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May 2016 Newsletter: The 5 Foundational Principles -- Live Congruent and On Purpose

Greetings All,

Announcements, Updates and News

We will be CLOSED Saturday May 14th as my wife and I are going to run a Half-Marathon in hilly terrain... wish us luck!

When we are NOT congruent, "Blind Spots" in our Lifestyle can derail our Health... and ultimately, our Finances AND our FUTURE. (#1 Cause of bankruptcy is MEDICAL DEBT) <-- and it's avoidable if you INVEST in yourself! 

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the people you have referred into my office. That is the kindest thing you can do for a chiropractor. As you know, my mission at The Wellness Pointe is to “DETECT and CORRECT subluxations in a fun, safe, loving and caring environment AND to restore and maintain the health of YOU, your family, your friends and the entire community. I have had the blessing of witnessing God grow The Wellness Pointe to the largest chiropractic office in Walworth County in just 18 months while serving over 300 people a week, through ALL of you! We couldn't have done it without your continued RYFing and commitment to INVEST in your health every day, every week for the rest of your LIFE.

Since we are a wellness practice, many of you have asked how to RYF (refer your friends and family). It is really quite simple… instead of telling them we can treat their pain or symptoms (which frankly, we cannot do), just tell them the TRUTH. You might say something like this:

“Hey Mary, maybe you should see my chiropractor because when your spine is out of alignment, nerves get pinched and it cuts off the signals of life to whatever part of the body those nerves supply. When this occurs for too long (as little as 14 days) the organs that the nerves supply will get unhealthy, stop working properly and the body will get Dis-eased. All my chiropractor will do is align the spine so that you can begin HEALING WELL again, from the INSIDE-out.” 

It is just that simple. If they come to the Orientation Class, their first visit is $35 AND if they decide to come for maintenance (ONCE PER WEEK) then they get to set their OWN FEE FOR CARE using the Honor Box. If they don't want to come once per week for maintenance then THEY CANNOT use the box on the wall -- very simple -- If this is the case, then each adjustment is $35 or they can pre-pay for adjustments (10 adjustments for $240 or 5 adjustments for $140). Either way is fine -- We just know, as the informed minority, that it is easier to maintain wellness than it is to restore it once it has been lost -- Just be honest and don't use the box if it's been longer than 14 days without a CALL, TEXT, EMAIL letting me know that you will not be in.

Those calls, texts and emails look something like this: 

"Hey doc, it's been crazy at work, I'll try to get in next week. If not I'll call again."

"Hi Dr. Chad, It's snow bird season. We will be gone for the next 6 months in Florida, just put me and my husband down for May 15th after lunch and we'll make sure to find a chiro down here so we don't regress into spinal degeneration." 

"Dr. Chad, I have to take care of my Aunt Ruth in Arizona. I should be back in 4 weeks. I will let you know if I'm any longer. Talk soon!"

To regain the privilege of using the Honor Box (If it's been longer than 14 days since your last check WITHOUT a call, text or email) you can do one of two things:
1. Pay $35/member of the family that has not been in within the last 14 days
2. Revisit Orientation Class (Tuesdays at 7pm and Saturdays at Noon) -- the second option will waive the $35/member fee.

It is not fair to those who come in every week for maintenance and INVEST in their health, just so others can abuse the Honor Box, so please hold yourself accountable to your own health <-- It's your most valuable asset and your responsibility. ;) Once again, I do not monitor the Honor Box -- God just laid this on my heart to share with you -- He knows and He monitors the box -- not me.

Thanks again for asking what RYF is in the office and for being part of the informed minority telling the uninformed majority.

Something NEW at The Wellness Pointe
We have developed The 5 Foundational Principles at The Wellness Pointe.
By "adjusting" the 6 inches in between your ears we can lead you into a Purpose of Abundance -- in EVERY sense of the word. 
 -- Let me begin by starting where it all began --
There is a chance that you know my story... 
Maybe you've been to my Chiropractic Orientation Class, seen my story on Facebook or someone has shared it with you. The reason I share my story has nothing to do with pride, arrogance or ego but everything to do with my purpose and drive. 
-- Have you ever been faced with a situation that felt out of control and the outcome was undesirable? --
For me it occurred in 2011... I was fresh out of chiropractic school, up to my ears in debt, signed a contract with a partner in business and bought a chiropractic office. 
I was a financial ticking time bomb. 
Two years later I was engaged. If being in a suffering, suffocating, "subluxated" chiropractic office that was run down by a "sick insurance" business model wasn't enough of a stressor, I got married and moved to Chicago all while commuting 2 hours both ways to and from the office outside of Milwaukee.  
I could see my health starting to fall apart, the "Hi Honey" phase of marriage turned into, "Where's the money?" arguments and I thought to myself... "Is this really my life?" 
-- What I find crazy is that my health, relational and financial story of dis-ease is something that so many people experience on a day to day basis BUT it usually lasts longer than just the three years I experienced -- 
Up late, tossing and turning in bed, worrying about how I was going to pay for food, rent, loans, gas, supporting a wife, life... I heard God speak to my Spirit and He said, "Hang a box on the wall". 
Yes, you heard it right. A box. Hung on the wall. To collect payment. So, I decided to be obedient and follow. To make a long story short, I bought out my shares from my partner and left the office in Delafield and started a new one from scratch in Elkhorn -- with one portable adjusting table and 4 pallet walls -- I hung a sign outside the office, a box on the wall, started teaching the INSIDE-out principle of health, gave my service away with no strings attached -- and people invested in their health, within their means, for wellness care. 
-- Remember what I said about my health, relationships and finances because it's eerie to how similar it is to your circumstances --
At this point, I only taught the principle that changed my personal health -- riddled with asthma as a young child, it was the chiropractic adjustment that cleared my lungs of interference and allowed me to breath and withdraw from the drug-base model of "health". A chiropractor once told me, "God intended every part of my body to function, perform, heal, operate and regenerate. Stop covering the symptoms and look for the cause." And I truly believe that God intended our entire life, not just our health, to function, perform, heal, operate and regenerate in Abundance. So I decided to live my entire life in "alignment" with these 5 Foundational Principles. By doing so, my wife and I have created a drug-free, intervention-free life for our family. We no longer live in the F.E.A.R (false evidence appearing real) of scarcity. We no longer live in fear of what the future holds, we don't fear that our life savings will go into bankruptcy because of medical debt, we don't fear that we'll be spending $6000-8000 per month to pay for a nursing home for ourselves nor that our 401k and social security is not enough to retire on... We invest in ourselves everyday. Teach others how to do the same. And most importantly, we have freed ourselves financially to live a God-given, Purpose-driven, Principled life. 
"Once you free yourself financially, you can be fully present to your PURPOSE."

If you want to know how we did it, we are giving the information away and Franchising our "Purchase from your Own Pump" model of supplementing to fill in the gaps to avoid an all too common "blind spot" in the way we look at Food and Finances.  

Our mission through Shaklee Thought Leaders is to teach the 5 Foundational Principles to 1 million people and help 10,000 families become financially independent, simply, by investing in themselves and LIVING their God-given, Purpose-driven, Principled-LIFE just as they were designed to live.

If this sparked a little fire deep down in your soul and you'd like to learn more about "supplementing gaps in your life", we are having the first Shaklee Community Connection at the office Monday May 16th from 6:30-8pm. Please RSVP via email at 

If not, I'll see you later this week for your weekly check! You are most appreciated!

I Agape You! 

In Health and Faith, 

  With Love and Appreciation, 

 Dr. Chad
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