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November 2015: Newsletter - Sight RESTORED!!!


Greetings All,

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WE WILL BE CLOSED ON THE FOLLOWING DATES/TIMES: Please plan your weekly wellness visits accordingly.
  • Tuesday November 3rd from 5:20pm - CLOSE (No Orientation Class) for Mama & Baby Schleiger's Pregnancy Check-up! 
  • Tuesday November 10th from 4:50pm - CLOSE (No Orientation Class) for Peoples Bank Women's Group 
  • Thursday November 19th from 5:50pm - CLOSE for Mama & Baby Schleiger's Pregnancy Check-up!
  • Thursday November 26th ALL DAY for Thanksgiving (will be opened Friday 11/27 and Saturday 11/28 from 9-12)
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Our mission is to IMPACT the community one family at a time through the foundations of OPTIMAL NEUROLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT as well as Stress Management, Frequent Exercise, Eating Real Foods and Nutritional Supplementation to "fill in the gaps". 
Please stay tuned to attend our UPCOMING EVENTS that are designed to IMPACT your family's health and the way you THINK!
Online Telecast titled: "7 Reasons Why Kids Need Chiropractic Care"
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BIRTH: The Outcome of a Healthy Pregnancy
Wed. Nov 18, 2015
@ 6:30pm
@ The Wellness Pointe
THE PERFECT STORM: The TRUE CAUSES Behind Childhood Illnesses
Wed. Dec 9, 2015
@ 6:30pm
@The Wellness Pointe
COST for CLASSES listed above:
"Sick Care" Idols

In ancient pagan cultures, it was COMMON (not to be confused with "normal") to arrive at the village's place of worship and see thousands of carved idols.  Each year new idols were created and added as the perceived needs of the people changed.  Surprisingly, older idols were never discarded; they just continued to be part of the worship culture... 

There's a parallel between this and the challenge of educating new practice members about the principles of chiropracTIC which is the God-given, Inborn potential we are all conceived with, born with and, still to THIS DAY, live with.  Every year, every month, every week there is a new drug, new procedure, new lotion, potion or pill that has been developed to "cure" some ailment. We praise it, put it on a pedestal, market it on TV and fall in "awe" of it... We live the lifestyle we want because, 'heck, why not, I've been given free will' and then we FALL sick to an illness or dis-ease.  Rather than changing our ways, changing our lifestyle, we run to our IDOL -- our "cure" all -- some man-made idol.  It's comforting knowing that chiropracTIC hasn't changed since it's birth in 1895 and I don't plan on manipulating the principles that have been laid down as a foundation -- the Designer created the body in His Image (perfect) and we trust that He will heal. ChiropracTIC doesn't add anything to your body NOR take anything away and it is, by no means, a "cure" for anything.   

Patient education (Chiropractic orientation class) should REALLY be called "Patient RE-education". We need to learn how to TEAR DOWN virtually everything we once beleived about health, the safety and effectiveness of drugs, intervention and procedures. Once we tear down those old idols, we can start to construct and build that which is TRUTH. 

It is never safe to compare chiropracTIC to medicine or adjustments to pills. When we make this comparison, we automatically put chiropracTIC in the allopathic (sickness and treatment) model. When you're stuck in the allopathic model of "sickness-thinking", you will NEVER SEE chiropracTIC as anything more than a natural way of obtaining symptom relief. Once people understanding the fundamental difference between "feeling" vs. "function" then they can understand the fundamental principles of health and healing and the God-given (necessary) role of symptoms.
ChiropracTIC adjustments RESTORE proper function to the nervous system (master coordinating and healing organ in the body) -- the adjustment restores that which is NORMAL. The vast majority who don't understand the basic principles of design never FULLY appreciate what is being restored nor the VALUE of an adjustment.

I had a friend of a friend who bought a classic car with the intention of restoring it as a hobby project. After years of tinkering with it, he finally took it to one of the best auto body shops in the state for an estimate.  He had purchased the car for $5,000 and was willing to spend another $5,000, if necessary, to get it restored. Imagine his surprise when the 'auto-body' owner quoted him a total restoration fee of $42,000!?! 

