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September 2015: Newsletter - Fathers, the ProtecTORS of the GALAXY


Greetings All,

Announcements, Updates, and News

WE WILL BE CLOSED ON THE FOLLOWING DATES: Please plan your weekly wellness visits accordingly.
  • Monday September 7th for LABOR DAY.
  • Tuesday September 22nd from 2-4pm for Mama & Baby Schleiger's Pregnancy Check-up!  Office hours on September 22 will be 9-12, 4-7pm with Chiropractic Orientation to follow (@ 7pm) so RYF!! ;)
  • Friday & Saturday, October 2 & 3 for my Sister-IN-Law's WEDDING!

Take Action!
Our mission is to IMPACT the community one family at a time through the foundations of OPTIMAL NEUROLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT as well as Stress Management, Frequent Exercise, Eating Real Foods and Nutritional Supplementation to "fill in the gaps". 
Please stay tuned to attend our UPCOMING EVENTS that are designed to IMPACT your family's health and the way you THINK!
Please RSVP and Share with FAMILY and FRIENDS!
Throughout our community, far too many kids continue to suffer from health challenges ranging from "simple" ear infections (I say "simple" because it can turn into life-long asthma and breathing problems if the CAUSE is not corrected) to ADHD. The most common (and usually only) presented 'solution' parents are given is MORE drugs or a surgical procedure. Pediatric and Family Wellness Chiropractic care isn't just an "alternative" to medications and surgery BUT an entirely different approach to health care and to your family's outlook on health! Check Out the UPCOMING EVENTS and Join Us!
Online Telecast titled: "7 Reasons Why Kids Need Chiropractic Care" Coming Soon!
VACCINES: Making Informed Decisions
Thursday Oct 1, 2015
@ 7:30pm
@ The Wellness Pointe
BIRTH: The Outcome of a Healthy Pregnancy
Wed. Nov 18, 2015
@ 6:30pm
@ The Wellness Pointe
THE PERFECT STORM: The TRUE CAUSES Behind Childhood Illnesses
Wed. Dec 9, 2015
@ 6:30pm
@The Wellness Pointe
COST for CLASSES listed above:
Thank you all that took the time to fill out the survey last week! I will relay the message to the chiropractors and chiropractic groups asking how the honor box fee schedule works (with your feedback) BUT for those who left their own comments with regards to the question "why do you come back weekly?" and left answers such as "To get CRACKED!" I thought I would take the time to put together a VOCABULARY SECTION in this Newsletter so you could refer back to the "correct" ways to express chiropracTIC. ;)   
Modern ChiropracTIC Dictionary:

Your Term: CRACK
Meaning: To align the spine using a gentle force to eliminate interference between the brain and the tissue cells to allow the body to HEAL BETTER. 

Meaning: A misalignment and fixation of one or more of the bones/joints of the spine that cause internal neurological stress. This can cause pain, alteration in autonomic function, alteration of neurological flow into and out of the central nervous system or absolutely NO symptoms at all, lessening the body's innate (God-given) ability to maintain maximal health.

Your Term: "POP"
Meaning: The sound a joint makes (SOMETIMES) when there are changes in pressure due to the separation of the joint surfaces and gases are temporarily released. 

Correct Term: DIS-EASE (dis hyphen ease)
Meaning: The word dis-ease is a combination of "dis" and "ease".  "Dis" is a prefix meaning "apart from" and "ease" means "comfort or harmony".  It follows then that dis-ease is nothing more than a lack of comfort or loss of harmony within the whole system. Chiropractors understand that instead of treating "dis-ease" with chemicals and invasive procedures, whenever possible, we should first reduce or eliminate nerve interference by detecting and correcting subluxations, thereby giving the patient the BEST chance to recover, heal and maintain health NATURALLY. 

Correct Term: DETECT and CORRECT
Meaning: "Treat" implies that the doctor did something that got the patient well but we as Chiropractors understand that doctors cannot get people well -- it's the patient's responsibility to get well! (Not doctors, Not governments, Not your employers, Not your "sick" care's responsibility or your "sick" insurance's responsibility)  All we can do as doctors is DETECT and CORRECT subluxations in order to allow each person's inborn, innate, God-given ability to fully express health without interference. 
September: "Protect them, don't let them go astray." 

The Bible is pretty incredible.  I'm on my way to getting through it a second time and each time I read it or read part of it, I find more important lessons for my own LIFE, business, marriage, chiropracTIC, and becoming a new dad...
With each visit to the Midwife or our Doula and anticipation of our newborn on the way, I hear God gently whisper in my ear, "Protect them, don't let them go astray".  

