Official opening of kennels by the Deputy Mayor of Warrington

Our new ‘Hope Kennels’ were officially at the end of summer.   Work was completed in 2015 following a cash injection of £50,000 from Support Adoption For Pets.

The kennels, which were built last year, replaced the existing ‘kitten wing’ of the old rescue centre.  The build has been life-changing for the charity and since it was completed we have been able to help an additional 70 unwanted dogs into fantastic new homes.  Deputy Mayor of Warrington, Les Morgan and his wife Gwyn, who are both dog lovers officially opened the kennels followed by an informal reception to celebrate the event.  

The day was very emotional and it was fantastic to stop and appreciate how 
many additional dogs we have been able to help find loving, new homes.

Looking for a new challenge in 2017?

Do you have some spare time? We are looking to recruit some new volunteers and have vacancies in the following areas:
  • Fundraising, events & supporting campaigns
  • Centre assistant – cats / rabbits
  • Rabbit/Small Furry assistant
  • Kennel assistant & dog walking
  • Home-checking (full training given)
  • Centre maintenance – gardening, small DIY jobs
  • Driving animals to appointments
We are holding a recruitment event on:  
Saturday 14 January 2017, 10am – 12noon
@ The Gallery Café, Bank Quay House

(Sankey Street, Warrington, WA1 1NN, opposite Bank Park, across from the Golden Gates) 

Come along and find out more.  You must be 18+ and able to work unsupervised.  Check out the website for more info:
Special homes for special dogs - Annie and Leo’s stories...
Every now and again dogs come into the care of WAW and their stories really touch your heart. 
Recently we have had two such cases – Annie the beautiful, sweet natured Cocker Spaniel puppy who was taken to the vets by her breeder to be euthanized as she suffered a sight problem and Leo the giant Old English Sheepdog puppy who found himself at WAW after being in two previous homes that did not understand that his nipping was caused by pain from chronic hip dysplasia in both hips.
Both these gorgeous dogs are desirable breeds but were rejected as worthless as they were not perfect.  They both needed special homes – and you, our fantastic supporters did not disappoint us.
Despite the fact that she may go blind and needed a home with an existing calm dog, we were overwhelmed with the offer of homes for Annie.
Annie found her forever home with Joanne and Paul from Wigan.  Joanne said, “It’s been great seeing her grow in confidence and find her personality. She is settling in well and had found a best friend with our other dog.  Sometimes we forget that she cannot see properly - she is an adorable, happy puppy and is a huge part of our lives.” 
Leo needed a very special home – a long term foster home, willing to show him the love and attention he craves before his pain becomes un-manageable.  We needed someone very special who can make him comfortable and be prepared to see what happens, as we have been advised that an operation is not really an option for Leo.  He did not have to wait long as he found the perfect foster home with Gemma, a Vet Nurse, and her mum and dad.
Gemma has contacted us and said, “Leo is part of the furniture, he fancies himself as a lapdog and does not understand the concept of personal space. He is being as good as good and we love him so much. “
Both these lovely dogs will continue to receive support from WAW.  We will keep you updated on their progress.

The HOOCH Diaries...

This summer lovely Hooch finally found her forever home.  She wrote to us to say:
“Sorry it's been a while, but guess what? I have been settling into my new home. It took a while to find my forever human, but it was worth the wait. My new mum, Eleanor, said that I am settling in well, being a good girl and I have found my space on the couch!  Thanks to everyone at WAW, my lovely foster dad and all you WAW supporters for sharing my posts. I truly am one lucky girl!”
Love Hooch

Black cat appreciation Halloween Party!

Big thanks to the Vegan Venue on Marsh House Lane for hosting the 'Black Cat Appreciation Halloween Party'. The event raised £215.00 with all proceeds are going to WAW.  If you would like to host a fundraising event or get involved in fundraising contact us via Facebook or email

Could your group or business support WAW in 2017?

Are you looking for your next charity to support?  Then why not consider Warrington Animal Welfare and help us to continue to help animals in Warrington and the surrounding areas.  WAW are a small charity and rely totally on public support.  We can offer your group:
  • Support with fundraising / promoting events
  • Support with PR for your group / business
  • Visits and work days at our rescue centre
  • Talks about our work at your meetings and events
Contact us or find out more on our website.
Bess the very special Staffy...
When Staffordshire bull terrier Bess was signed over to Warrington Animal Welfare she had  a sack-like growth dangling between her back legs.  

The giant deformity - thought to be a skin tag which grew to an enormous size - was causing the four-year-old dog pain and making it a struggle for her to move about.

Brave Bess went under the knife and, thanks to vets at Orford Lane Veterinary Centre, has made a full recovery.  Philippa Bradley, head vet at the Willows Veterinary Group surgery, said it took nearly 45 minutes of intricate surgery to remove the growth.

She said: “I had never seen anything like it before in all my years working with animals.  Basically it was like a skin tag which had been left to grow to an enormous size, reaching about 10 inches in length.”

