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Flurry of Committee Action 
I participated in five different committees, making this week one of the busiest this session. I met with the Legislative Audit Committee, the Senate Committee on Government Operations, the Senate Committee on Insurance, the Senate Committee on Elections and Local Government, and the Senate Committee on Labor and Regulatory Reform.
Kapenga Bills in Committee 
Two Kapenga bills made progress this week, one aimed at ensuring no health insurance mandates can receive a vote before the legislature is given a report on its impact, and the other is addresses an issue that is contributing to the workforce shortage in our great state. SB 319 clarifies in statute that the legislature may not vote on any bill or amendment that adds mandates on health insurance until all of the information regarding the impact of the mandate is distributed and made public. This will ensure optimal transparency on any piece of legislation that could change the coverage we all depend on. Additionally, SB 411 was passed out of the Senate Committee on Labor and Regulatory Reform and has been recommended by that committee for adoption. SB 411 allows more apprentices to be hired in the skilled-trades and helps build up the workforce in an industry facing a serious shortage. 
King Veterans Home Audit 
The Joint Audit Committee heard testimony on the situation at the King Veterans Home. The King Veterans Home audit came after reports of problems at the facility. The audit addressed the finances of the state-run facility as well as a survey of staff members. While the audit showed that much of the facility is generally running well, it was not without issues. The audit revealed issues with agency transparency in providing information, and highlighted the issue of the shortage of nursing staff available. We will continue to monitor King and will be getting an additional report in January of 2018 on the progress in filling vacant nursing positions, reducing the use of overtime, assessing training needs, and ensuring steps are taken to encourage employees at King to report concerns.

Committee Public Hearings 
In addition to the three meetings mentioned above, I also sat on the Committee on Government Operations, which heard SB 173, a bill that addresses many of the technical concerns that were highlighted in the multi-jurisdictional brownfield study group. I also sat on the Committee on Elections and Utilities, which met for seven hours and gathered public input on a myriad of issues. The issues of the day included signature requirements for school board candidates (SB 260), wetland mitigation (SB 406), elected officials serving as poll workers (SB 66), regulation of wireless facilities (SB 425), and the organization of cooperatives (SB 281). 

Fall Hunting Season is Upon Us

The DNR has provided some resources for hunters to be brought up to speed on these carcass changes, including a video from the state’s chief conservation warden
The fall hunting season is upon us, and with archery and turkey season in full swing, I would like to remind hunters of some changes to the requirements for these carcass tags. 
  • Deer – Hunters will still be issued a carcass tag, however, hunters are no longer required to validate the tag, attach the tag to the deer, nor keep a copy on hand while hunting. The tag is also no longer required to be with the meat.
  • Turkey – Hunters will see Turkey Harvest Authorization take the place of the carcass tag. Hunters are no longer required to validate the tag, attach the tag to a turkey, nor keep the tag with the meat. 
What Is Required?
Registration. For either deer or turkey, hunters are still required to register the game by 5pm following the day of harvest. Hunters will need the deer carcass tag number, or turkey harvest authorization number, when registering the deer or turkey with the DNR. Remember that tag or authorization numbers are different than DNR customer identification numbers.
Proof of Hunting License. Hunters are required to keep on hand proof of DNR authorization to hunt. This may include: paper tag or authorization number, DNR Conservation Card, or a GoWild validated Wisconsin Driver’s license. 
Information to Register
Two options are available for hunters:
  1. Online at
  2. Phone at 1-844-426-3734
Good Luck!
New Bluebooks Have Arrived!
The 2017-2018 Bluebooks have arrived! This session’s Bluebook features a bold new design as well as an updated format. The Bluebook is a great almanac of information to learn more about our state's history, economics, geography, and government. The special article in this edition focuses on the various contributions made to the State of Wisconsin by the women in the Wisconsin Legislature.
To get your free copy of the 2017-2018 Bluebook, click here, and one will be mailed to you free of charge!

Senate Scholar Program Accepting Applications!

Each year the State Senate offers a unique experience to the students of each senate district. The Senate Scholar Program is an elite program designed to challenge Wisconsin’s brightest students. Experts teach Scholars about constituent relations, research and development of legislation, and bill drafting. Scholars engage in discussions with legislative support agencies, media, and lobbyists throughout the week. Scholars staff the Senate floor during an actual legislative session and witness the Senate debate on legislation. Scholars will also draft their own bills and amendments, form their own mock committee, and elect committee leadership.

I have been lucky to have five great scholars from the 33rd Senate District, and look forward to meeting more outstanding student scholars! Applications will need to be received no later than November 22, 2017.  A digital copy of the application and more information can be found at:    

Fall Town Hall Schedule

Connect with Chris

(608) 266-9174
(800) 863-8883

33rd Senate District
15 South
State Capitol
P.O. Box 7882
Madison, WI 53708
Fall Town Hall Schedule 

Wednesday, Oct. 25th 
Hartland Public Library 
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm 

Wednesday, Nov. 29th 
Pauline Haass Library 
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm 

Today in History

For Friday, October 13th, 2017
From The American Patriot's Almanac
1775 - The Continental Congress authorizes an American naval force. 

1792 - The cornerstone of the White House is laid. 

1903 - The Boston Americans beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 3-0 to win the first World Series.  

1932 - President Hoover lays the cornerstone pf the Supreme Court Building. 

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