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Lately, I've been feeling stressed out by being online.

It seems like every day, the places I go on the internet daily feel a little more... evil. Facebook's selling my data to engagement ring companies. Instagram's selling my data to Shopify drop shipping scammers. Google knows more about me than my own family. 

I still use all these services, but I post way less than I used to. I'm relieved that I no longer work in a role where I have to handle any kind of social media marketing or management because "likes" and "comments" and algorithms make me feel nervous. I recently read this article on being a teen girl with Instagram and it made me feel grateful that Instagram wasn't a thing until I was 21 so I didn't need a "personal brand" at 16.

All of this social media anxiety has really helped me slowly step away and withdraw from spending so much time on the internet. A few things that have really helped: 
  • Deleting Facebook from my phone – I only use the Messenger app.
  • Turning off all my social notifications.
  • Cooking: I use good old-fashioned cookbooks most of the time so that I don't even have my phone in the kitchen. Spending an hour or so preparing a meal after work really helps me decompress. 
  • Sewing: For me, sewing requires so much focus that I easily spend hours cutting fabric, ironing, pinning, and sewing without ever taking a look at my phone.
  • Embroidery: This is my less all-consuming hobby. I bought this book called Modern Folk Embroidery a few months ago and I've been working my way through learning some simple projects during downtime/in-between time.
Those are the big ones, but I'm also finding regular exercise, journaling, thrifting/used bookstore shopping really restorative for my brain. 

I know I'm not the only one feeling weird about the internet these days, and it's hard when my job is so closely tied to all things digital and messy. Finding "IRL" things that bring me joy that physically exist and aren't virtual is giving me the balance I need right now. 

Recommended reading this week:

🐰Rabbithole alert: a collection of early Mac OS interfaces

📚A collection of IKEA catalog covers from 1951–2015. It's really cool to see some styles emerge, fade, and then return in a reinterpreted way.

🎤I don't really care for late-night talk shows, but if I had to pick a fave, it's Seth Myers. He and his wife recently had a baby, and it's a crazy story. Don't watch this on a full bladder, because you will laugh hard. And make sure you have a box of tissues around because you'll also cry.

🏡I have so many questions about this home tour: what's it like to be lifelong roommates and work colleagues with your sister? where are the windows in this house? are you sure this is a house and not a movie set?

🤔One of my long-time fave design bloggers, SwissMiss, recommends this broom. She also says it's ugly, but I disagree! I think it's a really cute and elegantly designed li'l broom. 

Recommended Listening & Watching:

One of my favourite bands, Wye Oak has a new album!

For the first time in ages, I've bought tickets to several concerts happening in my city over the next few months, so I've been re-listening to some of my favourite albums from Stars, Jenn Grant, Sloan, and Land of Talk.

If you read all the way to the end:

This story on a small kindness warmed my heart and was totally what I needed to read this week.



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😍 aw, thanks kait! Girls' Night In is my fave, too!

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