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Stop Slavery Finally!

Tell Congress it is time to end slavery once and for all! Amend the legal flaws in the 13th Amendment authorizing prison slavery. Stop profiteering in its tracks - for the laborer deserves his wages.


The 13th Amendment of the US Constitution still allows slavery, creating increasing populations of caged people who provide free or near-free labor to the stockholders of the Prison Industrial Complex, the builders and profiteers of mass incarceration. As a result, American jobs are lost and job-seekers are victimized because private industry cannot compete with low-cost and unpaid labor.

Please Sign the Petition: End Slavery Finally!


In 1865, The 13th Amendment ended slavery and involuntary servitude: "....except as a punishment for crime." Thus, Legal Slavery continues past 1865. Prisoners as ‘slaves of the state' provide free-labor profits for corporations and their investors..."

* A Year in a California Prison Costs More Than a Year at Harvard.

* 2.4 million are incarcerated in the U.S.

* Private Prisons: The secretive $5 billion industry growing under Trump.

* NAACP: African American children represent 32% of children who are arrested, 42% of children who are detained, and 52% of children whose cases are judicially waived to criminal court.

* 3,000 American children have been sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

* 10,000 children housed in American adult jails are daily subjected to sexual assault.

* ACLU: Sentences imposed on Black males are 20% longer than for white males of similar crimes.

* SROs or policemen posted in public schools arrest children without notification to parents and without ‘due process’ legal representation.

* Mandatory Sentencing Laws lock up people for 481 years.

* Stop and Frisk Racial Profiling.

* Prison Stocks up 100% since Trump Election.

Please Sign the Petition: End Slavery Finally!

Dead Bodies and Billions in Tax Dollars

The secret, dangerous world of private prisons

But the companies have enjoyed a lucrative relationship with the federal government. Since 1997, they’ve been paid billions by the U.S. Bureau of Prisons to annually house more than 34,000 federal inmates. It was a convenient arrangement for a nation with the world’s highest prison population, underpinned by a belief that private corporations could do the job cheaper and better. READ MORE

Private prison stocks up 100% since Trump's win

Thanks to President Donald Trump, America's private prisons appear to be entering a gold age.

The stocks of the two biggest private prison operators -- CoreCivic (formerly know as Corrections Corp. of America) and Geo Group -- have doubled since election day. CoreCivic (CXW) is up 140% since Trump won in November; Geo Group (GEO) has risen 98%. READ MORE


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