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You know that feeling you get when you have plans that you don't want to commit to, and then said plans get cancelled?

I hate to admit it, but it's a pretty good feeling. It's like all of the sudden, there's endless possibility in my day. I just freed up all this time! I can do anything now!

I like to think of the extra time you get when your plans get cancelled or you mess up your calendar and your event is the week after as purely "bonus" time. Unconsciously, I've been using bonus time as "self-care" time, because it's time I never had before, so why not do something nice for myself? 

Late last week I realized Easter Monday this week was a government holiday, so I didn't have to work. BONUS DAY. I made all these big plans to catch up on my neglected emails, finally get my taxes together for my accountant, and start working on some personal projects. However, doing this stuff took WAY less time than I had thought and by 11 AM I was looking for things to do. So, I walked to my local thrift store and spent almost 2 hours browsing through other people's old books and clothes. I never have that kind of spare time anymore and it felt so good to just wander for a while. 

Now,  I actively look for "bonus time" every day where I can do something that is mildly productive that feeds my brain, instead of defaulting to collapsing on my couch after dinner every night. It's kind of a fun challenge and reminds me that I need to try doing things a little bit differently more often.

Recommended reading this week:

📚I'm finally reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell because it's been on my "things to read" shelf for a few months now. I've heard so much about this book in the past and I kind of neglected it for that reason (too much hype), but I'm really loving it. It really helps drive home that success does not come from just hard work: it also comes from having support from others early in life, having wealth and opportunities, and also having a lot of luck.  

🍳 I'm always looking for little tips on how to make my cooking better. I loved these cooking ideas!

🖥 Insights from Reddit's new re-design

🏡This tiny winter cabin is so cute. But also: this can't be where people live. It's so tiny and perfect and I'm like, "WHERE'S ALL YOUR STUFF?"

🐰I fell down a rabbit hole yesterday trying to discover the origin of those shirts with 4-7 names from a band, book, movie or show, separated with an ampersand and all written in Helvetica. You know the ones. For some reason, I thought it originated with Wu-Tang Clan? However, this article from 2012 suggests I'm wrong

All this effort is because I'd love a "Meg& Jo& Beth& Amy& Marmee" t-shirt, but I wanted to make sure this idea wasn't copyrighted somewhere already and I wasn't appropriating something I shouldn't be.

Recommended Listening & Watching:

Speaking of appropriation, the recent Call Your Girlfriend episode called "Millenial Pinkwashing" was a great primer on how to make sure you are giving credit where credit is due in an age where things get shared over and over on the internet. 

If you read all the way to the end:

I hope you find some bonus time this weekend and do exactly what you want to be doing. :) 



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😍 aw, thanks kait! Girls' Night In is my fave, too!

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