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Hey guys!


Today I feel like I've travelled back in time to my freelance days of 4 months ago, because I'm at home writing this email on a Friday morning. 

One of the weird perks working for the government gives me is the opportunity to have "flex-time" for when I actually work. Meaning that if I work 7.5 hour days instead of 7 hour days, I can take a day off every three weeks. WHAT?! Don't you want to come work at the government now? That's not what this newsletter is about, however, I do intend on writing a "wtf is it like to work on a digital team in government" essay soon, because I can guarantee: not what you think. 

Anyway, I've designated today as my "Personal Inventory Day" (or PID, because I work in government, where acronyms reign) where I can do a bunch of tasks that would otherwise be done on a random weekend or after work hours. Really fun stuff like: 
  • 😬Gathering all my tax documents for my accountant
  • 📬Sending off some lingering freelance emails/website maintenance (AKA, work that keeps coming back to haunt me. Turns out, closing a freelance biz takes  TIME). 
  • 🖇Navigating my paperwork pile of things I've been putting off like: changing my pension contribution amount, formalizing joining the government employee union, responding to wedding invites. 
  • ✅Making appointments for next month's PID: I need a new glasses prescription and it'd be great to book a haircut/massage for that day. 
  • 👗Finishing up the dress I'm making! I just have the sleeves and collar left!
Some of these tasks are actually pretty fun, but most of them fall into the boring/would-rather-be-doing-anything else camp, which is why the thought of saving them for a weekend makes me feel physical pain.

This is what self-care looks like to me, taking one day a month to tackle a big, ugly to-do list with the knowledge that once everything on this list is done, I'll feel a million times better going into my weekend. 

I know that not everyone has the luxury of taking 1 day off a month, but maybe there's something that can be done there. If you're a freelancer, you can definitely make the time. But if you're not freelancing and you really need a personal inventory day, seriously try talking to your boss. Especially if you're negotiating a pay raise or a new job, it might be something to compromise on!

Recommended reading this week:

👠This fun, colourful week of outfits from designer Gina Rockenwagner will definitely brighten your day. 

⚠️Controversial opinion alert: Friday nights are the best time to do chores. I'm kinda on board with this! Fits nicely into the "personal inventory day".

🌳The internet has been a pretty ugly place the past few days (ugh, facebook.), so if you need to restore your faith in the internet, I highly recommend this article about how Melbourne assigned email addresses to the city's trees.

🎀Barrette lovers, rejoice. Kindergarten hair is back! I had a mushroom cut for most of my elementary school days, so I missed out big time on the barrette and scrunchie game. 

📧How Ann Friedman, one of my fave podcasters and emailers, manages her own inbox

🎤These photos of Stevie Nicks from the 1970's are EVERYTHING. 

Recommended Listening & Watching:

Have you seen the new Queer Eye series on Netflix? I never watched the first series, so I have nothing to compare it against, but I'm in love with this re-imagining of the show. It's feel-good TV at it's finest. If you're lonely, having a bad day, or just feeling like the world is a no-good-rotten place, this will pick you up. And make you cry. 

If you read all the way to the end:

Another show I just started watching is Lost. I know, I'm like 13 years late on this, but wow, I can't believe I didn't watch it the first time around. I also can't help but notice how THIN all the women's eyebrows were in 2004-2005. And all the cargo pants! I get that they're stranded on an island and cargo pants were utilitarian and not a fashion statement, but they're so painfully 2004, it's hard to pay attention to all the polar bears on that show. 



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😍 aw, thanks kait! Girls' Night In is my fave, too!

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