Integral Yoga® Magazine, Issue No. 77 "Seek the Highest"
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Seek the Highest  
 “The sincere seeker is like a person whose head is on fire and is running for water. No one can stop him or her. What is meant by ‘Seek the kingdom of God first’? When you ask for the highest, then you get everything.

“God bless you. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.  Sri Swami Satchidananda

(photo: Grand Canyon, mid-1970s)

Q & A with Swami Satchidananda: Overcoming Fear

Question: I sometimes feel fearful and anxious and I don't know what to do. Can you guide me?
When you experience fear, find out the cause. Ask your own mind: What is the reason, what am I afraid of losing? Probably, if you are afraid, it is the mind playing tricks on you. As you question yourself, your mind may not even have an answer; it may be a baseless fear. But, if something comes, some memory, then analyze it. Finding out the cause is the best way to overcome fear.
    If you really go deep into the mind and there is no clear answer the next best solution is to have a prayer in your heart. Chant a mantra such as Om Shanti and think: Nothing will harm me. Have faith in God and in your mantra and repeat the mantra whenever the fear comes in. Repeat the mantra loudly and even shout it, which will scare the fear away. If you have complete faith in what you are doing, the mantra will protect you, safeguard you. Mantras and prayers are shields. If you have faith in God, faith in the mantra and keep repeating, you don’t have to be afraid of anything.


1970 World Peace Tour: Part 4

 In 1970, Swami Satchidananda took a small group of his new American & European students on a world peace tour. Many viewers have asked if the film is available. It is available on DVD and we've serialized it as a 6-part series, in response to our readers' interest. We continue with part 4. This part also features cameos by Alice Coltrane (later known as Swamini Turiyasangitananda & pictured above as Swamiji helps her out of the Ganges River)..We hope you enjoy this unique documentary!

Teaching of the Month: The Power of Practicing Silence
By Swami Ramananda

Some form of intentional silence is an element of spiritual life found in every religious tradition I can think of. In the yogic tradition, this practice is called mouna, and a similar Buddhist practice is called noble silence. Such practices done for spiritual growth include a withdrawal from self-expression even by writing or sign language. This relieves us from the stimulation of outward communication and is conducive to inward communion with the presence of a deep healing peace within us. Prayer, meditation, worship—many practices where we attune our minds to this spiritual consciousness within—are done in silence. Many of our daily activities can be done with this indrawn intention to remain attuned to that consciousness in the midst of movement.  MORE

The Heart Sutra Goes Viral!

The Heart Sutra is a crossover hit, going viral on social media in America, according to Lion's Roar magazine. That’s an impressive feat for a millennia-old Buddhist scripture. The Heart Sutra is revered by many Buddhists as a perfect explication of the nature of reality. In this video, Kissaquo, a duo comprised of Yakushiji Kanji and Yamamoto Satoshi, adds guitar, drums, and melody to the Buddhist scripture, recited in Japanese. Alongside his career in music, Kanji, a Zen priest, also serves as director of a Buddhist temple in Japan. The Heart Sutra is one of the most popular Buddhist scriptures, and is especially famous for the lines, “Form is emptiness, emptiness is form.” For more on what that means, exactly, read Karl Brunnholz’s teaching “The Heart Sutra Will Change You Forever.”

Sanskrit scholars in India learn to chant ancient texts from a tender age. They chant simple mantras, Sanskrit poetry and prose, along with memorising and chanting the most ancient Sanskrit texts, including the Shukla Yajurveda, which takes six hours to chant. While those listening to these chantings receive the gift of the sacred texts they are sharing with us, the chanting of long texts does, in fact, have an amazing effect on the brain....The term the "Sanskrit Effect" was coined by neuroscientist James Hartzell, who studied 21 professionally qualified Sanskrit pandits. He discovered that memorising Vedic mantras increases the size of brain regions associated with cognitive function, including short and long-term memory. This finding corroborates the beliefs of the Indian tradition which holds that memorising and reciting mantras enhances memory and thinking.  MORE

Parames Adie (senior Integral Yoga teacher & Montessori School of Charlottesville's Program Director) was interviewed by NBC 29 in relation to new research released by a University of Virginia professor that finds that a Montessori education closes the income achievement gap for children. Parames, who joined MSC in 1986, explained that Maria Montessori was "so ahead of her time" and shared this quote from Montessori: "It is necessary, first of all, for the teacher to become humble. The teacher must realize that within the child there is a powerful energy on which he is constantly drawing, an energy which has nothing to do with the adult.The adult must understand that he is not the creator behind the child, but he is the humble servant of this marvelous expression of life. He must try to arouse within himself this attitude of humanity, which is after all an attitude of love towards the child. In such a condition—the adult leaving the child free, facilitating the task and protecting him—we can see the seeds of peace being sown in the world."

Energy for Life: Talia's Story

Talia, Integral Yoga teacher trainer Nalanie Chellaram's grandaughter, was diagnosed with a rare disorder: Mitochondrial Disease. With little information available at the time, Shani (Nalanie's daughter and Talia's mum) kept a journal as she embarked on her own research which would unite her with medical professionals and other parents seeking answers. Now 11 years old, beloved Talia and her story bring hope and inspiration for those who share her disorder. The film will air on Gibraltar TV in April and you can also watch it here. Our prayers are with Talia and all who are living with, as well as advocating for, this disorder. Kudos to filmmaker and Integral Yogi Les Anand Roberts and his team!

"The Golden Present" App: Now Available for iPad & iPhone!

This app, that contains daily readings from The Golden Present by Swami Satchidananda, is now available from the iTunes app store. Search on your phone or iPad for the app: The Golden Present Swami Satchidananda and download it for free! Having been available from Google Play for some time, it's now available for Apple devices thanks to the kindness of the Integral Yoga Institute of Coimbatore (Sri O.A. Balu, director) and the generosity of Mrs. K. Sudha (Ideasurge) for creating this version as an offering!
Inside Yogaville
This winter quarter the Yogaville Environmental Solutions (YES) staff concentrated on establishing a series of Environmental Education modules for the children here in Yogaville who are being home schooled and going to local schools. They started with a session at Rev. Dhyani's house, at her medicine wheel. The evening before the ceremony, the children made masks of different endangered animals (photo, top left). After being smudged and opening the circle, they each talked about their animals and how they were endangered. The energy in the circle shifted as they donned their masks and told the stories of the animals. They were inducted as the First Youth Protectors Band of the Lenne Lenape Turtle island Chatauqua. They were then named: Youth Earth Protectors of Yogaville.

Inspirational Meme of the Week
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