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Earlier this week, I asked an important question on twitter: 

Do you always get on your bike on the same side? 

This question came out of the fact that, I, a 28-year-old human adult, can only get on a bicycle from the left. One time I tried to get on my bike from the right side and grossly miscalculated how high I actually needed to lift my left leg, resulting in me looking like a poorly programmed robot still trying to figure out moving through this world. 

So, I asked twitter if they, too, only mounted a bike from the same side and I got 36 replies! I suspect this is partially because cyclists are a lot like vegans, in that they love to preach about their noble lifestyle choices. People had Opinions (capitalization intentional, there) about what is the right way to get on a bike.

For instance, 

A North American insisted that the correct way to mount a bicycle is from the right, so you are away from traffic. To this I say, I mean, sure that's a logical statement. But if you are driving a car and park car on the right side of the street do you also exit and enter your car via the passenger side and crawl across?

And a Danish cyclist claimed that they were taught to mount from the left for the same traffic reason because in Denmark, they drive on the left. 

Then, a New York cyclist stated that they mount from the left because that's the way to mount a horse. Which... okay, sure, I'll accept that as a response.

All in all, the vast majority of folks get on their bikes from the left, a few go from the right and there's a small minority of ambidextrous folks who are bike-side agnostic. 

This whole unscientific exercise reinforced that there is no "correct" way of doing things, even if someone insists that their way is the correct way. You can achieve the exact same result as someone by taking a different approach that works for your needs.

It also reminded me that you can be a fully grown adult who's been practicing a skill for the past 20 years, and be totally incompetent at that skill when you try to do it just a little bit differently. Have you ever tried to brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand? So difficult. Now, fold your arms. Now, try to fold your arms the opposite way. What the hell, right? So weird. 


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