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Jeremy Coller, Founder

FAIRR Calendar

8 & 9 December - RI Americas, New York, Jeremy Coller to speak about farm animal welfare and investment risk.

February 2016 - Launch of the 2016 BBFAW report (date TBC).

Ahead of the Herd: Our quarterly spotlight on an investor

This month's spotlight is on Alliance Trust who are using analysis of farm animal welfare to discover alternative investment opportunities in sustainable alternatives.

Find out more on page 14 of the FAIRR case studies book.

FAIRR puts animal welfare on the ESG agenda


The Farm Animal Investment Risk & Return (FAIRR) Initiative launched at the RI Europe and PRI in Person conferences in London this summer, including a keynote interview from FAIRR Founder Jeremy Coller.

We established FAIRR because we believe that a dangerous knowledge gap exists among investors regarding issues around animal welfare and industrial factory farming. We aim to put farm animal welfare on the ESG agenda and highlight its material impacts on portfolios. Our founding signatories include Aviva Investors, Coller Capital, The Health Foundation and the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

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FAIRR news

Animal welfare issues were raised at PRI in Person - the world's largest responsible investment event. Jeremy Coller highlighted the four inconvenient truths of factory farming.
New investor engagement on farm animal welfare leaders and laggards. A number of FAIRR signatories are supporting a new collaborative shareholder engagement with the best and worst performing companies on the 2015 Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare. The engagement will praise the ten companies with the best management systems and processes, and encourage the worst-performing 40 companies to improve.
'Betting the farm and the future'. An article by FAIRR Executive Director Alan Briefel was featured on the influential Skoll Foundation website.
New book of case studies and guidance released by FAIRR. The book features interviews with leading investors from around the world on how they are integrating animal welfare issues into investment processes. 

News roundup

Avian flu has ravaged the US poultry industry in 2015, with an estimated cost of $3.3bn. Factory farms have been worst hit by the bug
A recent investigation found the superbug LA MRSA CC398 in supermarket pork. Its presence was linked to the overuse of antibiotics on animal factory farms ‪
The World Health Organization is expected to link red meat consumption with cancer, which could put the meat industry at risk ‪
Courts in the US have overturned Idaho’s 'ag-gag' laws, which prevent undercover filming on factory farms, as unconstitutional
A recent survey of UK shoppers has shown that animal welfare is the top ethical concern for many and influences purchasing decisions
Good animal welfare standards created a new market for Karro foods as it landed a supplier contract with ‪Chipotle ‪
75 MEPs asked the EU to release a new animal welfare strategy by the end of the year, with possible legislative changes to follow