Spring Renewal with MOXIE
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Spring is the season for renewal. While many of us may have adjusted our lifestyle at the start of the New Year, after a few months the determination begins to fade. Spring is the perfect time fine-tune your focus on living a wellness lifestyle. Make this your healthiest season with these tips:
Enjoy the outdoors. Everyone is eager to get back to longer days, warmer weather, and outdoor activities. We are thankful to live in a beautiful community that offers the great outdoors. Use your new found MOXIE and hike the Hugh Banyon Trail or jog along our beautiful beaches.
Develop an action plan to clean up your eating habits. Don’t diet, cleanse, and hop on any bandwagon of the moment. Just get real with your food and create an action plan to develop better-for-you eating habits that are long lasting. Make a MOXIE Specialized appointment with Cory LeDoux, R.D. to get started.
Consistency and realistic goal setting is key. Schedule your MOXIE group fitness classes every Sunday and add them to your week's calendar. View your classes as an appointment and don't cancel.
Reflect and set achievable goals. A healthier mindset is setting realistic, achievable goals. It is a great feeling to reach a goal. Set realistic goals for the week.

Change it up with MOXIE Specialized. If you are getting bored, try getting outdoors, working out at a different time of day, or scheduling a MOXIE Specialized training session.

MOXIE is committed to helping you achieve a healthier lifestyle that is long lasting. Email us if you have questions about getting started or renewing your focus on wellness.

See you in the studio,
Amanda & Stephanie

National Unplug Day
THEME RIDE: 80s Beats with Brook
THEME RIDE: Songs That Remind You of MOXIE
Daylight Savings Time
St Patrick’s Day
First Day of Spring
The Wharf Boat Show
Spring Break
March Theme Rides at MOXIE

March 3rd at 8AM Join Brook for her 80s Beats Ride

March 11th at 8AM Songs That Remind You of MOXIE. Let us know what songs remind you of MOXIE by adding titles to the studio chalkboard!
Joining the MOXIE Team

We continue to respond to client request for more classes and varied formats. Join us this March for Ride and Restore at 6AM on Tuesdays and 930AM on Saturdays. You've probably seen new faces at the studio. To bring you more MOXIE, joining the team are Kelly Fay, Cory LeDoux, R.D.Shaw McPherson and Carmen Watkins. Please introduce yourself and welcome them to the MOXIE Team!
Kelly Fay grew up in California, attended Humboldt State University on a basketball scholarship and played professional basketball for one season with the London Mets. She holds a BS and MS in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Teaching/Coaching and completes a Masters in Performance and Sport Psychology in Spring 2017. Kelly received her 200/Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification in Goa, India. She has more than eight years experience as a trainer, college coach, hiking guide, group fitness instructor and yoga teacher.  Kelly says, "I am obsessed with traveling, writing, sweating and my daughter, Ireland!"
Cory LeDoux is a registered dietitian and a NASM certified personal trainer. He holds a fitness nutritional and corrective exercise credential. He completed the dietetic program at North Oaks Medical Center (NOMC) and is a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a BS in Dietetics. Cory works with clients and patients providing nutritional guidance, strength and muscle gain, weight loss, and health and nutritional education. When not working with patients, Cory likes snowboarding, riding bikes and cooking with his wife. "I enjoy working with de-conditioned men and women and helping them attain a better quality of life," said Cory.
Shaw McPherson has been practicing many different yoga styles since 1995 and has been guiding students through Meditation, Trauma Sensitive, Restorative and Vinyasa Flow Yoga since 2011.  He was inspired by yoga to deepen his self awareness and become present in life.  He participated in Yoga Teacher Trainings in 2011 and 2013 and is RYT 200 certified with Yoga Alliance and holds group fitness and cycling certifications. Shaw guides students through flow movement using one of 12 specific sequencing focused on healing for detox/metabolism, depression, self-acceptance, back strengthening and guided meditations with an instruction on breath work and asanas. "I view classes as a restorative journey from within helping each client leave feeling refreshed and committed to enter the world," said Shaw.
A former teacher originally from Atlanta, Carmen Watkins, holds a B.S in Special Education and certifications in Pilates and Yoga. She has been teaching Pilates and Yoga since 2006. Carmen and her husband moved to Orange Beach in 2016. Carmen said she and her husband "are enjoying the island life!"
New to the MOXIE Boutique

