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December 2015: Newsletter - Weekly Check-Ups and the Folded Napkin: The Gold Standard


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WE WILL BE CLOSED ON THE FOLLOWING DATES/TIMES: Please plan your weekly wellness visits accordingly. 

  • Thursday Dec 3rd from 5:50pm - CLOSE for Mama & Baby Schleiger's Pregnancy Check-up!
  • Thursday Dec 10th from 5:50pm - CLOSE for Mama & Baby Schleiger's Pregnancy Check-up!
  • Thursday Dec 17th from 5:50pm - CLOSE for Mama & Baby Schleiger's Pregnancy Check-up!
  • Thursday - Saturday (Dec 24th-26th) MERRY CHRISTMAS! 
  • Friday - Saturday (Jan 1st- 2nd) HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Dec. 9th, 2015
 @ 6:30pm

Many parents have never had anyone connect the dots between all the STRESSORS their child has gone through (birth, C-section, antibiotics, vaccinations, poor nutrition, etc.) and how it may relate to their current condition or diagnosis. 
Explaining that connection is vital to the children's and family's health, and NOTHING does it better than 
"The Perfect Storm"

If you're a concerned parent questioning our current healthcare "system" or looking for a way to enhance your child's and family's well-being then you do not want to miss this event!

Perhaps the most asked questions I hear in the office are these:
"Why do subluxations return in the spine after they've been adjusted and why, more often than not, do the same areas in the spine subluxate (misalign and fixate)??"
I'd like to take this opportunity to explain that...  

First, let's do a little review of anatomy.
Bones are held together with tissues called ligaments. When ligaments are stretched, it is called a sprain. Ligaments are a lot like drinking straws, in that, when you stretch them, they don't spring back to their original strength and length, they stay stretched. Tendons are different than ligaments in that they are more like rubber bands in nature, and when they are stretched, they usually spring back to their original length and strength when released. 

During trauma, an accident or an injury, muscles, tendons and ligaments are stretched causing strains and sprains. As a result, the joints near the sprains and strains become more UNSTABLE and the delicate nerve tissue becomes more susceptible to the effects of STRESS. When the initial physical trauma happens (usually birth for most humans), one of two things occurs: 1.) the joints get locked/stuck and cannot move through their proper range of motion (hypo-mobility) or 2.) the joint becomes too loose and moves too much (hyper-mobile).  Both of these instabilities can lead to a joint (or joints) of the spine being more susceptible to SUBLUXATING. 

As I have eluded to before and explain in detail in "The Perfect Storm" workshop, the FIRST time a spine subluxates is during the birth process or in-utero as most births now a days are augmented (intervened and/or changed). It is not unusual, in both vaginal and caesarian births, for there to be 80-120 lbs of pull on the baby's neck during the delivery (1). This is more than enough to cause trauma resulting in subluxation of the cervical spine. It is well documented in the literature that this can be related later to sudden infant death syndrome (2-7 & also explained in orientation class). The longer the subluxation remains undetected and uncorrected, the higher the risk for unsurfaced problems/conditions to become more evident and expressed later in life. 

Traumas, Toxins and Mental Stress (Negative Thoughts) cause more stress in those tissues surrounding the spine which then, in turn, put more stress INSIDE the nervous system ("sticking" ON the fight/flight system of our body). As a result, the body's physiology gets pushed from the "normal tone" of healing, homeostasis, growth and development, rest, digest, etc INTO a "CHRONIC STRESS tone". When this is left undetected and uncorrected for any longer than JUST 14 DAYS (2 weeks) it can lead to, not only, arthritis and premature/accelerated aging, BUT also DIS-FUNCTION and DIS-EASE in organs and tissues. 

So, what does all this "scientific stuff/DETAILS" have to do with WHY YOUR SUBLUXATIONS KEEP COMING BACK? And WHY THEY'RE USUALLY IN THE SAME PLACE EACH WEEK?? 

Great Questions!! 

