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6400 Perkins Road 
Behind Pennington Biomedical
8 am to Noon 
5th and Main Streets
Downtown BR
8 am to Noon 

Red Stick Spice Anniversary Specials

Celebrate Red Stick Spice Company's 1 year anniversary inside Main Street Market with special giveaways and promotions. Everyone who visits the store Thursday and Friday will receive a complimentary product sample and have the chance to win one of the following prizes: a $50 RSS Gift Certificate; a $75 Gift Basket; or four $25 gift boxes. Winners will be drawn this Saturday, Sept 19th at noon and notified via phone or email. This Saturday, they will also be sampling their award-winning squash and shrimp bisque along with a Quick Fig BBQ sauce paired with Cutrer's sausage. 
This Saturday

This is a special time of year when you can find both summer melons and fall pumpkins in season at the Farmers Market. Farmers are harvesting the last of summer's bounty as the first peak of fall greets us with tender greens, corn, and hard squashes beginning to appear. Chef Lauren Silvernail with Beausoleil Restaurant and Bar will showcase the variety of seasonal items at the Market during the Fresh from the Market cooking demonstration at 10 am this Saturday. Don't miss her demo and the chance to sample her farm fresh dish. Sunflowers are also back at the Market this week with the return of Mon Jardin Farm. 

Fresh Recipes 

Asian Pear Rose Pastries 

by chef Damian Fraase, LCI 
 Ingredient Amount g Amount oz
Pastry flour 500 16.0
Salt 10 0.3
Sugar 30 1.0
Baking powder 25 1.0
Shortening/butter 190 6.0
Milk 300 9.5
Any apple/pear fruit ea 3 3
Jam of your choice w/out seeds 113 4.0
Cinnamon Sugar Option:  
Sugar 250 8
Cinnamon 15 .5 oz
Butter (melted) 50 6
Tools Needed: 

Bowl scraper
Rubber spatula
Measuring tools/scale
Rolling pin
Bread flour for dusting table
Icing spatula
Pastry/pizza cutter
Muffin pans
Spray pan release
Pastry brush
Paring knife
Veg. peeler
Melon baller/apple corer

Method to Preparation
1 Preheat oven 425°F (220°C).
2 Set aside about t2 ounce (15 grams) or flour for dusting work surface.
3 Blend the rest of the dry ingredients thoroughly by sifting together three times onto parchment paper
4 Place dry ingredients into mixer bowl and add the shorting on low speed using flat beater for 1 minute, Stop and scrape bow.
5 Add milk and sir on low speed for 20 seconds: dough should just barely hold together, with some dry ingredients remaining unincorporated
6 Transfer dough to a lightly floured surface, knead lightly to develop gluten. Wrap and allow to rest in refrigerate. Aprox. 30 minutes.
7 Heat oven to 400°F. Grease or spray the muffin pan/s.
8 Wash and core apples/fruit. Thinly slice each one, leaving the peel on.
9 In a 2qt saucepan, heat 4 c H20 & 4 tblsp. Sugar and juice of one lemon. Boil I reduce to a simmer. Add apples, blanch for 3 minutes.
They should be flexible so that they bend rather than break.
10 Drain apples and place on paper towels to dry and cool.
11 Sprinkle bread flour on work table and roll the cooled dough to 1/4" thickness.
12 Spread jam, OR brush with butter, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar
13 Using a pastry/pizza cutter, cut the dough into roughly 9 1" strips.
14 Arrange cooled apple slices end to end down each strip. Carefully roll up each strop and place in prepared muffin pan.
15 Bake 20-25 minutes or until nicely golden brown. Remove from pan and cool on a rack. EAT!

Red Stick Sprouts

Calling all kids! Kids ages 2 to 12 can sign up for the Red Stick Sprouts kids club and receive a market tote bag, seasonal recipe, and veggie coloring sheet. Sprouts members also receieve $2 in market tokens to sped with local farmers each time they visit the Red Farmers Market. More information is available at the Informational Booth in the center of the Farmers Market. 

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