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Presidential Libraries Road Trip

Looking for a winter getaway? Let’s put on the snow tires, defrost the car, and hit the road! To celebrate Presidents Day, we’re excited to share a series of citizen archivist transcription and tagging missions throughout the month of February: a Presidential Libraries Road Trip! Join us online as we virtually travel throughout the country, bringing you records from the Presidential Libraries across the National Archives. 

Newsreel clip showing Harry Truman's car trip

Newsreel clip showing Harry and Bess Truman's car trip to Washington, D.C., June 1953 (Motion Picture MP-76-28)

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Did you know there is likely a Presidential Library near you? The Presidential Library system at the National Archives is composed of fourteen Presidential Libraries that can be found across the country, from Massachusetts to California.

Richard Nixon driving a golf cart
President Kennedy outside helicopter
Left: Richard M. Nixon driving a golf cart out to the helipad at San Clemente., 8/13/1969: National Archives Identifier 194652
Right: President Kennedy Returns from Florida, 4/4/1961:  National Archives Identifier 6816404

Presidential Libraries are archives and museums, bringing together the documents and artifacts of a President and his administration and presenting them to the public.

President and Mrs. Ford ride in the President's limousine
Lyndon Johnson and General William Westmoreland at LBJ Ranch

Left: Photograph of President and Mrs. Ford Holding Hands While Riding in the President's Limousine on a Chicago, Illinois, Freeway, 8/19/1974: National Archives Identifier 186761
Right: General William Westmoreland and President Lyndon B. Johnson at the LBJ Ranch, 5/30/1968: National Archives Identifier 192560

Presidential Libraries and Museums give you the chance to see, hear, and participate in the events that changed our lives and made us who we are as a nation. At Presidential Libraries you will find vast archives of documents, museums containing Presidential artifacts, interactive exhibits, and educational and public programs.

Learn more about our Presidential Libraries
President Bill Clinton jogging with South Korean President Kim Young-sam
Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower lean against a car

Left: Photograph of President William J. Clinton Jogging with South Korean President Kim Young-sam in Seoul, South Korea , 7/11/1993: National Archives Identifier 2825175
Right: Photograph of Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower: National Archives Identifier 594342

To share more of the incredible resources held at the Presidential Libraries, our virtual road trip will make a “stop” each day at a different Presidential Library. We’ll share records from each Library and feature a new citizen archivist mission using records from that location. Imagine what you will learn and discover as you contribute.
Jimmy Carter in the Grand Tetons, Wyoming
Ronald Reagan driving a jeep with Millie the dog

Left: Jimmy Carter in the Grand Tetons, Wyoming , 8/26/1978: National Archives Identifier 6783218

Right: President Ronald Reagan Driving His Jeep with Millie The Dog at Rancho Del Cielo in Santa Barbara California, 4/21/1984: National Archives Identifier 75853317

Follow along on our Citizen Archivist Missions page to learn more about each Library and help us tag and transcribe records at each stop on our Road Trip. Every word you transcribe and tag you will help make these records more discoverable in our Catalog.  

Franklin D. Roosevelt and Norman Davis on Amberjack II

Franklin D. Roosevelt and Norman Davis on Amberjack II, 6/16/1933:  National Archives Identifier 196844

First stop: John F. Kennedy Library in Boston!

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum is dedicated to the memory of our nation's thirty-fifth president. 

The JFK Library and Museum portrays the life, leadership, and legacy of President Kennedy, conveys his enthusiasm for politics and public service, and illustrates the nature of the office of the President. Students and scholars can conduct research using our collection of historical materials chronicling mid-20th century politics and the life and administration of John F. Kennedy.

Help us tag and transcribe these records in our Catalog to make them more discoverable online. Here are some examples of records you can expect to find at the JFK Library and Museum:

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We’ll make a stop at each of our 14 Presidential Libraries throughout the month of February. Follow along on our Citizen Archivist Dashboard to learn more about the libraries and what you can expect to find in each National Archives location. You might even find one near you! 

Herbert Hoover and Lou Henry Hoover ride in an automobile
President Bush rides in a HUMVEE with General H. Norman Schwarzkopf

Left: Herbert Hoover and Lou Henry Hoover Ride in an Automobile during the 1928 Presidential Campaign , 10/6/1928: National Archives Identifier 40978757

Right: President Bush rides in a HUMVEE with General H. Norman Schwarzkopf during his visit with troops in Saudi Arabia on Thanksgiving Day, 11/22/1990: National Archives Identifier 186424

We’ll feature a new location and new mission each day:

February 6: John F. Kennedy Library

February 10: Jimmy Carter Library

February 12: Harry S. Truman Library

February 14: Lyndon B. Johnson Library 

February 19: George W. Bush Library

February 21: Ronald Reagan Library

February 25: Barack Obama Library

February 7: Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

February 11: William J. Clinton Library

February 13: Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

February 18: George H. W. Bush Library

February 20: Richard Nixon Library

February 24: Herbert Hoover Library

February 26: Gerald R. Ford Library
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President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama ride in the inaugural parade
President George W. Bush and Laura Bush wave from Air Force One

Left: President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama Ride in the Inaugural Parade in Washington, D.C., 1/21/2013: National Archives Identifier 157649350

Right: President George W. Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush Wave from Air Force One in Istanbul, Turkey, 6/29/2004: National Archives Identifier 148035658

Ready to join us? Let’s Road Trip

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