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      Issue 2 - July 2016

  One of my brothers regularly alerts family members to video or photographic links on the Internet. I always enjoy them and several ideas from these treats have wormed a way into my novels. His recent pick of a video about wolves sent me on an unexpected trail: a spectacular conservation story, a reminder of an enjoyable novel, a nostalgic trip to ferret out a sixty-year-old travel journal, a surprising Book Club choice, a Disney movie, and more. 
   This newsletter issue visits fiction and non-fiction work on both page and screen.

1. National Geographic video 
2. The Loop – a novel  
3. My Travel Journal
4. The Jungle Book movie 

1. National Geographic video
Press the button for a photographic feast within an uplifting conservation report How wolves change rivers, set in Yellowstone National Park. You will not be disappointed.

   I've watched it several times for the sheer joy of listening to the sounds of the natural world and the wonderful commentary, and to witness the sights of beauty and change.
   If you are interested there is also a link that suggests a different view about terrain changes.
2. The Loop - a novel

The above video reminded me of The Loop, a Nicholas Evans novel that has enticed me back several times. If you haven’t enjoyed the book already, and you like a good yarn, do put The Loop on your ‘to-read’ list. Evans’ writing is powerful enough to take and keep you in the magnificent Montana landscape – the vision adds another layer.
   If you are undecided about reading the book, a scroll down to the reviews on the Goodreads page could be persuasive. 
   A distressing and lesser known factual story about the poisoning of Nicholas Evans and his family provides a salutary warning - The article is about a whole lot more, including how the aftermath of the incident led to Evans’ involvement in advocacy for kidney donation.
3. My Travel Journal
My next destination was the travel journal about my voyage from Australia to Southampton via the Panama Canal in 1957, necessary because the Suez route was out of bounds at the time. You may wonder what that can possibly have to do with wolves. The journal was a gift from the First Ballina Cub Pack where I was a leader, like Akela in Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Books. It was an emotional moment when I came across it recently - to find the signed note from all the boys tucked into the back along with the now fragile sixty-year-old gum leaves they’d included. But the compelling connection is with the Kipling’s tales of Mowgli, the boy child among the wolves, and the absolute hush of the pack when I read from the books at each meeting. The magic of story! 
   Many adults warmly recall the long-term impact of reading from Kiping's prolific repertoire - stories for children that are a joy for adults as well - profound in their underlying philosophy for living. I feel kinship with the observations in Good-reads reviews here
   By happy coincidence, I had chosen the Jungle Books as my classic choice for Book Club around the time of the release of the Disney movie.   
4. The Jungle Book movie 
As almost always for me, films do not plumb the depths of a book, but the following extract does indicate the excitement to be found in Kipling’s tales.
You Tube has many short and longer clips from the movie and background to the making of it. Here is just one - a heart-breaking moment. - Shere Khan's Threat Scene

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