Bess’s growth almost touched the floor and if damaged it could have caused a serious infection, substantial pain and suffering.  We are grateful to all our supporters who 
donated £600 to help towards the cost of Bess’s operation and care.

WAW centre manager said: “Bess was really struggling to move about freely as a result of the growth which was so unsightly and cumbersome. We cannot thank Philippa enough for agreeing to step in and remove it. The result is a happier, much more vibrant dog.  Bess was a lovely natured animal even when she had the growth, but now she is even friendlier, wagging her tail whenever she sees us and eager for some much needed fuss and attention.”

Lucky for Bess she did not have to wait too long for her forever home and her new mum Katie, said, “Bess is great, she settled in really well and soon got into a routine.  She loves playing with my mums dogs and running in the field.”

Bess is a true ambassador for the breed and everyone at WAW fell in love with her, we wish her all the best in her new home.
Story and top picture as featured in the Liverpool Echo.
Every penny counts…
WAW are a small charity and rely totally on public support – we do not receive any Government   funding, we rely on kind donations from people like you.  All the animals in our care really want is a home, but until that happens we need to make sure they are well looked after and cared for and that does not come cheap.  Over the last year, to date – we have:
  • rehomed 120 dogs and 373 cats (plus 8 feral cats)
  • rehomed 43 rabbits and 17 guinea pigs
  • neutered 162 dogs, 494 cats, 25 feral cats, 71 rabbits and 20 guinea pigs
Our average annual vet bills are £40,000!  This does not include the cost of running the centre!  There are many different ways you can help and get involved and dontate:
  • Text: Text NEUT29 (plus the amount) e.g. NEUT29 £20 to 70070
  • WAW Just Giving page - which is really easy - you can set up a regular donation or make a one off donation!
  • Direct Debit: Set up a regular or a one off Direct Debit (Sort Code 60 20 29  /  A/c Number 50246798  /  Bank: Natwest)
  • Donation Button: On our website & Facebook
  • Legacy: if you would like to remember WAW and the animals in your will, please contact us or check out our website for more information.
Gentle Sampson...

Everyone loved Sampson at WAW, he was such a gentle boy.  He came into the care of WAW in April with a bad skin condition, a severe ear infection and was severely underweight.  He never complained or tried to bite when we gave him his ear drops, even though we knew he was in a lot of pain.  

Well look at him today!  His owner Kerri, said, “He is so well behaved, we are made up with him.  His weight is now normal and his skin and ears are a lot better.  He loves the kids and he loves the sea.  His best friend apart from our son, is our Leia the Hamster – they adore each other and follow each other around.”

Sampson has even come and helped out at some of our fundraising events.  We wish you all the best Sampson, you are a lucky boy!
Our small furries are getting some new digs! 
Thanks to £5,000 in funding from Support Adoption for Pets (SAFP) we are one step closer to upgrading our rabbit and small furries area at the centre. 
On a recent visit to the site, we discussed our tired rabbit area and how the charity was under pressure to deal with the amount of unwanted pet rabbits and how unfortunately we had suffered an outbreak of myxomatosis, which meant we had lost three rabbits and had to dispose of quite a few of our hutches.
SAFP generously offered an emergency funding grant towards the cost of this work.  The money will go a long way towards our goal of regenerating our rabbit area.
We have been able to re-surface the whole area, which has made it safer for the volunteers and easier to keep clean.  It also enabled us to fence off the area to create a totally separate space for the rabbits and guinea pigs.
We still need to raise money to complete the work and aim to finish it in the New Year.
If you would like to make a donation to help us finish the work, then find out how to donate here.  We cannot wait to move the rabbits into their cosy new homes!  
56 rabbit rescue - THANKS
In the autumn we were involved in helping rescue 56 rabbits from a tiny property in Warrington.  We were had a fantastic response from other local rabbit rescues, including and from our supporters who donated food to help feed the rabbits.  We also had some fantastic donations of food and rabbit supplies from Pets at Home and Support Adoption for Pets who saw our plea online and Support Adoption  for Pets.
Make one New Year Resolution – Neuter Your Pets
Don’t let your baby have babies! Did you know that cats can have kittens at 4 months old?  One unneutered female cat can go on to have 12 kittens every year. Left unneutered, over 6 years that can produce over 60,000 kittens – most of them unwanted!  Like Robson and Jerome, two tiny kittens dumped in a carrier bag at the back of some houses in freezing cold weather!

Don’t forget our LOW COST NEUTERING SCHEME  -  if you live in Warrington or the surrounding area and are receiving benefits or on a low income please contact us for more information on how we can HELP YOU and help to reduce the amount of unwanted kittens, puppies and rabbits who are dumped or left without homes each year.

