In A Free Fall

"I feel like I have jumped from an airplane and am now hoping someone will hand me a parachute before I land." That was a way I described what had been going on recently in my life to someone else back on Sunday. Since then I would make a slight change. Now I feel more like I have jumped from the highwire and am hoping the safety net will be there when I need it. Let me back up and explain:

I am sorry if this first part seems vague but considering who I am, where I am, and what I do it needs to be so. Lets just say that there are a couple angry conservative Mslm parents who insist they do not want their son attending a school where I teach. This past Friday I cleaned out my desk and left for good although the school promised they would give me glowing references wherever I ended up.

On Saturday I had a text conversation with an "M" worker in another city I had spent some time in this summer and planned on returning to on a permanent basis come June. He had recently done some work in a neighboring country and when he tried to return to Turkey he was denied. Apparently, he is on a permanent blacklist and will never be allowed to return. He was wondering if it would be possible for me to head back in that direction earlier than the June we had planned on. 

On Monday I had a conversation with the agents that first got me connected with the school I was recently working at and through whom I have my work visa that allows me to stay in Turkey. They understand that the circumstances at my former school were not my fault and they said they still want to work with me. They will make contacts with some schools and try to get me a job there in G. However, if I were to go alone or nothing pans out, my work visa will immediately be no longer valid and I would need to begin the process for a residency permit immediately. In that area, for an American, that would be next to impossible to attain.

Yesterday, I was contacted by a school in that area. They told me they want to meet with me, "once I have moved". The problem is, if I have moved and the interview does not go well, I am now living in a hostile city without money, income, a home, or any legal status. If things do go well, #2 and #4 are covered but I will still be starting from scratch. One way or another, within the next couple weeks I will be in G and Lrd willing it will be for good. I desperately need your pryrs. I do not know what the future holds but I do know who holds the future. I just wish I didn't feel so much like I have jumped from that high wire without knowing if there will be a safety net to catch me.

Forever His Servant,
BJ Richardson
No matter what else happens, I can promise that The River Walk will continue moving forward. From now through October 1, you can pick up next month's ebook set of devotionals here:

If you would like to help with the transition from Istanbul to G-tep you can make a tax deductible one time or recurring donation through Two Rivers Church. I thank all of you who have already been regularly, faithfully giving. Your gift is vital for seeing the love of the Father reach to the least of these here in Southeast Turkey.

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Points for Pryr:

1) That Dad would grant me favor in next week's interview and also in searching for a new apartment in the new city.

2) For P J who is now in a new country learning a new language since he cannot return to where he has served the Father for years.

3) For Y Y the ch that is suddenly without its shepherd. 

4) For the many refugees in G as well as nearby N and S that need far more people to come and serve them with Dad's love.

5) For the Community in Istanbul that I love and will be leaving who are already going through some transitions of their own.
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