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Is it just me, or has it actually gotten easier to unplug lately?

I deleted the Facebook app from my phone a long time ago and now I just check in a couple times a day on my laptop for less than 10 minutes. Twitter's still on my phone but I spend less and less time using it and have been this close to just deleting it all together. Instagram is my last infinity pool of time-wasting but it has also truly helped me reconnect with my far-flung friends and local friends who I rarely see. 

I remember when I first got an iPhone in 2011. It was like all of the sudden this whole world had opened up to me where I could be doing things while waiting to do other things. But for the first few years of iPhone ownership, there was no Facebook messenger or Instagram stories, and Google maps was still pretty likely to lead you over a cliff. So I would scroll through my 12 friends on Instagram while on the bus and then that'd be it! No new content, no suggested accounts to follow, no ads! Until one of those 12 people posted a new picture, it could take days before my Instagram feed had anything new.

A few weeks ago Ryan and I went to a Jack White concert that was a required "phone-free" environment. First of all, I had to print the tickets!!!! You were allowed to bring your phone, but once you got to the venue, it went into a locked case until after the show was over. Sitting in the arena before the show started, it felt as if we had time travelled to 10 years ago when hardly anyone had a smartphone. I looked around the room and people's heads were up, they were talking to each other, people watching, and sharing snacks. This article on the Simple Joy of "No Phones Allowed" really articulates how I felt watching that show. 

Maybe this is the beginning of the end of personal technology saturation? I'm welcoming it. 


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💼Questions to ask in a job interview. Am I a weirdo for saying that I really like job interviews? I've gone on many with varying degrees of success, but I almost always feel like the interview was still worth my time.  

😎This video narrated by a former chief at the CIA on how spies use disguise is SO compelling. It gives me chills!

Gen-Z employees don't do email. Such an interesting shift. 

📧How to email your boss (or another important person). Great tips if you tend to be long-winded (like me) and you aren't always able to get clear answers because of that. 

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📦Renaissance costumes out of packing materials!

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Recommended Listening & Watching:

The Cut has a new podcast and they're making their popular "How I get it done" column a part of it. "How I get it done" is one of my favourite columns to read with Martha Stewart being one of my faves. I listened to the Robin Roberts "How I get it done" episode yesterday on the way home from work and it MAYBE one the most inspiring ever? Robin Roberts is super badass. Anyways, subscribe here

If you read all the way to the end:

I love cooking and I generally like baking, but I am no good at frosting cookies. This Instagram of decorated cookies is in an entire league of its own. 



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