Call the WAW Neutering Hotline - call 07946063286 (between 10am-7pm) for information on low cost neutering or visit our website.
Myxomatosis in Warrington
Myxomatosis is in Warrington and we want you to protect your pet rabbits by making sure that you PLEASE PLEASE vaccinate your bunnies and that you know what to do if you see a wild rabbit suffering.

Myxomatosis is a horrible, painful death and has been described by vets like drowning.  Symptoms include bulging eyes or the rabbit not moving when you approach it.  What we ask you to do put on some gloves and try and collect the rabbit, put it safely in a box and take it to the nearest vets so they will dealt with humanely.  Treatment of wildlife is free of charge.  It is a horrible, painful death – so please try and not let them suffer.

Road to recovery for Spencer and Elvis...

Spencer and Elvis were some of our recent residents, both of which had become victim to our ever busier roads.  Both were hit by cars and surrendered to WAW when their owners could not afford the vets bills.  Both cats were such characters, here are their stories…

Spencer suffered a broken jaw and lost his eye – he spent a few weeks in recovery in a WAW foster home, before returning to the centre to find his new home.  He did not have to wait long and found a forever home with Bethan and her family – with her 12 year old daughter, Lucy acting as Spencer’s nurse after he a had a further operation to remove the wire from his jaw.  His new owners said; “We fell in love with him.  He is recovering well and is turning into a cheeky boy who loves playing with bubble wrap and lying on the hot water bottle.”

Elvis suffered a broken pelvis and had to spend three weeks staying still in a vet pod at the centre.  He did not much like staying still and amused himself by poking the volunteers bottoms through the bars.  His new owner, Yvonne said, “Elvis has settled in brilliantly. He is the most gorgeous, fantastic cat. Very playful and loving. We are all besotted with him. He's very loved and very happy.”

Good luck in your new homes guys!!  If you would like to make donation to help us to continue to help animals like Spencer and Elvis, there are lots of ways to donate, find out more here.

BIG THANKS - Donations

To Sellafield for their £250 donation through their charity donation scheme after we were nominated by one of their employees!
To the National Citizenship Service who are taking part in various gruelling activities in support of Warrington Animal Welfare and we couldn't be more grateful. Check out their story here.  If you want to raise money on behalf of Warrington Animal Welfare, Just giving is a really easy way to collect sponsors. Find us at on Just Giving.

To Pets at Home in Widnes and Warrington for all their support and food donations.
To all our fantastic supporters who often drop into the centre with donations, we can't thank YOU ALL enough.

Most animals do not stay long at WAW, but   every now and again we have some long stayers, animals that are overlooked – these are our STICKY PETS.  Let's see if we can find them homes for Christmas or the New Year!

Asha is a lovely, sweet fun loving girl who is looking for a lovely new family to be part of - ideally adult only or older children as she is a bit clumsy. Asha is good with other dogs when out walking but wants all your attention in the home so ideally needs to be the only pet.

Jenna & Tippy are a gorgeous Mum and Son duo.  Jenna and Tippy are still looking for a home together as they love each other very much! Tippy is now 6 months old, and Jenna is approximately 15 months old. Their foster mum says they're both real sweethearts and like playing together!

Dolly, Stevie & Avril are three cats who need special homes.  These guys have all had a tough life so far, living in cramped conditions with multiple cats and have not been fed properly. They have all had to have dental treatment - some of these poor kitties have no teeth left so have funny smiles.  They can be a little nervous of new people – but through the patience of the WAW volunteers they are getting more confident.  After what they have been through, they deserve loving homes with extra special humans who can give them the love and care they need.  We are looking to rehome them in pairs/small groups as they have only ever known each other.  If you would love to give these cats a fresh start and a chance to experience a loving home, please contact us.
Cherry & Gizmo are still with us and featured in our last magazine with their friend Treacle, who has found a home - they have spent 10 months in rescue!  Gizmo and Cherry are a pair of four year olds. Cherry is the cute black & white girl who enjoys a cuddle and her shyer, handsome dark ginger friend is Gizmo.

Celine & Dione
 are aged four and two.  These lovely ladies also came to us suffering from a nasty flea  infestation. Now better, these ladies need a loving home together with love and cuddles.

is the last of his litter, all his kitten mates found a home, he is a seven month old sweet boy and is currently in foster care.

Support WAW through the Pets at Home VIP Card

Pets at Home have a VIP card which offers a range of benefits when you shop in their store. You can also download the Pets at Home app to your smartphone. As well as receiving lots of cash saving offers as a member of the VIP Club, you will earn Lifeline points each time you swipe your card at Pets at Home which can be redeemed to give our Warrington Animal Welfare essential supplies.  All you have to do to join the VIP club is click here and pre-register ensuring you select Warrington Animal Welfare as your chosen charity.


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Email: (for sponsorship/fundraising queries) (main page) (lost & found page)

WAW is mainly run by volunteers, sometimes it can be a while before we respond or return calls and Facebook messages, so we really appreciate your patience.
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