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Hey <<First Name>>, 


Big news: it's cold everywhere.

I can't complain because it's only -13ºC where I live, and I grew up in a town where an average winter day was anywhere between -20ºC and -35ºC. Even though I haven't been hit hard by the polar vortex, It's hard to think about going outside these days. 

At the very least, we made it through January! What is typically the longest month of the year actually went by pretty quickly for me. Working in government is always so challenging (so. hard. to. get. stuff. done)  and this month has been the most intense. If I didn't have such a rockstar team to work with, I don't know how I'd make it through. This has been the biggest difference in going from freelancing to working on a collaborative, multi-disciplinary team in government – the team is EVERYTHING. I can share more on this soon, we still doesn't have permission to publicly blog about our work, but it's happening! 

I'm spending this weekend working on a new sewing project, I was feeling listless after the holidays without a dedicated project. So last weekend I picked up some gorgous linen + cotton to make the Wiksten Haori pattern. I am love with these metallic stars for the lining: 

Stay warm, friends! It's also a great weekend for baking and reading, which are my sewing break plans for the next couple of days. 

Recommended reading this month:

🍱Question for my fellow cubicle dwellers: do you eat lunch at your desk? I usually do because it's my "quiet, space out and read articles" time, but more and more I've been trying to opt for the lunch room. 

✏️The dimensions of everything. Have you ever wondered, "how tall is a cow?" or "how big is an apple watch?" or "how tall is an Eames chair in real life?" This will answer it for you with fun pictograms!

📧How the "quick email" slowly kills your company. 

🤔What the best career advice you've ever gotten? This article says to do the thing you can't get out of your head. The thing I can't get out of my head is being an artist. I've wanted to be an artist my whole life, but I realized really early on that it would be really, really hard. I love my job, but I'm still not an artist. I'm not sad about this, but it does make me think about Elizabeth Gilbert's talk about hobbies, jobs, careers, and vocations. I keep coming back to this because it's such an important reminder.

📬A letter arrives in Iceland, with a hand-drawn map as the address. This is an old article, but it popped up somewhere recently and brought me so much joy. 

🍞Another lunch article: the art of the Norwegian packed lunch. I always try to pack a lunch that I can look forward to, so this was surprising!

📹Slowed-down film footage from the 1890s. Watching this, I kept feeling like I was watching a modern movie set in the 1800s, I had to keep reminding myself it was real life!

🍜Mix and match soup from Mark Bittman – perfect for this time of year. 

📱An Instagram account that shows how everyone is taking basically the same photo

Recommended Listening & Watching:

I recently claimed podcast bankruptcy and deleted all my podcast subscriptions from apple podcasts and moved to Spotify. The only shows I was listening to on a regular basis were The Daily (NYT), Frontburner (CBC), Forever 35, Call Your Girlfriend, and The Cut on Tuesdays. 

It felt really good to clear out and admit that there are some shows I just won't get into (Season 3 of Serial, sorry!)

I'm excited that Still Processing is back for another season, so I'll be catching up on that one soon!

My latest new fave is The Dropout by ABC News about Elizabeth Holmes and the Theranos scandal. There's only 2 episodes out, but it is fascinating stuff. 


If you read all the way to the end:

I've been really into vintage lockets lately and I feel like this is the dorkiest jewelry trend. This designer resells antique lockets with a new chain and I'm obsessed with them. 



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