Integral Yoga® Magazine, Issue No. 236  “Regularity in Meditation
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Regularity in Meditation

It’s best to be regular in practicing meditation—try to have two sittings daily. The scriptures recommend the times when day meets night or night meets day for meditation—dawn and dusk. If this is not possible, sit as soon as you wake in the morning and at night before retiring.    Swami Satchidananda

Variety is the Spice of Life
By Sri Swami Satchidananda

Imagine a father who has four million dollars and he divides the four million equally between his four children. He has given them an equal amount of money, the same kind of car, and the same kind of house. Within a week, do you think they will still have the same house and the same amount of money? No. One child will have run to Las Vegas and lost everything. Another will have gone to Miami Beach and bought a yacht, and maybe the third one will have built a beautiful church in Vermont.  MORE

Self-Care: The Key to Selfless Service
By Susan Turnage, RN, CYN, RYT

Ask, “Who is Number One in your Life?” and the answer will most likely be some version of: my children, my husband, my parents, or my job. This was my journey as well. The more involved my passion was to serve as mother, daughter, wife, nurse, and community volunteer, the more tension, anxiety, insomnia, and stress pursued me. A friend recommended Yoga, but I resisted allotting a whole hour a week to something just for me. Disaster did not strike the world...  MORE

Last week, Dr. Oz recounted the story of a man named Joe who went into cardiac arrest at an airport baggage claim area. Fortunately, Dr. Oz was also in that baggage claim area and saved Joe's life. This past week, Joe was featured on "The Dr. Oz Show." In this clip, Dr. Oz introduces Joe to Dr. Dean Ornish (a student of Swami Satchidananda) and arranges for Joe to join the Dean Ornish Lifestyle Medicine program to help Joe never experience cardiac arrest again.

I’ve been listening to a wonderful podcast lately: "Two Old Fogey Yogis." I’ve been enjoying it a lot and was a bit disappointed to hear they will be wrapping up their first season soon and they don’t have plans at present for a second season. I’m not a big podcast listener—at first, I was rather intrigued by the name: “Two Old Fogey Yogis.” I’m a yogi and well, I’m pretty old or so the calendar tells me. Perhaps this podcast would be something I could really relate to?  MORE

This year's SYTAR will be held online from June 17–19 and registration is open now. This symposium, sponsored by the International Association of Yoga Therapists, will offer all the personal and professional enrichment opportunities that each SYTAR provides. Take advantage of early bird pricing and up to 18 contact hours in free CUs for members of IAYT. Find a detailed schedule and info on presenters here. Discounts for BIPOC and world-bank identified countries are available.

Under cover of darkness and with no word of his plans, Tibetan Buddhist meditation master  Mingyur Rinpoche walked away from his life to live that of a wandering yogi. For Rinpoche, these challenges—begging, finding food and shelter, illness, and all the risks of wandering incognito from place to place with the barest of possessions—present fertile ground for deepening insight into the true nature of the mind. This new film will stream March 19–29 on Vimeo.

In part 1 of their discussion on brahmacharya, our two yogis delved into the subtle layers of this Yoga teaching. In this episode, they go deeper still and Swami Asokananda talks about stumbling blocks on the path and in leading a life of brahmacharya as a sannyasi (monk who takes vows of celibacy). He candidly shares a personal challenge, what ensued and how he moved on to re-embrace this lifestyle. Listen on Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify & other podcast apps.

Join Dr. Edwin Bryant, renowned scholar/practitioner, for a heart journey into ancient yogic texts and the devotional practice of Bhakti Yoga hosted by Yogaville Online. This online workshop features stories of the great devotional heroes of the Bhakti texts. Dr. Bryant will also create an enlivening conversation between the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavata Purana—an amazing opportunity to dive deep with one of the most passionate teachers and communicators who brings the path of devotion alive!
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