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Welcome the first of newsletter in a short series we call #coffeeandacupofmindfulness designed to help you Uncover Mindfulness. We will be sharing a number of Mindful Hacks in coming weeks. These will provide highly effective shortcuts and tips that you can use to improve & introduce a real purpose into both how you live and how you work. Wherever you are. Whatever you do!
With Mindfulness, the thing is, it's just so simple. You don't need any equipment or new kit. You don't even need a lot of time. The research is unequivocal and in as little as three-to-five minutes daily practice for just eight weeks you can begin to notice a very real difference. So, just think then what ten minutes a day for 16 weeks might achieve!
Are you curious <<First Name>>?
You wouldn’t be alone.
So, how can something that's been around for over 2500 years and counting do this and why has it suddenly become big news? Mentioned in recent speeches by both Barrack Obama and David Cameron. Identified as a Global Trend for 2015 and described as the new 'Secret Weapon' for better business.

In fact, lately you won't have been able to open up a lifestyle magazine or even the business sections of the Broadsheet newspapers, without coming across a feature or article on it.

Well, quite simply the science has caught up and the world in general has started to wake-up and smell the coffee!

In the third newsletter in this series we'll be taking a specific look at all the science behind it, as well as at the two big discoveries over the past few years that have changed the game for Mindfulness, because each has changed how we understand what it is and how it works, particular on the Brain.

Whilst in other newsletters we'll be looking at Mindfulness and its relationship with education: How it can improve performance in the classroom and also reach out and allow disengaged students to reconnect. We'll also be looking at how Mindfulness can make you a more effective leader, both of yourself and of others, &, how it can markedly improve business performance and productivity: And we'll also look at how Mindfulness can make you a better coach.

But that's not all…

How can Mindfulness improve the way you live your life on a daily basis? How can it increase your personal resilience, give you greater empathy and make you more compassionate? How can it turn your brightness switch up, heighten your creativity and enable you to think more clearly and make better decisions?

In this series of newsletters you'll find out just how, when we look at some 'Top Tips' for Mindful Living in newsletter number five.

And what about society and how we all live and work together? Well, we'll also be looking at what a Mindful Revolution might look like and there's even a five-step plan we'll be looking at that could just get one going that will feature in the last newsletter in the series.

So, I hope you’re interested and will join us on our journey.

In the next newsletter we'll be looking at what Mindfulness actually is, meanwhile though if you want to read more about all aspects of Mindfulness, check-out my book, 'Uncovering Mindfulness: In Search Of A Life More Meaningful' here on Amazon .
There's also a series of free Podcasts available on both iTunes and YouTube too and each episode takes an in-depth look at a particular aspect. Simply search for, 'From Mindfulness With Love' to view or listen in.

And if you're on Twitter you can follow the continuing journey uncovering mindfulness @TheMindfulBook.

Do take care until the next time and Be Mindful!
Paul :)

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