Luke 15:4-6
"What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he loses one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the wilderness, and go after the one which is lost until he finds it? And when he has found it, he lays it on his shoulders, rejoicing. And when he comes home, he calls together his friends and neighbors, saying to them, 'Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep which was lost!'

I had a discussion with a patient who I considered to be intelligent, kind, concerned about his health, honest and sincere. It had been about 4 weeks since I last checked him for subluxation. He told me that he would not be coming in regularly anymore. He had a discussion with his wife who has worked in the healthcare field and they came to the conclusion that they didn't need to be checked weekly and they felt being adjusted regularly was detrimental to their health. He said they understood the benefits of being subluxation-free so they were going to come, just less frequently BUT he didn't think being subluxated for a few weeks was a big deal if he was adjusted monthly or so... 

WOW... It made me nauseous knowing that no matter what I said, no matter how much research I gave him, he had made up his mind.  I HAD LOST ONE OF MY SHEEP.
Why do people choose darkness over light? Why do people choose to serve themselves instead of serving God in their place of business and life? Why do people choose to smoke or take drugs when they know it will cause illness? Why do people text while driving when they know that it may kill an innocent life? Why do our sheep wander off into the darkness... into the woods where there are predators... away from the protection and sustenance and towards danger and famine? WHY?? 

I thought to myself, Why do people choose NOT to continue to be checked for subluxations regularly after pouring my heart, mind, sweat, and soul into teaching them the importance of doing what I do for myself, my pregnant wife and my family in the orientation? It's not because of the money -- or else I wouldn't hang a box on the wall. Don't think it's because I didn't love him enough -- because I treated him and his family just as though they were my own. Don't think it's because he was "over adjusted" -- because the research, the facts and the truth say otherwise. He was just convinced by the BILLION DOLLAR pharmaceutical companies that run drug commercials on prime-time T.V. in between his favorite shows... He was convinced by ads on the scoreboard of the Brewer's game... He was convinced by his "lost" friends, that the "grass is greener" on their side... so he went astray... and unfortunately took his wife and 3 kids with him.  

That whisper echoes daily between the 6 inches of my ears, "Protect them, don't let them go astray". And I attempt to do just that -- With more facts, more science, more research, more conviction and more TRUTH of why chiropractic & applying the wellness principles we teach is the way to keep you and your family healthy and well from Pregnancy to Birth, through Childhood and into your Adulthood -- which is why we are implementing TWP's Community IMPACT Program.

Have you ever had something not go "your way"? Have you had a business plan "fall through"? Employment circumstances fail? Unemployment? Do you feel defeated? Has someone hurt you or not kept to their word/promise??  REMEMBER, even Jesus Himself lost one of his 12 disciples to the enemy. After pouring His heart, His mind and His sweat into His teachings, His "friend" turned Him in to be hung from a tree... for a measly 30 pieces of silver...

Even though things don't go exactly the way "your flesh" planned, MAYBE it's for a GREATER PURPOSE. Maybe the rain fell on your workday because you were suppose to experience a blessing with your family... Maybe you experienced a flat tire because God wanted you to meet a new friend... Maybe you lost your job because God is going to open a window for you to be a stay at home mom... ? Maybe...?? 

I don't know... But I do know that we serve a Father who is the Protector and Provider of the galaxy AND we know that ALL things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

After Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver it lead to the GREATEST EVENT in human history -- the pouring out of His Spirit and Blood for all mankind to have access to salvation. What an amazing Father!

I'm going to do all I can to bring the sheep back into the flock BUT in the meantime we are going to REJOICE as the 11 sheep of this flock and enjoy the NEW BABY ARRIVALS (Congrats!!) who have just joined us and those pregnant moms who will be delivering their BABIES shortly in the next few months!
(SIGN UP for ONE or ALL of the classes we have to offer at The Wellness Pointe and SHARE with your friends and family -- see above for dates and times)
Birth: The Outcome of a Healthy Pregnancy
The Perfect Storm: The TRUE Cause(s) Behind Childhood Illnesses
Vaccines: Making Informed Decisions 

In Health and Faith, 
     With Love and Appreciation, 
         Dr. Chad
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Orientation Class Every Tuesday at 7pm or Saturday at Noon. 
1. Attend class
2. Get Checked WEEKLY for Subluxation
3. Put payment into the Honor Box weekly (you set the fee for wellness care)
4. RYF -- refer your FRIENDS and FAMILY

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