The Wellness shot delivers the health benefits of ginger root in a single zingy hit, heightened with a pinch of cayenne pepper and the tang of freshly squeezed Malibu lemons. Ginger is one of the healthiest spices on the planet, respected by scientists and holistic practitioners alike. It helps digestion, reduces nausea and has long been used in remedies for flus and colds. But more than anything, it feels great when it’s shooting down your gullet! $6

All ingredients are Raw, Cold Pressed, USDA Certified Organic

  • Organic Ginger 
  • Organic Lemon harvested in Malibu, CA 
  • Organic Coconut Water 
  • Organic Cayenne Pepper

The Vitality shot is handmade in Malibu by way of Hawaii, where founder Jordan Retamer has nurtured a relationship with one of the only farms producing red turmeric root in the West. Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties are fuelled by curcumin, an active ingredient that is also a very strong antioxidant. Throw in some Malibu lemons and fresh Thai young coconut and the Vitality shot is your daily dose of wellness in a single, smooth hit. $6

All ingredients are Raw, Cold Pressed, USDA Certified Organic

  • Organic Turmeric Roots Harvested in Hawaii 
  • Organic Lemon harvested in Malibu, CA 
  • Organic Fresh Thai Young Coconut
Linnea’s Lights is a family-owned, luxury brand of fine home fragrances built upon a foundation of quality craftsmanship, eco-friendly materials and an entrepreneurial spirit. From the introduction of their double-wick, small-batch soy candle in 2009 to the present day, Linnea's Lights core values remain constant: our products are made with materials sourced within the United States, each step of our candle-making process involves the touch of human hands and each product is designed and packaged locally in Indiana with recycled or recyclable materials. Linnea’s Lights products are crafted with passion and a commitment to quality, beauty and giving back. $16/$34

Overheard from our MOXIE clients...

"I love MOXIE Yoga with Hanna!"

"It was the hardest Barre class for me so far! You rock Stephanie!"

"Noon MOXIE Yoga with Jenn Hammonds is exactly what I need in the middle of a stressful workday. Thanks Jenn!"
"Shaw's guided meditation was awesome. We want more more more!"

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On the MOXIE Blog: Read more about why sleep matters. The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night At A Time by Arianna Huffington is available for purchase in the MOXIE Boutique.
We had a great time making more MOXIE memories at The Wharf Ferris Wheel celebrating National Ferris Wheel Day. Mark your calendars for MOXIE Pop Up 2.2 on April 8th!
Rather than allowing old habits to creep back in, renew your commitment to making healthier choices. Try to focus your nutrition on the health benefits you will receive from eating well rather than placing all of the focus on aesthetic goals. By focusing on your long term health, you will be more likely to stick to your healthy habits. Try these tips to get back on track:
Fill up on vegetables

Vegetables are a low calorie/high volume food.
Take it easy on the fruit
While fruit is a great source of fiber and natural sugar, some people tend to go overboard and eat too much. In turn, this keeps sugar and carbohydrate intake sky high. Rather than ditching fruit all together, try pairing one piece of fruit with almond butter, nuts or a source of lean protein.
Be wary of nutrition/protein bars
While the marketing on most of these products claim these bars are the healthy alternative, most of these bars are high in fat, carbohydrates and artificial preservatives. 
Up the protein
If you feel like you are constantly hungry, try adding a bit more protein to your meals. When ordering a dinner salad, order a serving of lean protein to be placed on top to help you fill up and stay full. Also try eating the protein portion of your meals before having the side items which are usually higher in carbohydrates and fat.
Drink more water
Water aids your body in digestion and keeps your skin looking youthful and hydrated. On days where you are training or outdoors for a period of time, be sure to consume extra water. Drinking 12 ounces of water before your meal will also fill up your stomach and may prevent you from overeating.
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