The shock of hearing such a ridiculous quote made my friend's friend upset BUT after the owner of the shop explained that the car was a VERY RARE CLASSIC that, once restored, would be worth well over $130,000, he couldn't write him a check fast enough.   

The owner could've talked til he was blue in his face about the car's current condition, the restoration process, how long it would take, his qualifications, extra schooling and seminars that he took, what all the initials after his name meant, etc... but NONE of that would have made a difference. All he needed to do was describe the VALUE of the car in it's RESTORED condition. 

What happened with my friend's friend classic car illustrates the thought process everyone has to go through when we introduce a new paradigm of thinking. With changing any paradigm, not just healthcare, it's easy to slip into a confrontational situation -- been there done that -- NOBODY likes to be told that they have been LIED to by mainstream media and a pharmaceutical agenda, ESPECIALLY when their children are involved. Even a friendly conversation with family members and/or long-time practice members can have confrontational undertones which can inhibit the learning process, lead to misunderstanding, and a FALSE understanding to why they are returning weekly get checked for subluxation...   
The "TRUTH-mobile" VS The "False-mobile"
Which one are you SHOUTING for??

Several weeks ago the Pope traveled to America to address congress.  He traveled here and there in his UPDATED, MODERN, BRAND NEW Fiat 500L.  Did you see all the attention he drew on TV and the crowds that he attracted while traveling in his "Pope-mobile"?!?
Well, years ago, when Jesus was on His way to Jericho, the crowds were even BIGGER. As Jesus passed the multitudes on the way to Jericho, He ran across a blind man SHOUTING to get His attention.  Bartimaeus began to shout, "Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me." He shouted it over and over again... The crowd got agitated and told Bartimaeus to "KEEP QUIET!".  Bartimaeus was ruining the moment screaming as the "Jesus-mobile" went by... BUT Jesus didn't think he was ruining the moment.  The "Jesus-mobile" STOPPED, He commanded blind Bartimaeus to be brought to Him and He asked him this question... 

Luke 18: 40, Mark 10:51 
"What do you want Me to do for you?"
Bartimaeus replied, "Lord, I want to see." Jesus replied, "Receive your sight; your FAITH has HEALED you." 

I'm POSITIVE, blind Bartimaeus SAW the world A LOT different after his sight was restored.  Not only did he no longer have to "feel" his way through life BUT he got to SEE God.  

Blind Bartimaeus kept pressing forward, though the crowd, he kept making noise, he kept shouting, nothing was going to keep him from God. In return, God SAW his FAITH and asked, "What do you want me to do for you?" What a profound question.  

Maybe standing still and doing nothing isn't enough to get God's attention... Maybe He wants the desperate, so in need they'll do whatever it takes, crawling on the ground, unable to see, being told by the multitudes, "Be quite! You're making too much NOISE! You're ruining the service!"... BUT still screaming at the top of their lungs, "Son of David!!" 

Has your level of FAITH caused Jesus to command His angels, "Stop! Go get me that one.  I have a question to ask them"?  

"What do you want Me to do for you?"

OR do we continue to go "blindly" through life, lining up to watch the "Pope-mobile" (the "FALSE-mobile") IDOLIZING men, quietly praying for a new president, new employee benefits, the new "cure" all, silently hoping for our condition to go away or better yet, covering the problems behind potions, lotions and pills, BEHIND the crowd, BEHIND the multitudes...?? 

Just as He works in us, He works through us... The next time we are confronted by a "blind beggar in the crowd" are we going to tell him to "keep quiet", "I'm busy", "Get behind me and the crowd", _________(you fill in the excuse)?!? OR are we going to help them "press through" the multitudes and take them to the One who has ALL the answers?? 

"What do you want Me to do for you?"

NEVER forget that YOU ARE a VERY RARE CLASSIC, a ONE of a KIND vehicle! You have been created without intervention, complete and PERFECT (In His Image) BUT sometimes life beats us up a little and we need a little rejuvenating and RESTORATION back to NORMAL...
What is the VALUE in that?
He can do it. He said He will. It just takes FAITH. 
What an Awesome God we Serve!

In Health and Faith, 
   With Love and Appreciation,

    Dr. Chad
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