to notice that the world is becoming stranger and stranger every day.
Just last week, in fact, the Ian Fleming Publications Ltd, who holds the rights to the James Bond series, consisting of 14 novels published between 1953-1966, has decided that the protagonist is just not in line with modern values and sensibilities. International British Secret Agent James Bond, AKA 007, famous for style, deadly cunning, gadgets, and his beautiful paramours is getting a make-over, perhaps even a chemical castration, for his toxic masculinity and racism.
To remediate the fictional British spy, the foundation is re-releasing the books after doing a little creative editing to make the international playboy less offensive to modern audiences just in time for the series 70th anniversary. You can read all the twisted details HERE if you like.
But don’t worry y’all!  As Secret Agent 007 is lowered into his politically correct grave, we bring you a new suspense/thriller with a male lead that would certainly be censored by the usual suspects if they could get to him… Dr. Thomas "Tom" Ironsides!
Green Altar Books, an imprint of Shotwell Publishing,Green Altar Books is proud to announce the release of the first book in the Tom Ironsides series, The Substitute, by our newest author, Perrin Lovett.
Description:The Substitute
Dr. Thomas “Tom” Ironsides is a fearsome man for a fearsome challenge. Widely regarded as one of the most effective and most dangerous paramilitary officers in modern clandestine history, he is a monster in his own right - a deadly warrior, possessed of keen intelligence, determined to defend civilization. Retired from the USMC and the CIA, he finds a new mission on the battlefield of public education. There he finds eerie connections to the wars, terror, and plots he thought he had finally left behind. Can one man turn the impossible tide?
In Tom’s own words, in late 2019, in person to a cadre of US education officials and intelligence officers:

“This most certainly is a war, one for the soul of the nation. And we’re losing. America’s schools are beyond broken, they are anti-civilizational. Devoid of intellectualization, cultured discourse, responsibility, and freedom, they produce a dull and disinterested citizenry, incapable of understanding, reasoning, or caring. They are a dire threat and a menace not only to our young but to our very existence as a society. Even worse, far more insidious schemes lurk deep within the web of lies and fraud wrought around the hell of lower academia. But that’s by design, isn’t it? Are any of you going to answer me? Some of you claim you want to fight for our children. You lie. But, my little weasels, that is exactly what I’m about to do right now. We can do this the easy way … or the fun way. Call’s about to be mine."

Learn more about the protagonist, Tom Ironsides, in THIS fictional “interview” with the author and read a sample chapter on, where Lovett and other fine folks, including our own Dr. Clyde Wilson, publish articles and other short pieces on a regular basis.
While this is not our standard ‘Southern without Apology’ non-fiction release, we believe that sometime a well-crafted Southern novel is good medicine for the soul. 
The Substitute is now available in Paperback and Kindle at Amazon. Other vendors, as they become available, can be found HERE. You can get a digital edition at our website as well as at other popular ebook vendors.
Get yours today and see what all the fuss is about!
We’re gonna keep this short and sweet since we just had a notification go out last week. As momma used to say, ‘you don’t want to wear out your welcome,’ so we will close here.  
Hope y’all have a great week and until next time

We are and steadfastly remain
Yours in the Cause,
The Shotwell Gang

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