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Hello, all.

The past month has been very eventful. I had the great fortune of attending the respective presentations of David Williams and Diane Long. David Williams was the first American man to study with K.Pattabhi Jois, who became the world's foremost teacher of Ashtanga Yoga. David shared some of the history of Ashtanga Yoga and emphasized "ahimsa" - to not harm oneself or others in yoga practice and instruction. Diane Long studied with Countess Vanda Scaravelli, who taught an intuitive style of yoga promoting the health of the spine. This was my third experience with Diane. What I've learned from her is to intuitively see/feel the best alignment in my student's bodies and my own. It was great to be inspired by those two masters to keep the essence of yoga alive in myself and in others.

I am teaching more classes and workshops in 2017. Please read below to see much of what I have planned for the rest of February and the month of March.




Weekly Yoga Workshops

9-10:30AM Sundays at Expansion Wellness Center in Montrose

Sunday, February 26

Assisting the Asana

Experienced yoga teacher Michael Perkola will teach how to safely align joints and effectively engage muscles to advance your yoga posture practice. Learn to assist - to use cues, appropriate touch, and minimal force to move the body toward an ideal pose. Although this material is presented to teachers, experienced students will also benefit from this information.
Sunday March 5

Introduction to Meditation

Meditation is the practice of cultivating a mental state of calm, clarity, and insight. Learn the basic principles and techniques of meditation, including relaxation, concentration, and mindfulness. Also learn the 6 key elements for creating and maintaining a regular practice.
Sunday March 12

Intermediate Yoga: Arm Balances

Learn how to safely prepare for and perform arm balances. Stability of the shoulders and wrists as well as strength of the abdomen are crucial to accomplishing these gymnastic poses. This topic will cover these arm balances depending on the time available and the ability of the students: Crow Pose (Easy Bakasana), Crane Pose (Full Bakasana), Koundinyasana 1 and 2, Dragonfly Pose (Maksikanagasna), Eight-Angle or Compass Pose (Astavakrasana), Forearm Stand or Feather Peacock Pose (Pincha Mayurasana).

Sunday March 19

Intermediate Yoga: Abdominal Strength and Floating

Learn how to "float." Floating is a technique for powerful, graceful transitions between poses. It is made possible through understanding the Bandhas and how to strengthen the core muscles. Students will learn to sense and control of the muscles of the abdomen. We will practice various exercises in preparation for floating and piking.
Sunday March 26

Intermediate Yoga: Inversions

Learn how to safely prepare for and perform inversions, such as Shoulder Stand, Forearm Stand, Headstand, and Handstand. This challenging topic is for physically strong practitioners without any significant handicap. Students will learn the physical and mental techniques to overcome the fear of being upside-down and how to find balance in these poses.

Yoga Practitioner Training

Yoga Practitioner Training is for those who wish for structured study of yoga, meditation, anatomy, and exercise science. This curriculum-based course will run March 20th through May 24th on Monday and Wednesday evenings. However, I may alter the schedule based on your interest and feedback. 10 weeks. 2 classes per week. 2 hours per class. 40 hours total. Price for the course: $1600. The number of attendees is limited to 10.

How to Apply

Michael will choose among the applicants to assemble a group of students whose interest and level of preparation will be appropriate and useful to all. The first step in the application process is to complete this online form. The second step is an interview with Michael. The application period ends on Friday, March 17th, 2017.
Apply Now



9:30-10:30AM Vinyasa Yoga at Equinox River Oaks


12-1PM Heated Vinyasa Yoga at River Oaks


6:15-7:15PM Gentle Yoga (Foam Rolling and Stretching) at Equinox River Oaks


9:15-10:30AM Pralaya: Strength & Flexibility at Pralaya Yoga
12-1PM Foam Rolling for Flexibility at Expansion Wellness Center


8-9AM Yoga and Foam Rolling at Plex
10:30-11:30AM Yoga Fundamentals and 11:30AM-12:00PM Meditation at Equinox River Oaks


9-10:30AM Weekly Yoga Workshop at Expansion Wellness Center
5:30-6:45PM Restorative Yoga at Equinox River Oaks
Equinox River Oaks is located near Highland Village. [map] [website]
Expansion Wellness Center is located near Midtown. [map] [website]
Plex is located in Southwest Houston. [map] [website]
Pralaya Yoga is located in Montrose. [map] [website]

Classes for Residents of Domain at CityCentre

United Yoga continues to offer classes to the residents of the Domain at CityCentre apartment community. The class schedule is:
Tuesdays 9:00AM at Domain with Michael Perkola
Thursdays 6:30PM at Domain with Guillermina King

Do you live in an apartment community? Ask us about setting up classes in your community's gym.
Our expert teachers will offer classes at your location in yoga, meditation, and/or fitness. Available to one individual or a group.
SINGLE CLASS $120 per session
YOGA PRACTITIONER TRAINING $1600 for a 10-week program
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