Integral Yoga® Magazine, Issue No. 93 "Faith vs. Fear"
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Faith vs. Fear     
 “Faith and fear never go together. Fearful people lose much of their stamina and strength. Don’t be afraid. Have hope and courage under any circumstances. The clouds will pass. You should know that beyond the clouds there is a sun and that sun always shines. You must have that confidence. There is not a single problem that you cannot solve, because you are a powerful instrument in the hands of the Divine.

“God bless you. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.  Sri Swami Satchidananda

Meditation: The Final Step
By Sri Swami Satchidananda

If thoughts come and interfere with your meditation, you should know where they are coming from and why are they coming. They are coming from your day to day life. If you have a lot of anxieties, engagements, appointments, a lot of interest in little things, they all come with you when you sit and want to meditate. You have not disposed of them, or, you have not risen above those things. The anxieties, worries, and fears in daily life will create the images in your meditations. That’s why the Yamas and Niyamas say to keep a balanced mind: Don’t be greedy, love everyone equally, don’t be selfish. Whatever you do, do it in the name of God: Ishvara Pranidanam. The moment we think of Yoga, immediately we want to stand on the head or do some bellows breathing and we think that’s all there is to Yoga. No. Even if you don’t do any of those things, let your life be anxiety free, completely selfless. The person who leads a selfless life need not even meditate because the life itself becomes a meditation.  MORE

The new Integral Yoga video, "The World of Integral Yoga," has now been translated into many languages. The video, which offers an inspiring look into the world of Integral Yoga—the teachings, the global organization, and worldwide community—is now in available in: Finnish, French, Portuguese, and German. Spanish and Italian translations are nearly completed. Many thanks to the wonderful Integral Yoga centers and  teachers who collaborated to make these translations possible. You can find these on our Integral Yoga YouTube channel multilingual playlist. If you would like a download link, please email Integral Yoga Media.

I don’t have years of experience practicing kirtan, a call-and-response mantra-based chanting practice that’s often included in Yoga classes....But this year my husband, having seen a documentary on Krishna Das, surprised me with a weekend away on retreat with the well known kirtan master....The retreat took place at Satchidananda Ashram, also known as Yogaville.....Nestled in the heart of central Virginia, in a tiny area called Buckingham, the ashram is surrounded by the forest. It’s so rural that when we left breakfast my second day after arriving, an adolescent black bear was seen on the quad of the campus trying to find his way back to the woods....Each morning KD spent hours patiently answering our questions. The 73-year-old managed to weave his answers into something that each one of us could learn from even if the initial question had nothing to do with our personal experience. He constantly reminded us that “sitting,” which for him meant daily chanting, would “ripen” us, allowing us to find compassion and a mindfulness that would remind us that there’s so much more to life than what the mind could ever explainMORE
Aparigraha: The Folly of Craving
By Swami Karunananda

Aparigraha refers to non-greed, non-coveting, and non-hoarding. It’s one of the five mahavratam, or great vows, that form the spiritual foundation of Yoga and all spiritual traditions. In the 19th century, there lived a famous Polish rabbi named Hafez Hayyim. Once, an American tourist travelled to Poland to visit him and receive his blessings. He went to the rabbi’s home and was very surprised to find that it consisted of just a simple room filled with books. The only furniture was a table and a bench. The tourist looked at the rabbi and said, “Rabbi, where is your furniture?” The rabbi replied, “Where is yours?” The tourist said, “Mine? Rabbi, I’m just a visitor here!” The rabbi looked at him and said, “So am I.”   There are three ways to move through life: competition, cooperation, and dedication. In competition, we strive to defeat other people in order to attain our desired end. In cooperation, we work together with others for a common goal. But the highest way to move through life is with dedication, in which our entire focus is the benefit of others—loving, giving, caring and sharing. “Serve all, love all” was the essence of Swami Satchidananda’s life .  MORE

The Return of "The Daily Guru"

The much beloved app "The Daily Guru," daily quotes with photos of Sri Swami Satchidananda, is back and better than ever! You can also use the search function to find quotes on a particular subject and use the forward symbol to send the daily quote (or any quote) by email or text to someone. The app was not working well after the latest iOS update and after some fits and starts with one developer, finally with the wonderful help of Sri O.S. Balu (Integral Yoga India) and the tech geniuses at, we have a brand new version now available for free download in the iOS app store. Jai!
Facing Difficulty with Gratitude
Jack Kornfield & Brother David Steindl-Rast

In a conversation at the Greater Good Gratitude Summit, the renowned authors and religious teachers explain how to cultivate gratitude, even in difficult circumstances. Brother David Steindl-Rast is a Benedictine monk and one of the leading figures in a worldwide gratitude movement. Jack Kornfield is a clinical psychologist and founder of the Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Marin County, California.

Shiva Rea's Summer Ritam Recipe

June 21 was the peak of the light, the longest day of the year. Sacred sites are built in alignment with the Summer Solstice with their architecture aligned with the cosmos. Incorporating a few suggestions from Ayurveda and giving space to Summer in your home can align you with the Summer ritam—the syncopation with the cosmic light: 1) Balance the excess fire that over-stimulates the pitta dosha by staying relaxed, calm, and cool, and tending fiery emotions like impatience and irritation. 2) Shift your rhythm from manifestation to celebration. Take time to slow down. Enjoy life outdoors, but avoid activities that are overly exerting between 11 am and 3 pm. Stay cool and indoors or in the shade during these hours of peak sunlight. 3) Enjoy sleeping outside to breathe the fresh air and absorb moonlight, or stay up moonbathing. Sit outside under the moonlight and absorb the watery, cooling nectar from the moon. 4) Focus Summer body care on cooling the skin with calming and soothing practices. 5) Choose foods and drinks to balance the pitta dosha. Enjoy cooling fruits and vegetables in season. Sip on warm water or herbal water to maintain and regulate body temperature.  MORE

Receiving mantra initiation from Sri Swami Satchidananda was a critical juncture in our soul’s long, long journey. It was a big decision and commitment on our part. Just as temples need to occasionally have their energies restored and re-infused, just as it is helpful for couples to renew their marriage vows, so also can disciples benefit from returning to their initial intention and re-establishing their desire for spiritual growth. Some initiates may be practicing in environments that are not very supportive. Under such circumstances, it would be difficult for anyone to maintain their zeal. The reunion, from August 3–5 (in Yogaville), is a chance to have your enthusiasm reinvigorated and to be re-inspired by senior monks, ministers, ashramites, and each other. Let’s come together to share how we are doing, practice together, and remind each other of the blessing of having a teacher, teachings, and a sangha. “The glory of the name of God cannot be established through reasoning and intellect. It can certainly be experienced or realized, only through devotion, faith, and constant repetition.” —Swami Sivananda

Inside Yogaville

As the solstice approached, some of the Yogaville staff began their annual journey into the Summer Yoga Festival season by setting up a Yogaville booth at the "Love Your Body Fest" in northern Virginia last weekend. Now in its 10th year, "Love Your Body Fest" is one of Yogaville's favorite Yoga festivals to participate in. There were tons of great teachers, yogis from far and wide, cool bands like Lobo Marino, and a thousand tasty food options. Also it's located in the Reston, Virginia town center, which adds its own special vibe to the event. Visitors to the Yogaville tent had a chance to win a free Welcome Weekend guest stay! And, more festivals to come!
Inspirational Meme of the Week
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