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Since I stopped freelancing over 6 months ago, I'm still surprised to find I still get the occasional freelance inquiry or ask about what I'm "up to these days".

Just last week I had one of these interactions where I bumped into someone I knew from the local startup scene and it went down something like this,

Startup person: Hey, what are you up to these days, how's your business going? 

Me: Hey! It's nice to see you, actually, I'm not freelancing anymore, I'm working with the provincial government and it is going really well.

Startup person: GOVERNMENT? WHY?!

Me: Well, that's kind of rude. But if you'd really like to know, I'm working with a great team on interesting and meaningful projects. 

Startup person backpedals out of the conversation and I am in a rush to leave anyway, so I leave. 

Normally, I wouldn't call out a person for being rude to their face. But honestly, I don't need to defend my decision to join the public service. 

I applied for this job in August of 2017. It was the end of November before I joined the team, I had a long time to think about this decision and the impact it would have on me personally. 

In my first three months working in government I had a few, "holy shit, what have I done?" moments because there's no greater career 180 than going from being your own boss to having a very black and white place on an org chart. 

After 7 months, I've had fewer and fewer of those moments. Working on a digital team in government kind of feels like working in a startup anyway:
  • you don't always have the tools you need to do your job, so you improvise
  • you're constantly trying to educate people who have money but do not yet see the value in the work you're doing.
  • you have to move fast, iterate quickly, and fail as you go.
I'm starting to really love my job. So when someone reacts with, "GOVERNMENT?! WHY?!" it feels similar to when you're a kid someone insults your sibling or family member in front of you. Like, it's okay for ME to complain about my sister, but it's not okay for you to do that. I will stick up for my sibling 100% of the time.

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👫Do opposites attract in your relationship? I am an extrovert, Ryan is an introvert. I prefer reading books and blog posts to learn, Ryan prefers to listen to a podcast or watch an instructional video. However, a few weeks ago we went to Old Navy, then went in opposite sections of the store and reconnected in the parking lot after we paid. We had both purchased a light blue oxford shirt, a plain black tee, and a plain white tee. 

🤖When are we going to stop using terribly 1980's era stock photos for AI-related articles? Surprisingly, hilarious.

🌙You've heard of honeymoons, then there were babymoons (taking a vacay before you have a babe), and now there are jobbymoons. In the two years I freelanced, I never took more than 1 week off at a time. If you have the money, a jobbymoon sounds like a great way to get a fresh start. 

✏️I love the "At Work With..." series on A Beautiful Mess because it's so fun to peek into the studios of creative people. This post from Daily Disco is so magical. 

🍰I've raved about food blogger Molly Yeh in a previous issue and she now has a show on the Food Network called Girl Meets Farm! Her peek behind the scenes post was fascinating. I always wonder about the mundane things of cooking shows: is that her real kitchen? (yes), Are those her own clothes? (yes), Why is the KitchenAid logo covered? (reasons

Recommended Listening & Watching:

I'm watching the first episode of Girl Meets Farm here.

Been listening to lots of Land of Talk lately, since I'm going to their show next week! I've wanted to see them live since 2011, so I'm really excited.

There's a new Florence and the Machine album! So good.

If you read all the way to the end:

My friend sent me this link to a free jumpsuit sewing pattern. It might skip ahead in my sewing queue because it's exactly what I'm looking for! I've been browsing the #peppermintjumpsuit tag on instagram and I love what other ladies are making!



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