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FERC Wants Environmental Impacts Reduced On Rover Pipeline
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ("FERC"), the governmental authority overseeing pipeline projects, has released a 450-page draft report assessing the potential environmental impacts of the ROVER pipeline. 

In the report, the commission says approving the pipeline "...would have some adverse and significant environmental impacts" which can be "reduced to acceptable levels" with mitigation plans by Rover coupled with additional measures recommended by FERC. The major issues the report refers to are linked to waterbodies, wetlands, vegetation, wildlife habitat and alternatives. 

The Rover Pipeline draft environmental impact statement can be viewed at, Docket No. CP15-93-000.


What This Means For Landowners Affected By The Rover Pipeline
This report does not mean the Rover Pipeline is dead. The ball is now in the pipeline company's court. They will have the opportunity to address the issues raised in the report and decide if it will address these issues and how. FERC is accepting public comments on the report through April 11, 2016. 

We will be filing a comment on the report reiterating the concerns already expressed in the numerous comments that we have filed for you and objecting to approval of the report unless a drain tile plan acceptable to our clients is agreed to by Rover. Do not expect any action by FERC until late summer or fall of 2016. In the meantime, it is important that we continue to protect your interests. 

Coverage of the FERC Report:

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Landowners' Compensation 22 Times More
Than Original Offers
Goldman & Braunstein recently settled a number of natural gas pipeline cases in northern Ohio. As experienced litigators, Goldman & Braunstein were prepared to take these cases to court. Faced with this reality, the pipeline company settled. Not only were the landowners compensated 22 times more than their original offers, but Goldman & Braunstein also negotiated the easement terms their clients needed to protect their property.  

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