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March 2016 Newsletter: Dis-eased thoughts. The thief comes to steal your health, kill your joy and destroy your HOPE. 

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March Newsletter: Lots of Dis-eased people, is the "germ theory" really true?? 
How to have a HEALTHY Immune System: 6 Parts

1. The "Germ Theory"
So, it’s no secret, people/practice members have been fighting off dis-ease lately.  In Chiropractic we don’t call sickness “disease”, we call it a dis-ease because it is merely your physical body not at a state of EASE.  Now before we all jump on the “germ theory” bandwagon, let’s give it a little thought.

Germs are merely OPPORTUNISTIC organisms -- meaning, germs must have an "opportune" environment/host in order for them to survive.  If the body has sick or dying cells, and the body (as a whole) is not functioning at 100% then the germs begin to feed on those cells and multiply causing the body to become DIS-EASED.  If the body has a highly functioning nervous system and strong immune system, it merely coordinates, attacks and kills the invading germ and we do not become “sick” or dis-eased.  I could swab the back of your throat and send it in for a culture and there will likely be some streptococcus bacteria but you don’t have “strep throat”.  About 20% of Staphylococcus aureus is resistant to methicillin and it is CURRENTLY found on 10-15% of the populations skin as a natural flora. (this is where the acronym MRSA comes from -- Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus -- and another good reason to never purposely puncture the skin --> largest first defense organ in the body) The bacteria are kept “at bay” by your strong immune system (the skin in part of your immune system -- FYI -- keep good care of it and minimize the chemicals that go on it (lotions, creams, hair dyes, shampoo, conditioners, sanitizers, etc...) 

Think of it another way… If a body has a lowered immune system caused by not having the nervous system working properly, eating poorly, not getting enough rest, stinkin’ thinkin’ or severe mental stress, and not getting exercise, we can think of your body like a “DUMP” or "STAGNANT POND WATER".

Do rats (germs) make nicely kept places a DUMP and bring trash to it OR does trash at a DUMP (unhealthy person -- function at LESS than 100%) attract RATS (germs)?? 

Do mosquitoes (germs) cause pure water to become stagnant and infested OR does stagnant, dirty water (person not functioning at 100%) attract mosquitoes and give them an OPPORTUNE place to reproduce?? 

Obviously it's a Dis-eased host that gives an opportune environment for "germs" to manifest. So let's focus LESS on the germs and MORE on how to keep our body functioning at 100% (at EASE). 

2. Chiropractic Adjustments
In 1992, a study was completed by Dr. Brennan and Triano which measured Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) and immunoglobulin (IGb) levels in the blood after an adjustment. The results were astonishing! 

The control group, that DID NOT get an adjustment, had absolutely no change in the levels of TNF or IGb.  The sham group had levels that doubled the immune response which implies that TOUCH ALONE can double the immune response…so hug your kids and tell them you LOVE them when they are dis-eased!  But, it the group that was ADJUSTED, the immunoglobulin levels and TNF went up 800%.  Yes, an adjustment is likely to make your immune response 8X higher than normal!

Don’t be fooled, an adjustment can not “treat” sickness or dis-ease.  It merely removes the subluxation that is interfering with the body’s ability to fully express it’s inborn, innate, God-given ability to replace or repair dis-eased cells.  This study also implies that if we keep the spine WELL adjusted (not just once, every so often), we are more likely to fight off a bacteria or a virus before it has a chance to “infest” the body.  Remember, the purpose of Chiropractic is not to make the body Feel Better immediately, it is designed only to make the body Heal Better immediately according to each person’s potential to heal.

3. Eat Well - "If you can kill it or pick it, you can probably eat it."
As you all know, I married a Registered Dietitian so that means I'm forced to eat a "plant strong diet" and no longer allowed to eat pizza and tacos for dinner every night. ;)  (love you babe)
Research has shown that a diet consisting of mostly organic vegetables and fruit improves the immune response.  When you are choosing a source for the meat portion of your diet, don’t cheap out!!  Only buy locally and know your farmer.  Check out Levi at Alden Hills Organic Farms in Walworth for starters. Other local farmers can be found online too. Get organic meat when it is available and eat plenty of healthy fats. Cholesterol is our friend and a healing agent in the body -- if your skin is saggy, you're not getting enough essential fatty acids. 
Here are a few reasons why a diet rich in plants and lean meats are a must:
1. Anti-inflammatory
2. Rich in antioxidant
3. Rich in phytonutrients
4. Nutrient-dense and provides an array of minerals and vitamins
5. Maintains the ideal pH balance of the body
6. Aids in a natural detoxification process
7. Tasty and flavorful

4. Rest Well (Sleep -- PARASYMPATHETIC/BRAKE MODE -- rest and digest)
In our hustle and bustle lives, often we don’t take the time to get enough rest -- I am guilty of this one for sure. Everyone knows the answer to the question, “When does the body heal itself?”  When you’re resting and digesting of course! Of course, we can link this decreased immune response to the increased stress on the body due to loss of sleep leading to subluxation of the spine but even without going into that, every study done on this subject shows not getting 6-8 hours of sleep is detrimental to your health.  What you may not have known is that it has also been linked to increased cardiovascular disease, weight gain and obesity!

5. Move Well -- seriously, get off your tush and exercise 30-60 minutes every day and stop making excuses like, "Diabetes, Heart dis-ease and obesity run in my family."
No, diabese-dis-ease runs in your family because no one runs in your family. You've had the same genetic make up since you were born and you didn't have the dis-ease then so what changed between birth and now?? I'm sure it's a concoction of Physical, Chemical and Emotional Stressors. 
The research on exercise and boosting the immune system is intense and immense.  So, how do we sort it all out and do something that will work?  Here is the answer- exercise regularly but don’t overdo it!  The best form of exercise is something that challenges you for 30 mins. For some people that's walking and for others it's running sprints up a mountain with a weighted vest. You know your body, listen to it and challenge it. Going to the gym (or weight training at home) 3 times a week and doing a free weight routine also has benefits not only to the immune system but also to strengthen the bones, improve hormone levels and decrease the effects of stress on the body.

6. Think Well
Try to wrap your head around this one... 
The thief (satan) comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I (Jesus) came that they may have life and have it abundantly. John 10:10
Jesus came to restore, give life, abundance and heal.  He healed everything He touched.  There is no recorded scripture where someone came with FAITH and the NEED to be healed and Jesus replied to them, "Go your way, it is My Father's will that you be sick".  

If Jesus came to DO the Will of His Father and it is God's will for people to be sick then WHY on earth would Jesus HEAL the sick?? He would be going against His Father's will if God wanted you to be sick. The thief comes to steal your health, your finances, your security, your self esteem, kill your dreams and destroy your HOPE. The thief couldn't tell the truth standing on a Bible looking at Jesus... So don't believe his lies. 

God wants you to live LIFE in Abundance - in health, in faith, in security, without fear, in love, with financial abundance, with joy, without sickness and without dis-ease.  

And that is my Prayer for you all! ABUNDANCE. Believe it.

In Health and Faith, 
   With Love and Appreciation,

Dr. Chad
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