Well, you see, when we have mental, physical and chemical stress in our life, it tightens the muscles in your body. In a healthy joint, that's not a very big deal BUT in less stable joints that have old sprains (stretched ligaments that have never healed completely like new), the vertebra are more likely to subluxate. 

When you come to the office and get adjusted, the subluxation is eliminated. If you leave the office and get into the car improperly, trip on the curb, sit for too long, etc... the spine might subluxate again in the very same place as before because it is the "weakest link". If you go to work and your boss gets on your case because of a deadline or the kids call you sick from school... yup, SUBLUXATION. If you take a puff of a cigarette, drink a diet soda, have processed foods, take a big deep breath of polluted air or swallow a tylenol for that gnagging headache... you got it! SUBLUXATION once again.

In chiropractic, when we see the same subluxation reoccurring over and over again in the same individual, we call that a pattern.  Some patterns are more common than others like at C1, T6, and L5 but it is very unusual for any two people to have the same "pattern" of subluxation. For that to happen, you would have to have had the same trauma to the spine on the same side of the spine at exactly the same point in time and then be under the same "recipe" of stressors throughout daily life. Think of it as your "CHIROPRACTIC FINGERPRINT". Your pattern is one of a kind. 

So, WHY GET CHECKED AND ADJUSTED WEEKLY?? Well, Dr. Videman's study demonstrates that if we merely break the "pattern of subluxation", even for a short time (before 14 days), it can stop the progress of degeneration of the joint/spine (8). If we get adjusted, consistently, on a weekly basis and we exercise (Move Well) to strengthen and stabilize the spine, Dr. Wolff's study comes into play ---> Dr. Wolff proved (Wolff's Law) that if you strengthen the muscles around an unstable joint, you can actually REVERSE DEGENERATIVE ARTHRITIS! (9-10). 

Not only does an adjustment reconnect the brain to the body by removing the interference caused by a subluxation, but it can also be instrumental in helping the body repair itself when done in conjunction with a daily exercise routine (Move Well), eating a healthy diet & hydrating with water (Eat Well) and getting 6-8 hours of rest & having a positive faith-based attitude (Think Well).

So IN SUMMARY... Stress is EVERYWHERE! It's in the foods we eat, the thoughts we think and the inactivity we sit on! Stress CAUSES Subluxation and chiropractors fix subluxation so you can enjoy LIFE at 100%. LIFE does not need intervention, it just needs no interference!

The reason chiropractors teach and recommend everyone to get checked at least once per week for subluxation is pretty OBVIOUS when we research the DETAILS. This is the STANDARD we set and the STANDARD we live by.  
The DETAILS are Important

The Bible has many "hidden" details that the Holy Ghost will teach us as we read The Word (John 14:26). One of my favorites is "Why did Jesus FOLD the napkin/handkerchief that was placed over His face after He was resurrected?" 
(John 20:7)

In order to understand this, you need to understand a little bit of Hebrew tradition of that day. The folded napkin had to do with the "Master and the Servant", and every Jewish boy knew this tradition... 

When the servant set the dinner table for the master, he made sure it was exactly the way the master wanted it. The table was decorated appropriately with the blemish-free white tablecloth, furnished just right, everything in its right place... the DETAILS were important. Then the servant would sit, just out of sight, and wait for the master to finish eating. If the master was DONE eating, he would rise up and wipe his face, fingers and beard, wad up the napkin and toss it onto the table unfolded. In those days, the wadded up napkin meant "I'm done". But if the master, FOLDED his napkin, placed it next to his plate and left the table the servant was NOT to touch the table because that meant.... 

"I AM coming back!" 

This is a prophetic warning to world. 
He IS coming back quickly. 

If you haven't been checked for subluxation in the last 14 days (even if you don't have the money) GET IN HERE! (That's why I have a "box on the wall") and more importantly... 

If you haven't put complete FAITH in Jesus Christ, today is the day of salvation. (Acts 4:12 & 2 Corinthians 6:2) GET IN HIM! 

Have an Abundant December! and Merry CHRISTmas!

     In Health and Faith,
        With Love and Appreciation
               Dr. Chad

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