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Patently Festive

Looking for vintage seasonal decor? Are winter activities and holiday baking on your to-do list this season? Take inspiration from these unique patent drawings that are sure to get you in a festive mood (and might even save you time in the kitchen!).

Christmas Tree Ornament Patent, 4/1/1890
Patent drawing for G. Fletcher's Skate, 1/7/1908

L: Christmas Tree Ornament, 4/1/1890. National Archives Identifier 55302502
R: Patent Drawing for G. Fletcher's Skate, 1/7/1908. National Archives Identifier 5928302

Patent drawing for W. Dean's Hockey Stick
Patent Drawing for L. Hirschfeld's Bonbon Dipping Machine, 7/30/1895

L:  Patent Drawing for W. Dean's Hockey Stick, 6/18/1901. National Archives Identifier 5928299
R: Patent Drawing for L. Hirschfeld's Bonbon Dipping Machine, 7/30/1895. National Archives Identifier 12007664.  

Archives Hashtag Party

It’s almost time for the December Archives Hashtag Party on Friday, December 14. Pour yourself some eggnog and join us for #ArchivesGIFgiving

Follow the National Archives on Twitter and Instagram as we “give” GIFs from our holdings to our colleagues at other archives, libraries and cultural institutions.

GIF of figure skaters holding hands and skating in a circle

You can also celebrate #ArchivesGIFgiving by counting down the 12 days of GIF-mas, featuring vintage GIFs from the holdings of the National Archives. Share and "GIFt" your favorite ArchivesGIFs!

Become a Wiki Scholar

In March 2019, the National Archives Museum will launch an exhibit commemorating the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment: Rightfully Hers: American Women and the Vote. As we prepare for this important centennial, we are working hard to increase access to the records we hold around suffrage.

Wiki Education, in collaboration with the National Archives, is offering a virtual professional development course designed to give participants the skills and practical experience necessary to improve Wikipedia coverage of the history of women’s voting rights in the United States.

Photograph of six women war workers delegated to see President Wilson and urge him to support motion for an immediate passage of the federal suffrage amendment, May 24, 1918
Six women war workers, representing thousands of others, were delegated to see Pres. Wilson and urge him to support the motion for an immediate passage of the federal suffrage amendment, May 24, 1918. National Archives Identifier 45568328

This course presents a chance to improve the content of Wikipedia and make it more representative, accurate, and complete using original source materials. Learn more and apply today to be a part of this unique initiative. 

Season's Greetings from all of us at the National Archives!

Photograph of two toboggans starting down the slide at silver valley winter sports area, 2/1940

Photograph of Two Toboggans Starting Down the Slide at Silver Valley Winter Sports Area, 2/1940, National Archives Identifier 2128507

Newsie selling at the Hudson Tunnell Station, Jersey City
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