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Back in the Saddle
New York's female cavalry drilling in city streets, May 1918. National Archives Identifier 31474815

Hello, virtual volunteers! We are back in the saddle and ready to share some new Citizen Archivist missions with you. We’ve refreshed our dashboard with new missions and more individual featured records, all waiting for you to jump in and transcribe.  Here are a few of our latest missions. Check it out! We hope you find these latest missions intriguing.

Get Started Transcribing!
Correspondence of Bess Wallace Truman
Transcribe letters, notes, and other items compiled by Bess W. Truman before and during the early years of her marriage to Harry S. Truman.
Despatches from U.S. Ministers
Help transcribe these original despatches and reports, with related enclosures, received by the Department of State from its diplomatic officers in Argentina.
US Fish and Wildlife Service Narrative Reports
Transcribe narrative reports summarizing the work and evaluating the programs undertaken on refugees and wildlife production areas.
Project Chariot Files, 1958 - 1963
Project Chariot was a plan to use nuclear blasts to create a harbor at Cape Thompson, Alaska. Help us transcribe these large records.
Records of Death and Interment at Camp Nelson, KY, 1864 - 1865
Help transcribe these Civil War records of death and internment. Each provides the decedent's name, rank, unit, cause and date of death, and burial location.
Food Administration Courses  
Transcribe this card index of courses offered by the Missouri State Food Administration in 1918.
Confidential War Diaries, 6/1917 - 2/1918
Transcribe monthly compiled diaries that record significant daily events throughout the First Naval District; many of these take the form of daily news notes or commentaries. Subjects include assignment and transfer of personnel, vessel movements, facilities and equipment, health and morale, important visitors, schools and training, and special issuances or reports received.
Tennessee Valley Authority 
Help us tag features and details of photographs of Tennessee Valley Authority activities and the impact on the surrounding land and communities from the 1930s to the 1970s.

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Check out our newly updated 
featured records section! Here you’ll find individual records organized by skill level. You’re sure to find something new and interesting.
Thank You!

A big thank you to our community of citizen archivists who continue to dedicate time helping unlock history through tagging and transcribing historical documents.

From the film "America in Space - The First Decade, 1968."  Find more animated GIFs like this one on the National Archives GIPHY page.

Together we are making the records of the National Archives more discoverable to people all over the world.  Here are some of our current metrics. Thanks to you, 2018 was a productive year!

  • 24,238: Number of unique descriptions enhanced with transcriptions, tags or comments
  • 133,487: Number of individual pages enhanced by transcriptions, tags or comments
  • 4,190: Number of contributors
Top 50 contributors in 2018
1. Smithal
2. Groenblad
3. Gypsi
4. Trumanvol
5. Lcahalan
6. Conrad
7. DonnaDP
8. Nightingale
9. SAO
10. Monicah
11. Sanbnx
12. Sglasheen
13. Joepigeon
14. Garywysocki
15. ScribeOfPoland
16. Maileann
17. Tknight
18. Deka43
19. EthanFromBellmore
20. ComfortablyNumb
21. PhillipEverettBacon
22. Shurn58
23. Susie313
24. Mwolfe
25. WVComp16
26. Kewkew
27. LibrarianDiva
28. Brough2
29. Avogadro
30. Hubers1
31. Clairek
32. Ndlund
33. Aboudreau71
34. Bibliophile
35. JKChung
36. Danadar
37. Lshockley
38. Jtguncw
39. Hohioh
40. Kb1213
41. Drbones1950
42. Hew
43. Yuter
44. BeckyFoster25
45. LibrarianTeresa
46. VolunteerA2LYoung
47. Julu74
48. Jessicah706
49. Askingfem
50. takeahike5
Archives at the Movies
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Check out a sample of our favorite photos in the Catalog.
First-nighters posing for the camera outside the Warners' Theater before the premiere of "Don Juan" with John Barrymore, 8/6/1926. National Archives Identifier 535750
Newsie selling at the Hudson Tunnell Station, Jersey City
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