Integral Yoga® Magazine, Issue No. 27 “Mother Nature”
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Mother Nature

If you think of all we get—even beyond all the ugly things we do to the nature—how grateful we should be. The nature itself is the Mother, Mother Goddess. She is the unseen force which sends the air back into our lungs, takes care of us by providing so much bounty. All that she manifests, all that she provides is because of her mercy, because she wants us to live. 

Living a Liberated Life
By Sri Swami Satchidananda

To understand a jivanmukta you have to become a jivanmukta. Jivanmukta means one who is alive and liberated. There is still karma but probably not their own karma. They perform actions for the sake of others. That’s also a karma. They are liberated souls, but not totally. That means individually they are liberated but they are not liberated from serving others. They have to serve. They have to; they don’t have the freedom in that. They set an example to others by living a jivanmukta life.  MORE

If we pay attention to the world news, I think we can agree that our world is in dire need of more mindfulness, justice, and compassion. ​On an individual level, a deeplyentrenched sense of separation—​and the resulting insecurity—has given rise to so much mistrust and greed ​that we fail to experience the ground of being that we all share. This dynamic, on the large scale of the world stage, has translated into tremendous suffering and great injustice​.  MORE

Integral Yoga teacher Zac Parker leads a short meditative and relaxing experience that you can do to begin or end your day. It's also the perfect length to take a moment out of a stressful day or utilize during a work break, to drop into essence-nature and the peace of resting in that which never changes – our ground of real being – amid the ups and downs of a changing life and world. Enjoy this restful break. Om Shanti.

The howl of a nor’easter blew against my house and rattled the windows. A rifle-like crack, roaring whoosh, and an earth-shaking thud shocked me fully awake. I assumed another tree had fallen. Finally, night gave way to grey dawn and I huddled around my coffee mug in the kitchen. I looked out of the window as rain lashed the deck. The tangled corpse of a fallen Eastern White Pine lay across the garden. Ten feet to the west and it would have crushed the house. MORE

My Restless Savasana
By Melanie Krepp, E-RYT 500

My time on the mat began with a few sporadic classes to balance out a new fitness regime. I was in my early thirties and began noticing my high metabolism was not all I could rely on to stay healthy. Group classes motivated me to go to the gym, and I mixed up my options to include everything from step classes (yup, I did step classes), to weight training, and I started to balance it out by including a few Yoga classes.  MORE

It was in 1991 that Yoga teacher Sylta Divyajyoti Kalmbach invited Swami Satchidananda to southern Portugal in 1991 to conduct an Integral Yoga retreat at her center, Quinta de Calma. This was the beginning of what would become a beautiful relationship between Divyajyoti, Quinta, and Integral Yoga. Read more about Divyajyoti and the celebration of her life recently held in Portugal.

Integral Yoga International just announced the launch of this new project and website. The website offers resources and the project also consists of a series of monthly workshops led by senior Integral Yoga teachers with expertise in various areas relating to preparation for death and dying. Each of us must address death in all of its manifestations—releasing attachments to this life, disposing of our bodies and belongings, and helping our loved ones cope with their losses.  MORE

Inspiring Meme of the Month
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