Integral Yoga® Magazine, Issue No. 227  Take Good Care of the Body
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Take Good Care of the Body

Whatever you do in life, you need a body. That’s why the ancient Yoga teachings always emphasized taking good care of the body. In almost all the great religious traditions this is indirectly said, but not as openly, or with such emphasis, as in Yoga.                         Swami Satchidananda

(photo: Teaching a Hatha Yoga class at the Whole Earth Festival, Boulder, Colorado, 1970)

The Expansion or Contraction of the Ego

By Sri Swami Satchidananda

The ego should either become nothing or everything. When it comes to the ego, I don’t believe in the proverb that says that something is better than nothing. You should either become nothing or become everything, but not something. Nothing is better than something. We know that the extremes always meet. Either something expands until it returns to the origin or it reduces until it becomes nothing. You could become nothing, which means that you are completely free from ego.  MORE

If you experience anxiety you are not alone. Statistics show that 18% of Americans report anxiety and it’s predicted that 31% of adults, will experience anxiety at some point in their lives. For many of us, it is our struggles with anxiety that led us to our yogic and spiritual practices in the first place. If you have been seeking solutions like I was and are still dealing with limiting beliefs, uncertainty, anxious thoughts, worry, or fear, it doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong, or that anything is wrong with you.  MORE

In this interview, Avi Gordon (director of Integral Yoga Teachers Assoc) and Tom Callahan (IYTA communications administrator) discuss what brought them to Yoga (and Yogaville) and the questions that led to the recognition that seeking contentment in the external just doesn't last. They both discovered, in their own way, that the pathway to peace is in finding meaning and meaningful ways to contribute to the world.
We live in challenging times and don't need more confusion in our lives by misunderstanding spiritual precepts and teachings. While it is true that in the time of Sri Patanjali most of those studying classical Yoga were forest dwelling renunciates and not householders living in the regular world. I don't think we, as yogis today, can really afford the "luxury" of living in a cave! If we are not able to apply the Yoga teachings and practices to our daily lives—every aspect of them—then how do they remain vital and most meaningful in a modern world?  MORE

A Celebration of The Yoga Sutras! January 2931, 2021

Join 5 master teachers who will unpack Yoga's timeless teachings in this special online event hosted by the Yoga Life Society as a benefit for the Give Back Yoga Foundation (which provides Yoga to the military, veterans, the incarcerated, cancer survivors and those dealing with addiction). The teachers include Integral Yoga ministers Rev. Jaganath Carrera and Rev. Paraman, Beryl Bender Birth, Rima Rabbath and Rev. Amba Wallace. More info here. Order Rev. Jaganath's new book Inside Patanjali's Words here.

Kristi Nelson (director of A Network for Grateful Living) was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer when she was 33 years old. In the 27 years since, she has lived into all that is possible when we take nothing for granted. In this beautiful short film by award-winning photographer and filmmaker Doug Menuez, Kristi shares her personal story of grateful living – a moving account of what she offers in more detail in her book Wake Up Grateful (foreword by Br. David Steindl-Rast).

In Ep. 3 of the Two Old Fogey Yogis podcast, our two yogis began a discussion of the “Big E,” or enlightenment. Now, in Ep. 11, they dig deeper unveiling an even more profound understanding of what it’s like to be fully awake to one's pure essence-nature. A discussion of consciousness, the relationship between Bhakti and Jnana Yogas, and the pitfalls of spiritual bypassing is also included. Listen on Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, Pandora etc.

Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Jan. 18 with New York IYI's "Dream Walk," a special workshop of floor-based Yoga, breathwork & guided meditation accompanied by live cello, followed by a sound bath of gongs, chimes and singing bowls. Yogaville Online will host "Yoga for Strong Bones" Feb 6–7 with Satya Greenstone. Foundations of Integral Yoga Therapy Teacher Training with Dr. Lakshmi Sutter, Dr. Steffany and featuring Swami Vidyananda begins Feb. 20 hosted by San Francisco IYI. More info via Integral Yoga Virtual Studio's global calendar.
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