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Two FP2020 Countries Now Committed to Take Stock

The Bangladesh Directorate General of Family Planning and the Burundi Ministry of Health National Reproductive Health Program became the first country governments to join the Coalition’s global campaign to resolve contraceptive stockouts.

The 300th member to join the Coalition, Bangladesh's Directorate General of Family Planning committed to adopt and report on the two FP2020 stockout indicators, to make all the data publicly available via their online system, and to reduce the contraceptive stockout rate from 2% to 1% at service delivery points.

Burundi's National Reproductive Health Program, the Coalition’s newest member, committed to adopt and report on all four primary stockout indicators from the Coalition’s harmonized suite, to train 46 enumerators to collect and analyze stockout data as well as to make the data from these indicators public, and to reduce contraceptive stockouts from 39% to 20% by 2017.
Bangladesh and Burundi are setting the standard for measurement and transparency of contraceptive stockouts.  The Coalition looks forward to more countries joining this global movement that will put an end to stockouts of reproductive health supplies.

Is your organization ready to make a commitment? Do you want support to advocate that your government make a commitment?  Contact Take Stock Campaign Manager Meg Galas ( for more information.
Take Stock would like to thank Coalition members Management Sciences for Health and i+Solutions for their support in securing these important commitments from Bangladesh and Burundi respectively. 

Commit to Take Stock!
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